Most romantic Korean movies to watch on Valentine’s Day


Previously, we got to know a list of the most romantic K-Dramas to watch on Valentine’s Day. Enjoying the most romantic day at home watching Korean productions is an excellent idea. However, maybe you are one of the people who prefer movies over series, either because they last less or simply because that is your […]

Most romantic K-Dramas to watch on Valentine’s Day


Many couples have plans to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Whether it is a romantic date or a walk, these couples will spend the most romantic day of the year celebrating in the most classic style. A perfect idea is to stay home and watch the most romantic K-Dramas if you prefer a more homely plan. Even […]

What to do in Korea during Valentine’s Day?

korean fashion trends - what to do in korea during valentine's day

If you enjoyed our Christmas blogs last year, you already know that Christmas is like another kind of Valentine’s Day in Korea. Why? Because couples take the opportunity to go out and thus fill the streets with love during December. However, that is not to say that Korea doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day as we all […]

Tattoos in Korea: why are they controversial?


Did you know that in some countries, tattooing is illegal? That’s how it is. Maybe we are so used to seeing tattoos as something normal that sometimes we forget that in other parts of the world, tattooing is a frowned upon and even illegal activity. Many cultures have a rejection of tattoos. It is due […]

What is the Korean exercise routine?

korean fashion trends - Korean exercise routine

Having a slender and slim figure like that of a Korean is not only achieved with diet. Exercise is also necessary. Although the genetics of Koreans are already very kind because of the figure with which they are born and grow, it is a fact that they do something more to stay in shape and […]

Korean denim trends 2022

korean fashion trends - korean denim trends

Denim garments dominate the wardrobe and have been considered the number one base garment for several decades. And how could they not be? If they have managed to prevail over time, overcoming any season. In addition, they have influenced the most representative styles. That includes many Korean styles. In Korean fashion, denim garments are undoubtedly […]

Korean BL dramas: what are some of them?


Are you a K-Drama lover but feel like you want to try something different? Then Korean BLs are for you! Although the popularity of these dramas has grown thanks to Thai BLs, Korea is not far behind in the captivating and beautiful stories that it brings to the public through BLs. However, you are probably […]

Know these 10 K-Dramas that are based on webtoons

korean fashion trends - k-dramas based on webtoons - itaewon class

South Korean productions never fail to impress us. They show us great stories and characters that end up enveloping us and causing many feelings and emotions throughout their episodes. But did you know that K-Dramas can be original or based on different webtoons? That is how it is! And each one offers such stunning stories […]

90s trends – still a big thing for 2022 in Korea

Korean Fashion Trends - 90s trends - still a big thing for 2022 in Korea

Fashion trends tend to be cyclical so that from time to time, several patterns and silhouettes characteristic of an era reign. This 2022 is no exception. The 90s style is still a big thing, with its carefree style and that contemporary air that the stars of that time wore. That decade was a fashion statement […]

What are the upcoming major Korean fashion trends of 2022?

Korean Fashion Trends - upcoming major Korean fashion trends of 2022

New year, new Korean fashion trends! Every year, some things change in fashion, but some clothes and trends remain the same. However, they adjust to people’s new fashion desires. So what are the upcoming major Korean fashion trends of 2022? If you want to start the year with a unique style, it is best to […]