K-pop Idol couples that you should know

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For us, it is very natural to see artists hanging out with other artists. We get excited when two of our favorite stars are confirmed to be in a relationship. Perhaps we would think that this is the case throughout the world, but the truth is that it is not. In South Korea, there are […]

What is BTS doing in 2021?

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K-pop fans are always eager to hear the news about their favorite groups. It is something very normal, especially with BTS, the K-pop group that is conquering the world today more than ever. Are you an Army, and would you like to know a little about the plans these guys have for this year? If […]

What is happening with BlackPink?


We know that when a new K-pop group debuts, they have to get used to the bad of fame. Fame often comes full of many rumors and scandals. What is happening with BlackPink? That is a very recurring question. Above all, since the famous girl group debuted. The news about these beautiful Korean singers is […]

Outfits inspired by K-Pop albums

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The latest popular trend among K-pop fans and flooding social media is posting outfits inspired by K-Pop albums. The tendency emerged in 2020 at the start of the pandemic, with many people home quarantined due to COVID-19. Since then, it has proven to be a fun and safe way to interact with other K-pop fans while […]

Korean fashion ideas to look like your favorite idol


Korean fashion ideas to look like your favorite idol.  Are you a K-pop fan? Do you admire groups like BTS, BLACKPINK, TXT, or TWICE? If you are swimming inside the Korean wave, you’ve probably wanted to look like your Kpop idols more than once. So, this time, we will give you some Korean fashion ideas […]