Diamond face: The next beauty standard in Korea

Korean Fashion Trends - Diamond face The next beauty standard in Korea - Yoona SNSD

Diamond face: The next beauty standard in Korea. The trends in Korea are renewed every day. Some elements always stay the same. But many others are constantly changing. And that not only applies to fashion, seasonal clothes, or the most used garments. It also applies to beauty and its standards. We all know that in […]

Know these 7 Makeup looks inspired by Taemin


Know these 7 Makeup looks inspired by Taemin. Taemin has only been in the military for a short time, but there is not a day that we do not miss him or admire his beautiful face. SHINee’s maknae is an inspiration to many. Either because of his talent when dancing, singing or because of his captivating […]

What is lookism in Korean beauty?

Korean Fashion Trends - What is lookism in Korean beauty

What is lookism in Korean beauty? Hyper-competitiveness led to the emergence of a belief that is gaining more and more strength in the South Korean community; appearance and success go hand in hand, giving rise to lookism. What is lookism in Korean beauty? At the moment, we can only say that it is a trend […]

Know these K-beauty brands that are cruelty-free


Know these K-beauty brands that are cruelty-free. Do you want to renew your makeup kit but still cannot find the perfect makeup? In that case, trying Korean makeup is the best thing you can do! There are plenty of reasons to do so, but one of the reasons that stand out the most is that […]

Top 10 Korean beauty products you can use for body care


Top 10 Korean beauty products you can use for body care. As important as knowing the ingredients with which we feed is knowing the ingredients with which we take care of the largest organ we have: the skin. It is not news that many conventional and industrial creams or sunscreens contain micro-plastic that we then […]

Korean Teeth Whitening

Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Teeth Whitening

Korean Teeth Whitening. Teeth whitening treatments are the method that many people resort to achieve a white smile. They all do it for a reason! Either to have a presence at work or to look better in photos. However, no matter the reason. It is well-known that a good smile can give you a lot […]

Why do Korean men wear makeup?


Have you ever wondered why do Korean men wear makeup? The answer is because makeup in South Korea is worn by men and women almost equally. For several years now, men have been on par with the opposite sex in beauty priorities. Many of them go to stores trying on different foundation shades and often […]

Korean style nail art

korean Fashion Trends - Korean style nail art - Banner

Korean women, especially teenage girls, like to decorate their nails with bright, electric colors. When it comes to looking good, these girls place nail art among their priorities: they often change the design of their nails and try to be original and use glitter, colors, and decorations to achieve a look that differentiates them from […]

Korean Height and Weight Charts

Korean Fashion Trends - Korean height and weight charts

A Korean chart on ideal weight and height is very popular among the natives of the country. And for foreigners, it can be interesting to know the tables that Koreans use for their beauty standards. However, different charts depend on age and gender. So, if you intend to guide yourself with the charts to achieve […]

Know these Korean eating habits to lose weight

Korean Fashion Trends - Korean eating habits to lose weight- Banner

With each day that we spend in quarantine, people seek to get in shape to look better and lose those extra pounds that we have won locked at home for so long, so the diets that Korean women often use can become our inspiration. If you have a few kilos that you want to lose, […]