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As a K-fashion fan, you want to fill your closet with Korean clothing. However, if you live in the United States, you may have wondered where to buy Korean fashion in the US. The truth is that the possibilities are endless. There are many websites where you can buy all the Korean fashion clothes that your true heart desires.


Many Korean clothing brands have websites available to shop online. They are an excellent answer to the question of where to buy Korean clothes in the US. Besides, you can visit some of these websites directly from the comfort of your home. Then, you will find endless possibilities and options in Korean clothing and products. Are you ready? Let’s begin!


6 websites to buy Korean clothes in the US


YESSTYLE, where to buy Korean clothes in the US


Korean Fashion Trends-Where to buy Korean Fashion in Us-YESSTYLE

Here, you can find more than Korean fashion for women. Do you have children and want to dress them up in this fashion? Or are you a boy who loves Korean fashion? Don’t stress!


The YESSTYLE website offers clothing for women, men, and children. You can browse the online page. There, you will find many options to choose from among different clothing brands from Korea. You’ll see brands like CHUU, MICHYEORA, and more.


The experience of living in this online store is surreal and so simple. Entering or buying on the page is not very difficult.


There are many options to achieve this. For example, you can filter the search by brands, price range, type of garments, and other options. Besides, you will find many discounts in different sections. The best of all? Shipping to the United States is free! In purchases of at least $50! 


STYLENANDA, where to buy Korean clothes in the US


It is a famous clothing brand in Korea. STYLENANDA has a website available for online shopping. There are brick and motor stores of STYLENANDA in many countries such as Australia and Thailand. But unfortunately, there is no physical store in the United States. However, there’s no need to worry. You can buy STYLENANDA clothes online. This brand offers clothes of all styles. If you check the website, you´ll see that they have fresh, elegant, casual clothes and more. For instance, they have an extensive collection of blouses, dresses, blazers, jackets, skirts, and jeans. Besides clothes, you can also buy accessories. Their prices are not very affordable, but the quality of their products is worth it. Also, you have the possibility of free shipping if purchases exceed $200. 




On this website, you will find a catalog of Korean fashion brands. Also, they even tend to offer more affordable products. You’ll see Korean clothing brands like CHUU, Moco Bling, Icecream12, and Dabagirl. Every day you’ll encounter something different. From clothes to accessories and beauty products too. If your order is over $200, then shipping will be free.




This company belongs to Samsung C&T Fashion Group. It is a fashion and lifestyle label. Their website offers Korean fashion clothing from brands like KUHO, Jun.J, 8Seconds, and many others. Although it offers products of Korean origin, it also has garments from international brands such as Maison Kitsune.


It has many collections of Korean clothing for women, men, and children. Also, this website has the option to understand the style. In other words, it helps you with suggestions and information on how to combine the garments depending on the occasion, time, and place according to the need of the client. Because of this, this platform is an excellent place to shop for Korean fashion in the US. However, it does include an extra price in shipping. But it is calculated depending on the distance and weight of the package. A 1 kg package could cost $24 to the United States.




This clothing brand is targeting a younger audience. School and university girls prefer the clothes of this brand thanks to its fresh style and above all because it is cheap and precious. With their designs, you can achieve outfits typical of K-dramas. They sell everything from coats, skirts, dresses, and T-shirts to shoes and accessories. It is worth looking at and falling in love with everything they have available in K-fashion.




Stylevana is a Korean beauty and online fashion store. It offers a variety of design styles. The quality is indisputable, and their prices are even better because they are affordable. If you buy clothes during the Black Friday sales, you can get a 20% discount on everything you buy. And if your purchase exceeds $53, shipping is free. Also, there’s premium express shipping only to the United States, so that’s a bonus!


Korean clothing brands in USA

3 places you can visit to buy Korean fashion in the US


IMVELY – California


Korean Fashion Trends-Where to buy Korean Fashion in Us - IMVELY CALIFORNIA

This brand is relatively young. It started selling only clothes. But now it also offers makeup and household items. It has an online store and physical stores around Korea.


But also a store in the United States! If you live or are passing through California and want to buy Korean clothes, the best thing you can do is visit this store.


The style of this brand is casual clothes to more formal and sophisticated outfits to go to work.


Their prices are very affordable! And their products are of high quality.


Queens Crossing – New York


Korean Fashion Trends-Where to buy Korean Fashion in Us-NEW YORK

Queens Crossing is a modern mall in New York. It has many clothing stores, cosmetics, restaurants, and more.


The best thing about this small shopping center is its variety of stores. If you visit Queens Crossing, you can find stores like Swarovski, Shiseido, Banzai, and more.


Most stores sell Asian products, mostly K-pop and K-fashion products.


So, it’s a great option for those who prefer a more intimate purchase and want to get away from online shopping.


New World Mall – New York

Korean Fashion Trends-Where to buy Korean Fashion in Us- MALL NEW YORK

It’s a popular destination that many people have visited since its opening. Above all, you can find a lot of Asian food in this shopping center. Yummy! However, there are clothing stores that offer good high-quality products.


Thus, if you are in New York and want to try amazing Asian food or do some K-fashion shopping, you can also visit New World Mall. You will have a pleasant time surrounded by an environment full of Asian vibes.


Korean fashion has managed to touch the hearts of people who want to look good every day at all times. For that reason, they need a place to buy Korean clothes.


If you are from the United States and are looking for options on where to buy Korean fashion in the US, try one of our recommendations. Renew your closet with new trendy Korean clothes.


All of us who love fashion want to have a closet full of perfect outfits, and the truth is that Korean fashion allows us to achieve it. We hope this blog has helped you. Do not forget to visit us every day! Stay connected with the best updates on Korean trends!


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