Keys to wearing a girl crush style like your favorite K-Pop idols


Keys to wearing a girl crush style like your favorite K-Pop idols. Are you a fan of Korean girl groups? Did you know you can wear a girl crush style like them? That is right! You can renew your outfits by taking ideas of Korean fashion worn by K-Pop idols. In the world of K-Pop, […]

K-pop Idols’ favorite clothing brands


Fashion is something that defines Idols in their presentations and their day-to-day life. Have you ever been watching a show or just admiring images of your favorite K-Pop group and feel the need to own their full outfit? Well, you are not alone! All K-Pop lovers have had the same experience. Idols inspire us every […]

Know Mamamoo’s Hwasa outfits that have defied Korean Fashion

Korean Fashion Trends - Mamamoo's Hwasa outfits - Banner

Sometimes categorized under the concept of Femme fatal or girl crush, the reality is that only Hwasa from the famous Korean girl group Mamamoo has tried to challenge the rules in K-pop. Many times, she has done it by breaking stereotypes through her music, appearance, way of dressing, and her ideas around the figure of […]

Most influential K-pop Idols in fashion

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Currently, Asian fashion is one of the most recognized in the world. For that reason, all the followers of K-pop groups try to imitate the outfits to feel closer to this culture. K-pop idols not only attract attention because of their multiple musical talents. But also because they set trends with their style, elegance, and […]

Best 15 Korean Fashion Influencers to Follow on Instagram


An influencer can mobilize opinions. They can also create reactions due to the credibility they have on a specific topic. They are opinion leaders and media figures within an area or sector. Surely you know many influencers, either because you like their content or for any other reason. However, do you know Korean influencers? If […]

why do teens like Korean fashion?


The Korean wave or Hallyu is getting bigger. More people join the Korean wave as the popularity of the country increases. South Korea is very famous today for being a developed country that offers many opportunities. But also thanks to its culture and entertainment. Have you ever wondered why do teens like Korean fashion? Several […]

What is Korean Fashion Week?

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South Korea has become a fashion epicenter. And like any other fashion capital, it also has its fashion week. But what is Korean Fashion Week? Many people ask that question. If you are a lover of K-fashion trends, you must know what Korean fashion week is. Above all, if in the future you want to […]

Korean fashion models you would like to know


K-fashion is more famous every day. More people have become interested in K-pop and K-dramas, and the absorbing wave of Korean fashion increases in scope. South Korea is renowned for its dramas and movies with beautiful actresses. For that reason, the Korean modeling industry is also known for having the best female models in Asia. […]

Korean children’s fashion


Korean children’s fashion. Korean fashion is within everyone’s reach, and when we say everyone, we mean everyone. There are famous brands in women’s and men’s clothing. But there also exists brands that target a smaller, more lovable audience. That is, the children. Korean children’s fashion is just as acclaimed as women’s and men’s fashion because […]

What is Korean street fashion?

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What is Korean street fashion? New fans are added to the Korean industry every day. K-pop, K-dramas, and K-fashion are part of South Korean culture that increases every day in recognition of other people in the world.   Korean fashion has specific characteristics. It is a fashion that in recent years has become increasingly popular. […]