Trends to Shop for on Black Friday 2023 to Complete Your Korean Style Closet!

Korean Fashion Trends - Trends to Shop for on Black Friday 2023 to Complete Your Korean Style Closet!

We’ve been waiting for this exact moment for months! Black Friday is just around the corner. So, making a wish-list is a must! But, what to shop for on Black Friday this year? While Black Friday 2023 deals are often an opportunity to buy appliances and technology products, you can also take advantage of them to buy clothes. What better opportunity than this to update your Korean-style closet? So, let’s get to know the clothes you should buy in the Black Friday deals. And dive into what you should look for to complete your K-style closet!


When Is Black Friday in 2023?


So, when will the Black Friday deals start? Black Friday will be happening on November 24, 2023. So, before that date, make sure to create a wish-list for yourself to look for the right clothes that will suit your personal style. In addition, create a wish-list for jewelry, footwear, winter essentials like scarves, beanies, balaclavas, and more.


How Long Does Black Friday Last?


Korean Fashion Trends - Black Friday 2023 to Complete Your Korean Style Closet - Korean idol wearing minidressIt is important to know how long Black Friday lasts to take advantage of the Black Friday 2023 deals.


Although Black Friday 2023 begins on November 24, and these discounts generally last only one day, some stores and sellers extend sales a little longer.


There are some who extend it until Cyber Monday. So, now you know! Black Friday discounts are an opportunity that you should not miss, especially if you want to renew your closet and  improve your Korean-style outfits!


Shop For a Blend of Summer and Fall Essentials on Black Friday 2023!


Korean Fashion Trends - Black Friday 2023 to Complete Your Korean Style Closet - Korean idol wearing mini crop topAll year, we looked into what the summer trends were. Today, we will finally give you the final thought on this year’s fashion choices! And figure out what you should invest in to complete your K-style closet. But, before we delve deeper into our blog, check out KFT’s summer trend blogs here, and here. Besides, we have more blogs on your favorite K-idol’s fashion must-haves. So, stay on Korean Fashion Trends, and keep up with all the fashion information you need!


Take advantage of the Black Friday 2023 deals at YesStyle! YesStyle has discounts available all year round. However, make sure you don’t miss the Black Friday 2023 deals at YesStyle. Stay tuned for updates on their catalog here. And get ready to do your Black Friday 2023 shopping online! Complete your Korean style closet this season.


Why Should You Take Advantage of the Black Friday 2023 Deals?


Korean Fashion Trends - Black Friday 2023 to Complete Your Korean Style Closet - Korean idol wearing blue crop topWith that being said, Black Friday sales are the perfect opportunity to shop for both summer and fall essentials and trends. Having an overall plan on what to shop for will help you on the day of, so you will be able to participate in the sales with ease.


However, consider looking for timeless pieces that you can easily combine with everything.


For example, check out the summer trends that will be staying with us in the next year such as metallic items, knee-high socks, short shorts, cropped jackets, chic sleeveless tops, sleeveless vests, and so on!


What Is Trending This Season According to Stylish Korean Idols?


Korean Fashion Trends - Black Friday 2023 to Complete Your Korean Style Closet - Korean idol wearing sport clothesThe fashion month took us to the future and back. However, we finally got to see what the end of 2023 and early 2024 is looking like in fashion.


But, what is really trending this season? The KFT team analyzed Korean pop stars’ wardrobes to unveil everything you need to know about Korean fall fashion!


It is becoming increasingly apparent that this fall, we will get to see items such as maxi coats, tights paired with short shorts and skirts, sleeveless sweaters and vests, chic dresses paired with bombers or leather jackets, tweed, knee-high boots, and many more take center stage in K-fashion.


Must-Have Shopping List for Black Friday 2023!


Don’t know what to buy in the Black Friday 2023 deals? Maybe you should take advantage of the discounts to buy Korean fashion! Basic clothing, footwear, and accessories will always be the best option to look for. However, there are some additional items that you should buy and add to your style options to have a closet with Korean style combinations that adapt to all situations. Especially this upcoming winter. So, are you ready? Let’s start!


Tweed/ Fuzzy Sets


Korean Fashion Trends - Black Friday 2023 to Complete Your Korean Style Closet - Korean idol wearing tweed fuzzy setWe’ve warned you beforehand! Tweed and fuzzy sets are making a strong comeback. These cozy yet chic ensembles offer a perfect blend of comfort and style. Tweed, known for its classic texture and timeless appeal, adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit.


On the other hand, fuzzy sets provide that much-needed warmth and softness, making them a go-to choice for fall and winter.


Whether you’re opting for a tweed skirt suit or a fuzzy loungewear set, these fashion choices are a testament to the versatility of textures in modern clothing. Draw inspiration from your favorite K-idols fashion week appearances to see how you can rock tweed and fuzzy sets this season! Shop here.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing transparenciesTransparencies in fashion have always been captivating. They play a subtle yet powerful role in revealing and concealing. Sheer fabrics and translucent overlays continue to be a fashion-forward trend, and allow designers to experiment with ethereal and daring looks.


Whether it’s a sheer organza gown, a transparent raincoat, or a delicate lace blouse, transparencies add a layer of intrigue to any outfit.


