Know these 15 Korean idols who are also actors


We have already seen many Korean idols on catwalks, magazine covers, and commercials for Korean and international brands. At Korean Fashion Trends, we have talked about them. However, we haven’t talked about Korean idols who also stand out thanks to their acting skills. They are complete stars! Why? Because they not only shine in the […]

 CL is a fashion icon?


Is there any Blackjack around here? We know it’s still sad to remember that 2ne1 dissolved, but despite that, all of us who love 2ne1 continue to follow the girls’ solo careers and support them with each of their projects. Each one has known how to continue to shine in the industry. They do so, […]

What are the trendsetting male K-Pop groups in Korean fashion?


Previously, we met the trendsetting female K-Pop groups in Korean fashion. We think now is the turn to meet the boys. Korean idols are figures who stand out thanks to their remarkable talents. But also thanks to their styles. Although each one has a different style, they all know how to capture the attention of […]

What are the trendsetting female K-Pop groups in Korean fashion?


We all know that idols are a great representation of Korean fashion. Thanks to their styles, they set trends around the world and put K-Fashion high. In addition, it is so easy to feel that they inspire us to want to wear such incredible outfits and fashionistas. What are the trendsetting female K-Pop groups in […]

What are the most viewed K-Pop videos?


Over the years, K-Pop has become increasingly popular. Now not only do the most famous K-Pop groups gather many solid fanbases around the world. They also collect millions of views on their YouTube videos! If you are a K-Pop lover, you probably already know the most viewed videos of your favorite idols. However, many other […]

K-Pop idols who are beauty brand ambassadors


K-Pop idols who are beauty brand ambassadors. In addition to female idols, some K-Pop male idols are ambassadors for various leading beauty brands in the market. So thanks to the looks, smooth skins, and beautiful faces of your favorite idols, beauty brands have not hesitated to add these K-Pop idols as their ambassadors. Know the […]

Know the most famous visuals of K-Pop


Know the most famous visuals of K-Pop. Without detracting from the beauty of the other idols in the group, the role of visual artists is to show off their physical charms. Although we all have our favorite members in K-Pop bands, only one member can carry the visual position in each group. Do you already […]

These are the best Halloween makeup K-Pop idols have worn


These are the best Halloween makeup K-Pop idols have worn. It’s not just the costume clothes that matter when it comes to Halloween. It is also significant that you can wear good makeup. Why? Because clothes alone would not be able to recreate the perfect costume. Makeup and accessories are fundamental pieces in any good […]

Halloween costumes inspired by K-Pop videos


Halloween costumes inspired by K-Pop videos. October is here! And in addition to the arrival of autumn, something that excites us about this month is Halloween. We all know that Halloween is one of the most anticipated events for many. The reason? Because it is the only time in the year that you can be […]

K-Pop idol-inspired bob haircut


K-Pop idol-inspired bob haircut. If you have not been through the bob haircut yet, what are you waiting for? It is, without a doubt, the most flattering, versatile, and rejuvenating haircut of all options. In addition, it is elegant and discreet. But if you still do not dare to do it, do not worry. Maybe […]