How to dress in winter according to K-Pop idols?

Korean Fashion Trends - How to dress in winter according to K-Pop idols

Don’t be a victim of the cold during winter and Christmas! The importance of dressing appropriately during cold seasons is so significant. You must maintain your health but also, if you are a lover of good dress and have a defined style, you must take care that your outfits are perfect in each situation. These […]

Know everything about Cecilia Cho, a Korean Luxury Handbag designer in Canada

Korean Fashion Trends - Know everything about Cecilia Cho, a Korean Luxury Handbag designer in Canada

Carrying handbags is not only helpful but also very fashionable. These bags add a plus to any outfit since, in addition to helping you carry all your things, it makes you look fashionable if you know how to use the right bag. Earlier on Korean Fashion Trends, we talked about Korean handbag brands that you […]

What are the Korean Christmas customs?

Korean Fashion Trends - What are the korean christmas customs

With Christmas coming up, Korean fashionistas will also be interested in learning about Christmas traditions in Korea. And it is that culture relates closely to fashion, as it constantly influences it. That is why today, at Korean Fashion Trends, we decided to talk about the Korean traditions of this time. In that way, you will […]

 Ideal idol outfits for your Christmas dinner


 Ideal idol outfits for your Christmas dinner. With Christmas just a few weeks away, it’s natural to look for outfit ideas in advance. We all want to look perfect at Christmas dinner. For this reason, Christmas Eve dinner is an occasion that we can take advantage of to wear the best of Korean fashion and […]

How is Moon Ga Young’s makeup in True Beauty?

Korean Fashion Trends - Moon Ga Young's makeup in True Beauty

Previously, we had already seen what Moon Ga Young’s skincare was like in True Beauty. Therefore, now is the opportunity to know how her makeup is. Yes, the one that helped her character to have practically an alter ego. But how is Moon Ga Young’s makeup in True Beauty? While makeup transformations are not something […]

What to wear at Christmas according to Korean fashion?


It’s already December, and that only means one thing! Christmas is closer than ever. During these dates, many of us wonder what to wear. Maybe we should focus on Korean fashion to discover the answer to our clothing concerns. Why? Because we all know very well how much Koreans pay attention to fashion and trends. […]

Mullet hairstyle is a trend in Korea in 2021?


During 2017, 2018, and part of 2019, the mullet hairstyle was a trend in Korean fashion. We could see many artists with this look, and many were surprised thanks to the radical change and style that this haircut provided them. The mullet hairstyle is a trend in Korea in 2021? The truth is that no, […]

How is the couple’s fashion in Korea?

Korean Fashion Trends - How is the couple's fashion in Korea?

Korean fashion is not just street, girly, or fancy styles. Nor does it stand out solely thanks to its preference for oversized garments, pastel colors, or accessories. Korean fashion is also popular thanks to the trend of couple outfits. Do you know what it is? Surely, when watching a K-Drama, you have noticed that couples […]

Can you use bright colors in winter according to Korean fashion?


Winter is here, and you can’t escape it! We know that when temperatures drop, all we want to do is stay in the comfort and warmth of our home. However, that is not always possible. We all have responsibilities to fulfill, even in this season. Therefore, there are helpful and fashionable outfits to go out […]

Differences between Korean and Thai fashion

Korean Fashion Trends - The differences between Korean and Thai fashion are visible - Lisa from BLACKPINK

Differences between Korean and Thai fashion. We have already talked about the differences that Korean fashion has with other fashions. Between one and the other, there are many differences, but also some similarities. However, until now we have not talked about the differences that K-Fashion has with the fashion of a country whose popularity is […]