Can you use bright colors in winter according to Korean fashion?


Winter is here, and you can’t escape it! We know that when temperatures drop, all we want to do is stay in the comfort and warmth of our home. However, that is not always possible. We all have responsibilities to fulfill, even in this season. Therefore, there are helpful and fashionable outfits to go out on the streets during this time. Can you use bright colors in winter according to Korean fashion? If you like Korean fashion and want to know how to dress the best during this season, stay with us! Let’s find out if it is wise to wear bright colors in winter in Korean fashion.


Is it correct to wear bright colors in winter according to Korean fashion?


Yes, it is! Nothing adds energy to our looks like wearing bright and fun colors. Luckily, this winter, there are plenty of stunning color combinations worth trying, whether it’s for office outfits, for a night out, or occasional weekend walks. Warm tones and bright neons are perfect options if you want to add a touch of fun to your outfits. Expand your color palette! Even though Korean fashion loves classic and neutral colors, there are no limits to creativity. Combine shades like navy blue and green, or red and pink, also navy blue with burgundy. But if you prefer other bright hues, you can combine purple with gray, yellow with gray, or green with pink.


How do Koreans dress up in winter?


When it comes to outfits, Koreans are experts in making perfect combinations with few pieces. When winter comes, it is no exception. Here, we recommend several options of garments that you can wear in bright shades this winter 2021.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jumpsuits-(Subtitulo)These panties-like garments are beautiful and very fashionable.


Its style is more elegant and sophisticated.


However, there are many designs that you can adapt to any situation.


You can wear them in warm or bright tones and combine them with a cardigan or jacket.



Oversized sweaters


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Oversized-sweaters-(Subtitulo)Do you also love oversized clothes in winter?


Baggy coats are often too long, which is why they are perfect for colder seasons.


For that reason, they are one of the leading garments in Korean fashion.


In addition, it is a unisex garment that both men and women can integrate into their closets.


You can combine them with black jeans and a plain shirt. This style accentuates the beauty of the coat.


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Worn jackets


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Worn-jackets-(Subtitulo)These jackets are a favorite of many fashionistas.


You didn’t know? Although their appearance displeases some, the truth is that they are a trend.


In addition, they are jackets that can also be seen in another summer trend: one shoulder covered and the other not.


But a surprise is that similarly, in winter, you can also wear the jacket on one arm or simply draped. Isn’t it amazing?


Multi-colored coats


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Multi-colored-coats-(Subtitulo)And talking of bright colors, multi-colored coats or jackets are a perfect example that you can use these colors in winter according to Korean fashion.


They are comfortable and colorful garments.


Plus, it’s big enough to keep warm. Pair these jackets with plain pants and shirts underneath.


This look can better accentuate the coat, resulting in a fairly common trend.


Checkered coats and jackets are multi-colored garments that look good on any occasion.


Neon clothing


Bright colors are such a great option that you can even add neon colors! Also, remember that there is no reason for winter outfits to be boring and subdued in color. Bright colors aren’t just for summer and spring. Neon-colored clothes, bright colors, and fun are one of the most popular during this season.


Printed scarves


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Printed-scarves-(Subtitulo)Winter accessories cannot be missing. Scarves, hats, and gloves can also have fun and bright designs.


If you want to give your boring wardrobe a funny touch, you should add a patterned scarf.


In this way, you can also check things with bright colors and fun prints are the favorites of Korean fashion fans.


Scarves and other accessories should not necessarily be helpful only for the cold. They can also serve to add touches of perfection to your outfit.


Flared sleeve sweaters


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Flared-sleeve-sweaters-(Subtitulo)In addition to being fashionistas, many are of thick fabric.


It helps protect us from the cold in winter.


These sleeves are the same as baggy clothing, but you can wear loose sleeves even in tight-fitting outfits.


You can combine them with mom or wide jeans and matching boots. If the sweater is red, the boots could also be the same color. 


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Did you know that multi-layered clothes are more suitable during winter? However, you must wear it strategically. Wear a jacket over a dress that is over a shirt. You can do this layered outfit in winter with a combination of loose-fitting and tight clothes in black and white, but also with cheerful and bright colors. Korean fashion is essentially just that, layers, mixes, and colors.


Shorts over long pants


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Shorts-over-long-pants - Can you use bright colors in winterIf you don’t mind taking risks and experimenting with your outfits this season, this combination will take you straight to Korean fashion.


While it is not an everyday thing, it is a combination that has stood out in many Seoul fashion weeks.


People who use it are not afraid of experimentation. For that reason, they are constantly pushing the limits of what is or is not possible.


Shorts and long pants are the same color, and it is difficult to identify at first. But without a doubt, it is a fun, fashionista, and perfect combination for winter.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Vests - Can you use bright colors in winterIt is natural that when it comes to Korean fashion, vests cannot be missing.


While they are perfect for any season, wearing them with a sweater underneath is a wise choice.


If the sweater is of a neutral color, we recommend you wear the vest in a bright color.


Do it that way only to contrast but also to give a cheerful touch to your outfit.


Remember that you can wear bright colors in winter according to Korean fashion.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Hoodies - Can you use bright colors in winterHoodies cannot be missing in cold seasons.


They are the perfect garment to keep you warm and in tune with fashion.


Add hoodies in bright tones to your outfits, and you will see the difference!


They are garments that perfect any style.


Can you use bright colors in winter according to Korean fashion? You can do it. Bright colors add a unique and special touch to any winter outfit. Also, remember that winter doesn’t have to be dull in terms of style. What do you think about it? Do you like bright colors during winter, or do you prefer neutral colors? Let us know in the comments! See you on the next Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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