What K-dramas are premiering in January 2022?


Happy New Year! We hope this year brings many blessings to you and your loved ones. Surely, you have many new resolutions for 2022. But also some traditions will always be maintained. As a Korean drama lover, it is a fact that we are looking forward to new releases this year. What better way to […]

Korean gastronomy: everything you need to know for your New Year’s Eve dinner

Korean Fashion Trends - Korean gastronomy for New Year's Eve dinner

Have you had a chance to try Korean food? If so, and if you liked the dishes you ate, you will most likely want to repeat the experience. We believe there is no better opportunity to do so than at New Year’s dinner. Do you want to eat something different at your dinner to say […]

How do Koreans celebrate the New Year?

Korean Fashion Trends - How do Koreans celebrate the New Year

How do Koreans celebrate the New Year? With just a few days to say goodbye to the year, many lovers of Korean culture will wonder how Koreans celebrate the New Year. The New Year’s party for them is somewhat different! Yes, although in Korea, Christianity is gaining strength. They celebrate the Christmas and New Year […]

The most controversial Korean actors of 2021


If you are a Korean dramas lover, you most likely follow the artistic careers of many actors. Although several gained great recognition this year (and their popularity increased worldwide), many others do not. Controversies affected many of them. Therefore, many stars are in scandals that affect their careers and reputations. For that reason, 2021 will […]

What to do in Korea during Christmas?

Korean Fashion Trends - What to do in Korea during Christmas

With just a few days left until Christmas, many are happy because the most beautiful season of the year is here. The holidays are an opportunity to share and enjoy with our loved ones. And although many decide to spend Christmas at home, others want to travel. If you dream of visiting a beautiful place […]

What K-dramas to expect in November December 2021?


Where are the K-Drama lovers? We know that 2021 has been the scene of incredible dramas. Many of them achieved unimaginable fame, as is the case with Squid Game. However, there are still two months until the end of the year! And that also means that there is still time for several premieres. What K-Dramas […]

Korean men’s fashion trends for winter 2021


We have already talked about the trends in Korean women’s fashion for fall-winter 2021. Now it is the men’s turn. Did you know that even Korean fashion trends vary depending on the time of year? Although the basics always prevail, to set new trends, other garments appear. The Korean men’s fashion trends for winter 2021 […]

The color palette in 2021 according to Korean fashion


The color palette in 2021 according to Korean fashion. Did you know that Korean fashion is a combination of recycled trends and styles? That’s right, and best of all, that’s where its charm lies. Furthermore, Korean designers and stylists are indeed very avant-gardes. Everything we see now in stores, Koreans have used it for several […]

Who is Jung Ho Yeon?


Who is Jung Ho Yeon? If you’ve already watched the Korean Netflix series that’s stealing everyone’s attention, you’ve probably noticed the beauty of one of its main characters. That’s right! We are talking about participant number 067 in the game! If you have wondered “who is Jung Ho Yeon?”, we have the answer. She is […]

Know the best Halloween costumes worn by K-Pop Idols


Know the best Halloween costumes worn by K-Pop Idols. Since we are in the most anticipated month for many, it is time to seek inspiration for our Halloween costumes or enjoy the creative costumes that others have used. With just a few weeks to celebrate Halloween, many are searching for the perfect costumes.   Do […]