Let’s get to know the capsule closet inspired by Korean fashion

korean fashion trends - capsule closet

Sometimes when we want to start something new, we don’t know how to do it properly because we are not well informed. It happens in many aspects of life, even when it comes to fashion. All the people who love to look good and love the latest fashion trends, at some point, felt at least a little lost because they didn’t know where to start, what clothes and accessories to buy, how to combine them, etc. The same thing happens with Korean fashion. Although we can watch many K-Dramas and follow the styles of actors and idols, sometimes the inspiration we find in them is not enough. Today, at Korean Fashion Trends, we have a capsule of Korean fashion you can consider if you are a beginner in this K-Fashion thing. Are you interested? Then let’s get to know the capsule closet inspired by Korean fashion!


What do you need in your closet to achieve a Korean style?


When it comes to the capsule closet inspired by Korean fashion, there are a couple of clothes and accessories necessary. However, those can change with the changing of the seasons. Why? Because new trends appear in each season of the year. But there is a color palette that should be constant in your closet. While you can add new colors with new trends, you need clothes with a neutral color palette. They are a great hit in Korean fashion. Also, they provide a unique style. In addition, having a color palette thus guarantees greater ease when mixing colors.


These feminine neutrals include beige, white, and brown. You can also add a pale gray or blue to freshen up the palette. These colors are light, soft, and delicate. For that reason, they are a classically feminine palette. Unlike black and navy blue, feminine neutrals are softer. However, they are still solid enough to work as base colors for an outfit and your closet. As you enhance your sense of style, you’ll be able to build your wardrobe around these shades more easily. That way, you can create a feminine and modern Korean capsule wardrobe.


A capsule closet inspired by Korean fashion and how to style it for a whole year


You don’t need many elements to have a capsule closet inspired by Korean fashion. Especially if you base your closet on the color palette we mentioned earlier. As we said, as trends change, you can add different clothes and colors. But you have to keep the color palette neutral and feminine. It is perfect for any season of the year. In addition, you must have essential elements such as jeans, pale pants, hoodies, tops (shirts, blouses, and long sleeves), dresses, skirts, and sneakers. Also, you can add the accessories of your choice to elevate your looks. However, let us know the most important garments for each season.


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We start this capsule closet inspired by Korean fashion with the perfect clothes for spring. Spring is a romantic time, filled with beautiful scenery and near-perfect weather. It is a season in which feminine neutral tones look perfect. To have a spring-ready Korean-style closet, you need lighter tops that can replace heavy winter sweaters. However, winter essentials like the trench coat are still appropriate. Why? Because spring weather is unpredictable. White jeans and pants will remain basic, although you can opt for a skirt or dress if the weather allows it. You can add floral print garments. They will also look good with feminine neutrals and even some pastel garments. Oversize garments are also a great ally in warmer temperatures.




Summer is the second season to arrive at this capsule closet inspired by Korean fashion. If you want to have a closet ready for summer, you better pay attention. Summer is maybe the most anticipated season in Korea. Although the heat is inclement, it allows people to wear the freshest clothes and walk the streets wearing more relaxed looks. For that reason, garments in feminine neutrals are lovely. Using brighter colors is not always a good option in summer, as the weather can resonate with your clothes. That way, you will suffer more from the consequences of color. A summer-ready Korean-style closet includes a little dress, skirts, and some puff-sleeved tops. It also includes vests, knitted cardigans, shorts, and jeans. Regarding footwear, sneakers and chunky shoes are ideal for summer days. However, you can also add some sandals. Try to make white the star color of your closet this season. It is a cheerful and fresh color. For that reason, it is one of the favorites of Koreans. Regarding accessories, you need accessories such as bucket hats, glasses, and any other of your choice that can accompany your looks.




Continuing with this capsule closet inspired by Korean fashion, we have autumn. When fall arrives, temperatures begin to drop. Therefore, you must-have coats. They can be overcoats, long cardigans, a trench coat, or the coat of your choice. You can mix it with white jeans, short and long-sleeved blouses. For shoes, resurrect your booties and keep sneakers off. You can even add combat boots. They look good with a trench coat look. During this season, colors like brown and beige are a perfect bet. And although dresses are not a main option during the fall, you can put them together with warm looks where you wear a long dress over a hoodie and an overcoat. It is also an idea that works during the winter.




To finish with this capsule closet inspired by Korean fashion, we will talk about winter. The clothes you wear in fall are also perfect for winter. The difference is that during the winter you can add useful accessories such as gloves and scarves to protect yourself as much as possible from the lower temperatures. However, that doesn’t mean you have to wear boring looks. You can always get great results with the right clothes and feminine neutral colors. These colors contrast nicely with dark days. The clothes you need most in your closet for a Korean look in winter are white or denim jeans, white and pink sweaters, and a beige or pink coat. The coat can be the one of your preference. You will also need warm shoes in a light neutral shade. However, shoes like combat boots and sneakers with good socks are also a good option. You can add pops of color with winter accessories.


The capsule closet inspired by Korean fashion will allow you to fill your wardrobe with the colors, clothes, and accessories necessary for each season. That way, you’ll have the basics that make Korean-style looks possible. Also, if you base most of your choices on feminine neutrals, you’ll be able to achieve a Korean look more easily. We hope that this capsule closet inspired by Korean fashion will be helpful on your way as a Korean fashion lover. See you soon in another Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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