BTS’s best fashion moments of 2021

Korean Fashion Trends - BTS's best fashion moments of 2021

If you are ARMY, in addition to enjoying the music, you also like the styles of the BTS boys when it comes to dressing. And it is that they not only look good on stage. They also have a defined style in their day-to-day life. That serves as an inspiration to many of their fans. They constantly follow their steps to support them and show them their love. But how does BTS always get it right in terms of fashion too? It seems that not only music is their strong suit. They always seem to be ahead of all trends. Its extensive library of content proves it. From Weverse selfies to content on Twitter and now Instagram too, the guys at BTS show off their fashion statement capabilities. We invite you to review the BTS’s best fashion moments of 2021 today on Korean Fashion Trends. Keep reading!


9 best outfits and accessories for BTS in 2021


Kings of sports shoes


A beautiful sneaker will never go out of style. Or well, so any sneaker lover will always say that. Among K-Pop idols, 2021 was a good year for cool shoes. And the BTS guys prove it. Each member of the group has an enviable sneaker collection. However, one of ARMY’s favorite moments came from the 3J sub-unit’s surprise choreography of “Butter” featuring the elegant verse by Megan Thee Stallion. They wear beautiful and luxurious sneakers there.


Dark academy style


For BTS’s anniversary celebration, the guys tried a dark academy concept. They did it by wearing dark tweeds, fancy corduroy, sweater vests, suede, and preppy ties, all from Ralph Lauren. Their attempt at a dark academy was a success! So much so that many fans admitted to collapsing when they saw them dress this way. Bangtan boys wear expensive and shiny outfits, and in their dark academic aesthetic, you can appreciate a perfect vintage touch. Therefore, this style is part of BTS’s best fashion moments of 2021.


Garden style


To promote Permission to Dance, BTS released seven photos with a soft concept that shows the boys dressed in modest white clothing while surrounded by an almost magical nature. With this, they managed to recreate the cottage trend in its most beautiful and impressive form. With white outfits and minimalist accessories, the BTS boys managed to look like magical creatures of the forest. Without a doubt, they broke social networks again when all the fans went crazy to see them in such outfits. Of course, we couldn’t forget it among BTS’s best fashion moments of 2021.


Skill with baggy jeans


If you are an ARMY, you know the audacity that Kim Seokjin has to look perfect in baggy denim. Even though skinny jeans still haven’t gone out of style in K-Fashion, 2021 was the year baggy jeans gained more traction, at least among millennials. And who of the BTS guys shows it? Jin! The oldest of BTS accessorized his white T-shirt with baggy jeans that he also perfected with a Louis Vuitton keychain attached. He is an invitation to wear more baggy jeans! In addition, we can draw inspiration from it too.


Festive style


Last year and part of 2021, no one needed to wear full outfits but rather from the waist up because all of our meetings were by Zoom. However, the BTS guys showed us that festive pants and outfits are even to wear around the house. With Dynamite last year and Butter and Permission to Dance in 2021, the guys inspired us with festive and eighties outfits, also a bit stylish. And we do not doubt that Kim Namjoon was the best example of the party pants trend of 2021. Do you like this style? So don’t doubt that you can take inspiration from him to recreate it. For that reason, the presence of this style in BTS’s best fashion moments of 2021 is significant.


Powerful in suits


Luckily, this year the world began mitigating the COVID threat with vaccines. For that reason, many offices began implementing safe ways to get back to work. That means many of us had to change our pajamas to be home for business. Thanks to that, the men could wear suits again. The guys from BTS were no exception. So they went back to suit dressing and appeared at the American Music Awards in Louis Vuitton suits. The outfits were multi-layered suits. They all looked beautiful and very fashionable! Therefore, their outfits are part of BTS’s best fashion moments of 2021. Also, this Bangtan boy’s outfit was significant for several reasons.


First, because we could see they can adapt to any situation. And second, because they reminded us that they are ambassadors of the prestigious Louis Vuitton brand. And third, because that was their return to live performance after the quarantine. They turned the AMAs into a BTS concert by performing “Butter” and “My Universe” alongside Coldplay. Finally, BTS won awards that night dressed in their best outfits. They won Favorite Pop Song, Favorite Pop Duo or Group, and Artist of the Year. Without a doubt, it is a significant outfit within BTS’s best fashion moments of 2021.


Bucket hat fans


The world got a more fashionable update from BTS this year when the fisher’s hat trend became more popular. BTS members have worn this accessory since their debut, but this year they made us remember how great bucket hats are thanks to an endless collection of adorable selfies and aesthetic photos. It is a significant accessory among BTS’s best fashion moments of 2021. However, the additional credit goes to J-Hope. He always makes the basics of street clothes look somehow classy every time he wears them.


They know how to wear the shacket: shirt and jacket at the same time


Did you know that this year gave birth to a new word in our fashion vocabulary? That’s how it is. The shacket was born in 2021, and no one wore it better than Jeon Jungkook. This piece is a combination of a shirt and jacket. It is the hybrid and unisex layering fashion item that all the BTS guys wore in 2021. To wear it as well as the group’s maknae does, you need to add other accessories to your outfits, like hats, some good jeans, and some tennis shoes. That way, you can show off your shacket in the best way. It’s stunning, right? Even among the BTS’s best fashion moments of 2021, we find a new trend imposed by the boys.


Cowboy style


Some western stars like Dua Lipa and Beyoncé went to the ultra-glamorous cowboy trend this year. But we believe that no one did better than Bangtan. Do you think so too, ARMY? They used fringes, denim, ties, bandanas, and cowboy hats for their ‘Permission to Dance’ music video. It was the yee-haw concept that launched a million Cowboy Bangtan fanfictions. Can anyone resist the BTS guys dressed in cowboy style? Absolutely not! Because of that, it will be one of the most remembered outfits among the BTS’s best fashion moments of 2021.


You need to know the BTS’s best fashion moments of 2021 to be up to date with the fashion topics about BTS. If you are an army, knowing their best outfits and accessories will help you recreate their styles more easily. Have you done them before? How was the experience? And if not, we hope you can do it soon. Don’t forget to check out the next Korean Fashion Trends blog!

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