Is camouflage still a thing in Korean fashion?

korean fashion trends - camouflage in korean fashion

Did you know that when the troops began their journey to war, the clothes they wore had a big impact on fashion? That is how it is. Even few could imagine the metamorphosis that their uniforms were going to undergo would affect contemporary fashion even up to the present. Some high fashion firms have taken inspiration from military clothing for decades, so this trend would not only stay in the West. It also traveled to Asia. But is camouflage still a thing in Korean fashion? If you want to know the answer to that question, stay on Korean Fashion Trends. For Korean fashion lovers, this is a stunning topic to discuss. Especially if you are someone who also likes military fashion. Is it possible to wear military-style clothing in South Korea and still stand out thanks to good style? Let’s discover it! 


When did military fashion start?


The passion of the fashion world for military uniforms is old. This military style that we adopt today and that continues to be one of the main trends, has a history with many years of experience. The relationship between the military trend and fashion originates from two moments: before and after the First World War. Before, the use of military elements was only decorative. People only wore military-style items like accessories, buttons, or shirt collars. But during the great war, there was a need for soldiers to wear warmer, more waterproof jackets. That gave rise to new models of garments.


The fashion industry, like no other, played a significant role in providing clothing that was practical and suited to the needs of the military on the battlefield. However, the famous bomber jackets or jackets have had a much stronger military influence. Leading designers, fascinated by the functionality of these models, adopted their forms and adapted them for civilian use. From then on, military clothing or prints began to fill the catwalks and later the streets of many cities whose citizens keep up with the latest fashion trends.


How is the current military fashion?


Although military fashion keeps its essence in camouflage, some things have been adapted. You can recognize the military-style by garments or shoes with a camouflage pattern. However, it’s not just about using that pattern on shoes or shirts. You can also use them on jackets and even accessories. If you play with the pieces and wear the camouflage print not only on the garments, you can achieve a modern military look. Whether with dresses, short or long skirts, military-inspired pants, shirts, jackets, etc., you can wear this style wherever you want.


Is camouflage still a thing regarding Korean fashion?


It may seem a bit hard to believe for some people, but yes: camouflage is still a thing in Korean fashion. Many think that this fashion is only for men. On the contrary, it is unisex. The camouflage or army style has brought many fashion lovers over the years. One of the reasons is that it is timeless and unaffected by the fashion seasons. In Korean fashion, you can find camouflage in the most common style, such as jackets or pants. They can be military-style jackets or military-style long pants and shorts. They are similar in concept to cargo pants but with a hint of a military pattern or camouflage.


Is camouflage still a thing in Korean fashion? And since the answer to that question is an absolute yes, we can see that many K-Pop artists have worn military-style clothing. Also, thanks to them, this trend continues in Korean fashion. For example, the trend caught the attention of many seeing Yura from the now-disbanded group Girls Day wearing a camouflage jacket in her airport style. However, she was neither the first nor the last to wear camouflage clothing. Later, the famous TWICE girls debuted with the song MV OOH-AHH, where they are wearing camouflage clothing.


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Can all Koreans wear camouflage clothing?


For not all Koreans it is a trend that continues to work, although camouflage is still a thing in Korean fashion. Sometimes it depends on their preferences and other times on external situations. For example, in Korea, some men do not want to wear anything related to military service after completing it. For that reason, they shy away from patterns with camouflage and anything else that resembles it. While not everyone reacts the same way, most of them do. Why? Because military service in Korea is very stressful and difficult work. Because of that, they generate an aversion to everything that means military style. However, this is only something that seems to happen to men who have already completed their military service because many clothing stores in Korea are full of camouflage clothing and accessories.


Do Koreans wear military-style clothing?


Yes, but maybe the favorite audience for these garments is young people who have not yet completed their military service and women who are enthusiastic about fashion. There is no denying that if so, they are the ones who keep this trend in Korean fashion going. From celebrities to the Korean public enjoy camouflage clothing. Especially in street style, bomber jackets, baggy pants, and some hats and boots stand out thanks to the military print. After all, it is a print that transmits a lot of strength and a rough style that is not overlooked. Thanks to that, Korean street fashion lovers enjoy wearing military-style clothes mixed with other modern-style clothes to achieve a daring and slightly avant-garde outfit. If you visit the streets of Korea, you will find one or another person wearing army-style garments.


Is camouflage still a thing in Korean fashion? Yes! And although it seems hard to believe, the military-style trend is still in force in Korean fashion and fashion in general. Camouflage may not be a print you see as often as another, but it’s still a safe bet for Korean street fashion and grunge lovers. With camouflage prints, it is possible to recreate incredible outfits. Do you like military-style clothing and accessories? Tell us in the comments what you think about it. See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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