Korean fall fashion ideas for work


Korean fall fashion ideas for work. With the arrival of October, we enter fully into the work mood and leave behind the much appreciated and comfortable linen garments. Do you wonder what to wear for work in the fall? If so, don’t worry. Today we put together a compilation of Korean fall fashion ideas for […]

Korean suit brands


Korean suit brands. Did you ever notice how good men in suits looked in K-dramas? Surely yes! Because when we watch Korean productions, we also focus on the clothes that the actors wear. If you’ve ever felt attracted to men’s suits, this is your chance to get to know some Korean suit brands. In that […]

Korean fashion looks that will change your closet

Korean Fashion Trends - Korean fashion looks that will enhance your closet

Korean fashion looks that will change your closet. Every year we have the opportunity to set new goals. Sometimes those goals are related to fashion. If you want to make a radical change in your style, maybe you should know the Korean fashion looks that will change your closet! You can change your appearance with […]

Do Koreans wear modern hanboks?

Korean Fashion Trends - Do Korean wear modern hanboks?

Do Koreans wear modern hanboks? The answer is yes! It is the typical Korean costume and is an essential part of Korean culture. Modern hanboks are nothing more than an easier-to-dress variant of classic hanboks. The Korean love for hanbok is undoubted. The number of people wearing hanbok styles changed to suit everyday clothing continues […]

What are the 8 hanbok beauties?


Korea is a conservative country because tradition is a landmark that maintains importance in Korean culture. However, that doesn’t always mean bad things. Thanks to its traditions, hanbok still plays a fundamental role in Korean society today. Korean traditional clothing has its roots dating back to at least the Three Kingdoms Period. Korean hanbok represents […]

Know All about the BlackPink Collection

Korean Fashion Trends - All about the BlackPink Collection - Banner

BlackPink teams up with idols who collaborate with other brands to create their collection! It is one of the news that has shocked all the BLINKS of the world in recent months. And it is not for less, since the most famous female K-pop group in the world is taking a new leap in the […]

Know these male K-pop Idols who have worn skirts

Fashion Trends and style - Male K-pop Idols who have worn skirts - Banner

K-pop idols are known to be at the forefront of the style world. Idols have shown that fashion transcends gender by opting for androgynous looks or trying gender-swapping trends, and one of those trends is male idols in skirts. While many boy groups have dressed up as female idols for fun performances, few have embraced […]

Crop Top controversy in Korea


A new fashion controversy in Korea invades social networks! And this time, it is about the crop top. Korea is a country with deep-rooted values. They are very conservative. But in recent years, we could see how more and more girls dared to wear blouses that exposed their abdomen. Even idols constantly sport these clothes […]

Can you wear a bikini in Korea?


Can you wear a bikini in Korea? Due to the conservative character that still exists in Korea, this question is a bit difficult to answer. Even though Korean fashion is very diverse and has looks and garments for any occasion. We do not question the reasons that lead people to ask if you can wear […]

What is a Korean Hanbok?

Korean fashion Trends - what is korean hanbok? - Banner

To approach Korean fashion, you need to know its roots. What is a Korean hanbok? More than once, you might have seen period dramas or dramas with a slightly more current context where more than one actor wears a traditional garment. That garment is the hanbok, the typical and Korean costume. If you ever visit […]