And allow wearers to express themselves with elegance and allure. From girl groups to boy groups, everyone is rocking this trend! So, don’t be behind the fashion game. Shop here now.


Deep V-Cut Blazers


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing deep v cut blazerThe deep V-cut blazer is redefining the boundaries of professional attire. It combines the structured elegance of a blazer with a daring neckline that exudes confidence.


This contemporary twist on this classic piece is perfect for those who want to make a statement in the boardroom or at a chic evening event.


With its clean lines and bold design, the deep V-cut blazer is a symbol of empowerment for both men and women. Also, deep V-cut blazers made a strong appearance in Seoul Fashion Week, so we can only guess that they are not going anywhere in 2024 either! Shop here.


Classic Shirts


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing classic shirtClassic shirts remain as a timeless staple in Korean fashion. These wardrobe essentials offer a sense of reliability and versatility. Whether it’s a crisp white button-down, a perfectly tailored oxford shirt, or a timeless striped blouse, classic shirts allow you to effortlessly transition from casual to formal occasions.


They serve as the canvas upon which you can express your personal style, making them an indispensable part of any well-rounded wardrobe. And Korean pop stars rock these classic shirts under corsets, or accompanied with a sleek tie. So, make sure to keep this essential item in your radar when you are shopping on Black Friday. Shop here.


Faux Fur/Leather Coats


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing faux fur leather coatFaux fur and leather coats are not just fashion statements; they are a nod to ethical and sustainable fashion choices. As the world becomes more conscious of environmental impact, faux materials have stepped into the spotlight. Faux fur coats offer luxurious warmth without compromising on the well-being of animals, while faux leather coats provide a cruelty-free alternative to their traditional counterparts.


Moreover, tese coats not only keep you cozy but also make a bold statement about your commitment to conscious fashion choices, proving that style and ethics can go hand in hand. However, high fashion brands like Loewe and Miu Miu have been referencing a rise with their leather and fur jackets that complement their brand image. Therefore, opt for the faux ones to complete your K-style closet with a light heart! Take inspiration from Aespa’s Giselle and Karina to style your faux fur coats according to Korean fashion this season. Shop here.


Denim Clothes


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing denim jeansDenim garments are a complete must-have at any time of the year.


Therefore, if you take advantage of the Black Friday 2023 deals and add some denim clothing to your purchases, you can have a complete wardrobe ready for both the colder and the warmer months.


In addition, denim is always a trend regardless of the passage of time. Jackets, jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, overalls, accessories, shoes, etc. Denim is in everything, and it is always a good option! Shop here.


Winter Accessories


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing scarfYou can’t achieve a perfect look during winter days without accessories! Well, you really can’t achieve a good look if you don’t have accessories regardless of the time of year. Add hats, beanies, scarves, and gloves to your closet by taking advantage of Black Friday deals. Shop your Korean fashion accessories here!




In addition, we know that Ugg boots, knee-high boots, and combat boots are ideal footwear options during the cold days of the year. So, take advantage of the Black Friday sales! And dd a pair of brand new boots to your closet. Especially if you want a Korean style! Shop here.


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing winter clothesBlack Friday 2023 is just around the corner! If you want to make the most of the Black Friday 2023 deals, we recommend buying Korean-style clothes to update your closet now! These must-haves, in addition to the basic garments, should be part of your capsule wardrobe.


Especially during autumn and winter! And subscribe to the Korean fashion trends newsletter so you don’t miss our updates. Also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, X, Pinterest, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, and Twitch to be part of our community! See you in the next blog! It doesn’t matter if you’re on a tight budget! You can shop Korean fashion now! Enough of postponing your dream of wearing one of the best styles that exist in fashion. If you click here, you can get discounts on Korean fashion and beauty products. Don’t miss the opportunity and take advantage of the crazy prices that YesStyle has for you! Just click here!


Black Friday Sales


High Waist Wide Leg Jeans / Cropped Straight Leg Jeans – $20.64


Plain Wide-Leg Shorts – $13.20


High Waist Wide Leg Jeans / Distressed Wide Leg Jeans – $25.28


High Waist Plain Shorts – $18.30


High Waist Washed Boot-Cut Jeans / Extra Long Jeans – $41.68


High-Waist Frayed Denim Shorts – $17.50


High Waist Bootcut Jeans / Ripped Wide Leg Jeans – $24.16


High-Waist Wide Leg Shorts – $21.70


Brushed Fleece-Lined High-Waist Skinny Jeans in 5 Colors – $30.80


High Waist Wide Leg Dress Shorts – $27.40


Collarless Plain Open Front Lace Jacket Jacket – Almond – One Size – $20.90


Pointed Chunky Heel Tall Boots – $50.90


Plain Hooded Bow Pom Pom Fleece Jacket (Various Designs) – $53.00


Chunky-Heel Platform Ankle Boots – $34.40


Faux Leather Two-Tone Button-Up Baseball Jacket – $56.00


Hidden Wedge Ankle Boots – $45.50


Hooded Jacket – $47.50


High-Heel Pointed Over-The-Knee Boots – $63.90


Lettering Faux Leather Panel Cropped Baseball Jacket – $38.00


Block Heel Plain Short Boots – $35.10


Asymmetrical Cropped Halter Top / Contrast Trim Jacket / Mini Pencil Skirt – $27.30


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