Know the K-pop idols who are parents


Know the K-pop idols who are parents. Although K-pop idols generally keep their private lives very secretive and we rarely get to know more about their families, several singers have become parents recently. In addition to their respective musical careers, some stars share their lives with their children. If you want to know the K-pop […]

K-pop idol girls who break Korean beauty standards

Korean Fashion Trends - Kpop idol girls who break Korean beauty standards

K-pop idol girls who break Korean beauty standards. We all know that beauty stereotypes in Asia, and specifically in Korea, are high. Because of that, peer pressure when it comes to physical appearance is serious business. However, some celebrities have broken through these standards, teaching another type of beauty that is equal or even more […]

The best looks of BTS’s Min Yoongi


If we have to think of a word that fits K-Pop idols, it would be style. There’s one thing idols know how to do well -surprising us with their outfits on and off stage. When they’re off stage, some prefer to keep a simple style. However, some others take the opportunity to turn any street […]

K-pop Idols who are fashion designers

Korean Fashion Trends - K-pop Idols who are fashion designers- Banner

Did you know that many K-Pop stars do not just sing and dance? Many Korean celebrities are also dabbling in the fashion industry! And they are faithful representations of avant-garde Korean fashion that draw inspiration from others. These idols, who are also into design and have a broad sense of fashion, are great Korean fashion […]

K-pop Idols who have had red hair

Korean Fashion Trends - K-pop Idols who have had red hair - Banner

K-Pop stars are changing their hair colors frequently, as with each comeback, they make a drastic change most of the time. Most likely, the entire process damages your hair a lot, but many idols look good and better with the fresh looks they wear on every comeback. Although Asians typically have dark brown hair, we […]

K-pop idols who have collaborated with fashion brands


K-pop fans have plenty of reasons to love their idols. Especially when it comes to people who have talent, not only as musicians or dancers. They gave talent also on a catwalk or in front of the cameras. There are many K-pop idols who have collaborated with fashion brands, and thanks to that, we can […]

Airport outfits inspired by K-pop Idols


The looks of our idols always impress us. Anytime, anywhere, they know how to steal the show thanks to their styles that reveal their fashion senses. One of the favorite looks that we love to see on our K-pop idols is their airport looks. These outfits are usually comfortable, but very stylish. If you are […]

Know the most famous K-pop companies

Korean Fashion Trends - the most famous K-pop companies - banner

In recent years, K-pop has become famous all over the world. However, beyond music, K-Pop is a business. We know business means profits, as well as losses, although the latter is best put aside for now. Have you ever wondered who gets these benefits? The entertainment agencies. They sponsor the K-pop artists that you love […]

What do you need to be a K-pop Idol?


The Korean wave, in recent years, has made thousands of teenagers want to know how to be an idol like their favorite K-Pop stars. Becoming an idol takes a lot of effort, discipline, and talent. K-Pop entertainment companies know very well which people to pick and if you want to become one of those lucky […]

What are K-pop generations?


If you are new to K-pop, you have probably heard about Ola Hallyu or second or third-generation groups, and you might think, what are they talking about? Don’t worry, because today you have the opportunity to learn a little about the history of K-pop and its generations. Then the question “What are K-pop generations?” will […]