New Hair, New Tee, New Jeans! How to Copy New Jeans’ Girls Style From Head to Toe?

Korean Fashion Trends - New Hair, New Tee, New Jeans! How to Copy New Jeans' Girls Style from Head to Toe?

New Hair, who is this? It’s New Jeans! If you want to copy New Jeans’ girls style, and take inspiration from their latest project with the collaboration of powerpuff girls, you are in the right place! Because today, at Korean Fashion Trends, we will figure out how we can look cute and fresh this summer […]

July Summer Trends That Are K-Pop Idol Approved!

Korean Fashion Trends - July Summer Trends That are K-idol Approved!

For the past few months, the fashion scene has seen fast-paced changes. But, as temperatures have risen, we’ve been looking for pieces that are on the thinner side. Think tennis skirts, crop tops, and cycling shorts. In addition, we tend to lean towards lighter colors like white, pastel tones, and of course, pink! Do you […]

Hit K-Drama ”King the Land”: How to Recreate YoonA’s Effortless Style?

Korean Fashion Trends - Hit K-drama ''King The Land'': How to Recreate YoonA's Effortless Style?

Among the second gen K-idols, YoonA is one idol we just can not get over. Her natural beauty, kind personality, and great style are among many things that we love about her as an idol. We all can agree that she has rightfully earned the popularity she attained. She successfully forged a strong reputation for […]

Do It Like Lisa! How to Copy Lisa’s ‘’Shoong’’ Outfit From Scratch?

Korean Fashion Trends - Do it like Lisa! How to copy Lisa’s ‘’Shoong’’ outfit from scratch?

Welcome back to another blog where we will talk about one of our favorites, Lisa Manoban from BlackPink. It’s a well-known fact that Lisa stands out with her vibrant style and immaculate taste in the world of K-Fashion. Inspiring and creative are words that can describe Lisa’s style. And her style in the ‘Shoong’ MV, […]

Korean Fashion Guide: How to Look Taller in Baggy Jeans in K-fashion?

Korean Fashion Trends - Korean fashion guide: how to look taller in baggy jeans in K-fashion?

We know that choosing trendy jeans can get a bit complicated, because there are so many options available. However, some jeans never go out of style. Especially in Korean fashion, where jeans play a leading role thanks to their versatility and all the style they add. Also, as a complete Korean fashion lover, you must […]

K-Pop Inspiration: Tips to Dress Like Lia From ITZY!

Korean Fashion Trends - K-pop inspiration: tips to dress like Lia from ITZY

We’re back to our idol style section! And, this time, we will bring you inspiration from a K-Pop fashionista! Our blog on tips to dress like Lia from ITZY is going to bring you all the energy and motivation to create hit outfits for the summer time! Whether you are a Lia fan or not, […]

5 Must-Haves of Korean Fashion During Summer 2023!

Korean Fashion Trends - Must-haves of Korean fashion during summer 2023

Since summer is here, it’s time to talk about the 5 must-haves of Korean fashion during summer 2023! That way, you can maintain a Korean flair even when the temperatures rise. Far from the belief that the seasons are at odds with perfect clothing due to the weather, there are solutions for everything. And, even […]

Puddle Jeans Take Over K-Fashion Trends in 2023!

Korean Fashion Trends - Are puddle jeans taking over K-fashion trends

In 2023, new models and versions of our favorite basic garments are emerging. And we are loving it! This is particularly true for jeans, where there’s a style and model catering to every individual’s preferences. But, after analyzing all the trends, one of the jeans has made all fashion lovers agree: the puddle jeans. Do puddle […]

Don’t Know What to Wear This Week? Recreate These Outfits Inspired by the Girls of LE SSERAFIM!

Korean Fashion Trends - Don't know what to wear this week? Recreate these Korean outfits inspired by the girls of LE SSERAFIM!

Occasionally, fatigue overpowers us, making it a challenge to curate the perfect outfits for each day of the week. This is completely understandable. However, these instances can lead to unfortunate fashion decisions. The silver lining is that, here at Korean Fashion Trends, we’ve got a solution for you. We’re equipped to assist you in exploring […]

How to Achieve the Quiet Luxury Style on a Budget?

Korean Fashion Trends - How to achieve a quiet luxury style without investing so much money

In our latest blog focusing on quiet luxury, we’re tackling a crucial question that has arisen due to the surging popularity of this style. So, can one embody the quiet luxury style on a budget? While we’ve previously answered this query with an affirmative, we’ve yet to delve into the specifics. That’s precisely why, in […]