Here are the top 5 Korean skincare products we recommend for fall-winter

Korean Fashion Trends - Here are the top 5 Korean skincare products we recommend for fall-winter

Here are the top 5 Korean skincare products we recommend for fall-winter. The drop in temperatures and the wind during fall and winter can cause dryness and dehydration in the skin. That is why regular skincare is so important. In that way, you prevent damage from happening. Different methods will help you take care of […]

How to achieve skin like Korean actresses?

Korean Fashion Trends - How to achieve skin like Korean actresses - Suzy former Miss A member

How to achieve skin like Korean actresses? When we watch a K-Drama, we not only notice that the actors wear perfect outfits. We also remark how smooth and beautiful their skins are. If you ever wondered how to achieve skin like Korean actresses, you are in the right place. We also know what it is […]

Korean sunscreen scandal

Korean Fashion Trends - korean sunscreen scandal - Bsnner

Sunscreen is the perfect ally for your skin! Although its popularity increases during the summer months, we should use it 365 days a year. It is common to associate sun protection with sunny weather. However, UV rays can pass through clouds and windows. Also, if you dedicate yourself to skincare and have an established routine, […]

Best Korean serum 2021

Korean Fashion Trends - Best krean serum 2021 - Banner

Do you know what properties and benefits the Korean serum will bring to your beauty routine? If you want to learn about Korean cosmetics, it is essential to talk about the different products we can find in the well-known Korean facial routine. Today we will focus on the Korean serum, and we will talk about […]

Best Korean sun creams 2021


The main characteristic of K-beauty is skincare. The importance they place on healthy and beautiful skin is indisputable, and because of that Korean skincare products are the best, or at least they have been considered that way in recent years. But why? The answer is due to its high effectiveness. This time, we will talk […]

Korean skin whitening


If you are a K-pop fan, you saw that idols all seem to have perfect and very, very fair skin. Few of the famous people of that country have a slightly dark or very dark tone. Also, if you have Korean friends, you may have noticed that they overly protect themselves from tanning. And those […]

Skincare with Korean products

Korean Fashion Trends - Skincare with Korean products - Banner

Skincare with Korean products. Worrying and taking care of your skin is an important habit, and when it comes to quality, Korean skincare products have everything to win.   The popularity of skincare with Korean products came with the fame of the celebrities of this country. They have given much to talk about in recent years. Since […]