Top 5 best Korean sunscreens to use in summer


Sunscreen is an important product in skincare, especially in Korean skincare. Since it is necessary for Koreans to keep their skin clear, soft, and smooth, they use sunscreen every day. And that is how everyone has to use sunscreen. It is necessary to use it every day, even regardless of whether we leave the house […]

Let’s get to know all about Korean makeup for tanned skin


Do you like K-Beauty, but have tanned skin and don’t know how to put on makeup in the best Korean style? It happens to many people with tanned skin. Many people think Korean makeup is not available for darker skin as they are used to seeing Korean idols and celebrities with skin as white as […]

The latest in K-Beauty: all about Korean body masks

korean fashion trends - Korean body masks

All K-Beauty fans and lovers know that Korean face masks are a hit. Also, wearing face masks is almost a practice that everyone wants to do after seeing some K-Drama where the characters wear them or after seeing their idols doing skincare. That’s how inspiring Korean celebrities can be. However, beyond being a trend, skincare […]

Beauty standards in South Korea: which ones should disappear?

korean fashion trends - korean beauty standards that should disappear

Beauty standards in South Korea: which ones should disappear? In South Korea, many standards complicate the existence of many people. Not only are social standards where people with greater monetary power enjoy privileges that more vulnerable people can’t enjoy. Prejudice of this kind in South Korea is so big that a person is more likely […]

Is multi-masking still a trend in K-Beauty?

korean fashion trends - Is multi-masking still a trend in K-Beauty?

According to K-Beauty, makeup is cool, but skincare is even more important. If we don’t have a healthy complexion, the minutes we spend putting on makeup aren’t as effective. Why? Because it’s hard to make skin look smooth and hydrated when it isn’t. That is why it has been an effective and easy method to […]

Korean beauty tips: how to take care of your hair in spring?

korean fashion trends - korean hair care tips - how to take care of your hair in spring

The arrival of spring brings not only climatic changes. We also change with the season since we must adapt to another climate and temperatures. Can these changes damage our skin or our hair? Yes. Sometimes, when we do not consider the necessary care, our bodies can suffer consequences. In fact, during the spring, humans “shed” […]

K-Pop Idol Makeup Trends 2022

korean fashion trends - k-pop idol makeup trends 2022

All Korean fashion and beauty lovers know that we can recognize Korean makeup because it has a natural look. That’s because Koreans place a lot of importance on skincare. They prefer to have healthy and beautiful skin than to have it beautiful for a moment only by wearing makeup. In K-Pop idol makeup trends, things […]

What is aegyo sal?

Korean Fashion Trends - What is aegyo sal

One of the achievements of makeup over the years has been to provide women with the alternative of correcting those defects that make them feel insecure. A clear example is a concealer to hide dark circles, that public enemy of people with a poor sleep routine or a busy lifestyle. However, one of the latest […]

Diamond face: The next beauty standard in Korea

Korean Fashion Trends - Diamond face The next beauty standard in Korea - Yoona SNSD

Diamond face: The next beauty standard in Korea. The trends in Korea are renewed every day. Some elements always stay the same. But many others are constantly changing. And that not only applies to fashion, seasonal clothes, or the most used garments. It also applies to beauty and its standards. We all know that in […]

Know these 7 Makeup looks inspired by Taemin


Know these 7 Makeup looks inspired by Taemin. Taemin has only been in the military for a short time, but there is not a day that we do not miss him or admire his beautiful face. SHINee’s maknae is an inspiration to many. Either because of his talent when dancing, singing or because of his captivating […]