Know these Korean eating habits to lose weight

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With each day that we spend in quarantine, people seek to get in shape to look better and lose those extra pounds that we have won locked at home for so long, so the diets that Korean women often use can become our inspiration. If you have a few kilos that you want to lose, […]

What is Ulzzang?

Korean Fashion Trends - What is Ulzzang?

If you’re a Korean fashion fan, you have probably heard of the ulzzang aesthetic. However, for many, it is still an enigma. What is ulzzang? If you still don’t know the answer, don’t worry. Today you will know what this aesthetic is, its bases, and why it is so famous in Korea. Although the term […]

What is the best conditioner in Korea?

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Now that we know the wonders that Korean cosmetics can do on our skin, it is time to go one step further. The time has come to discover the infinite possibilities you have to take care of your hair. Let us tell you that those neat, shiny, voluminous, and enviable softness that Korean girls wear […]

Best Korean hair care products 2021

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When it comes to skin and hair, Koreans have a lot of advantages over us. Korea maintains a culture with a concern for skin and hair care. Have you wanted more than once to have hair like them? We know how it is, and we understand you. Who would not want to have such beautiful […]

How can I get my hair like Korean?

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Many people talk about the care that Koreans give to their skin: their complexion looks fresh, bright, and healthy. It is not a coincidence or a product of genetics only, but the result of good habits and specific beauty routines. But how can you take care of your hair? Just look at any K-pop singer […]

Best Korean CC creams

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We know that many makeup lovers constantly want to renew their beauty products! For this reason, many turn to K-beauty as the best option because they guarantee reliable products. We all have different tastes and needs. You need to find products that suit them. Did you know that it is possible to get them with […]

Best Korean BB creams

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We are at a time when it seems that we already know everything about beauty. At this point, it seems like we’ve tried and seen everything. It is even as if we already know what we like and what we do not. And yet, there is always something new waiting for us to discover. Those […]

What is the perfect weight in Korea?

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Beauty standards in Korea are known to be extremely strict. Because of that, most Korean women aspire to be tall and slim. If you are a fan of K-pop bands and other Korean celebrities, you may have noticed that none of them are plus size. And if there are, they are very few and very […]

What is Korean plastic surgery?

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Many of us know that Korean beauty standards are a prominent feature of Korean culture. South Korea is the only East Asian country in the top 10 with the highest cosmetic surgeries. That’s because Korean beauty prioritizes a slim figure, small face and lips, straight eyebrows, flawless skin, and bigger eyes. However, the beauty standards […]

Idol inspired makeup

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Achieving the stunning images of idols may be a bit difficult. But that does not stop some from trying and many from succeeding. Many talented people have taken inspiration from idols, K-Pop music videos, or even their albums to create beautiful makeup looks. Thanks to them and the result of the quarantine produced by Covid-19, […]