Korean fashion vs American fashion


Each country has its fashion style. Those styles take inspiration from their cultures. The differences between Korean and American fashion are not many, but a few are significant. While Korean fashion seems to have a more mature look, American fashion has many styles and possibilities. It is a daring and avant-garde fashion. It is evolving, […]

Differences between Korean and Chinese fashion


Korean and Chinese fashion do not have much of a difference. They are more similar to each other. But some things are significant in terms of their difference. If you like Korean fashion, maybe you would like to know all its aspects. Integrates those that go beyond styles and garments. The differences between Korean and […]

Differences between Korean and Japanese fashion


The differences between Korean and Japanese fashion are very significant. The contrast between both is high in the different styles and garments. However, although they are very different from each other, both fashions are famous. Many people have tastes that lean towards Korean culture, Japanese culture, or Asian culture in general.    For you to […]

Korean fashion for middle-aged ladies


Many people believe that Korean fashion only suits the tastes of the very young. It is a fashion that has become popular thanks to the new generations. But the styles and designs of K-fashion are inexhaustible. When we say that there are options for everyone, actually everyone who wants to adopt this style can do […]

Korean fashion style guide


Korean fashion is not just about oversized and cute clothes. If you look closely, you will notice that in this fashion there are many textures. But patterns and asymmetry too. K-fashion can look a bit bright and feminine to anyone new to it. But exploring new styles can also be a lot of fun and […]

Korean fashion for plus size


Korean fashion for plus size is becoming a high-value industry! In a country where current beauty standards are too high, and the figure is a significant element in determining a person’s attractiveness, a new generation of women has emerged in Korea. They are women with power. They are women willing to revolutionize the concepts of beauty […]

Korean fashion for short girls


If you are a short girl and want to wear the best in Korean clothes, you are in the right place. Although Korean fashion has clothes available for everyone, it is sometimes difficult to find the right outfits that fit our height. Girls with petite bodies don’t need to feel any less confident about their […]

Dress differences between North and South Korea


We know you love Korean fashion. Although, the correct thing would be to say that you like South Korean fashion since there is also North Korea. At some point in history, there was once a single Korea, but it was divided due to political issues. From there, these two Koreas were born, which are very […]

Korean Traditional Fashion

Korean Fashion Trends - korean traditional fashion- Banner

We know that you love Korean fashion and are passionate about trying the different styles and outfits it has to offer. But, have you ever wondered what type of Korean traditional clothes exist? If you know everything about Korean fashion, you know that there is currently a trend to wear modern hanboks. The hanbok is […]

Outfits inspired by K-pop videos

K-pop groups wear highly prestigious Korean brand clothing in their music videos and performances. In most cases, their clothes are designed just for them. Their outfits are so flashy that fans want to dress just like them. Because of that, there is a trend to dress like idols do in their videos. Outfits inspired by K-pop […]