What are the best style concepts Twice has ever worn?


What are the best style concepts Twice has ever worn? The girl group from agency JYP Entertainment has shown different facets of their styles in their comebacks. TWICE is one of the most famous South Korean bands in the world. Since their debut, they have set fashion and new trends in the boom Hallyu industry with their cute, colorful, and daring outfits. The essence of TWICE has remained the same since Like OHH AHH.


So, have you ever wondered what are the best style concepts TWICE has ever worn? The idols adopted an aesthetic full of textures such as paintings, prints, powerful tones, and original hairstyles that blend perfectly with the rhythms found in their tracks. After all, they are girls who want to brighten the lives of their fans with fresh music, and the best compliment is their looks designed to express their style. Do you want to discover more about the best style concepts TWICE has ever worn? Stay with us!


5 TWICE style concepts you can recreate




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Fancy concept TwiceThe TWICE girls used a vibrant concept for the Fancy MV.


The concept has a lot of colorful lights and cheerful hues that reflected TWICE’s positive energy.


You can combine clothes with these tones and add accessories, such as necklaces and earrings. Also, ruffled garments are the best option.


Thanks to its colorful and playful style, the Fancy concept is one of the best style concepts TWICE has ever worn.


Feel Special


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Feel-Special concept TwiceThe girls for this comeback wore satin garments. For example, Sana wore a blue satin dress in different performances of ‘Feel Special’.


That TWICE comeback style had a magical, feminine, and elegant aura.


The mix was shown very well in the K-Pop group’s fun and daring ensembles.


However, if you are interested in achieving a look inspired by Feel Special, you can also add denim garments. All the fans fell in love with the Feel Special concept! 


What is Love?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-What-is-Love(subtitulo)What is Love was a music video inspired by different movies that marked the lives of the members of TWICE.


Jeongyeon carried all the Hollywood fantasy in her colorful and textured look.


Because of that, the concept of What is Love is one of the best style concepts TWICE has ever worn.


Wear casual and colorful garments combined with other accessories to achieve a look inspired by this TWICE concept.


Knock Knock


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Knock-Knock - Best style concepts Twice has ever wornThe concept of ‘Knock Knock’ featured TWICE idols on different stages.


The sweetness and charm of the singers mixed with their outfits.


For example, Tzuyu used various types of prints.


Therefore, if you wear clothes of this type and add adorable accessories, such as bows or headbands, you can achieve an outfit that fits in with the best style concepts TWICE has ever worn.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-TT - Best style concepts Twice has ever worn‘TT’ was an MV released around Halloween time.


The idols became famous fictional characters.


Momo combined a white look with lilac. She wore a short skirt, and the special touch was her hairstyle.


The concept of this MV is also a bit casual and sporty.


If you want to try a TT-inspired outfit, you have to add such garments and add a special touch with accessories! In this way, you will achieve a style inspired by one of the best style concepts TWICE has ever worn.


What concept does TWICE have?


TWICE sets itself apart from other K-Pop groups thanks to its upbeat melodies and colorful styling. Each member inspires the concept of the group. And each of them is represented by a unique color. TWICE have daring backing vocals and dance moves that are hallmarks of their album title tracks. The group’s title songs almost always go viral, in part because they take inspiration from the latest online trends. The video for the 2016 single “TT,” for example, mimics the crying emoticon through the characteristic choreography of “TT”. Meanwhile, the 2017 single “Likey” alludes to the Instagram culture of posing for the perfect photo to attract likes.


Although TWICE has established itself as a superior K-Pop group by adopting a youthful image, the recent releases have taken a darker and bolder turn. In their music videos (Fancy and Breakthrough), the members swapped shiny cheerleading uniforms for black femme outfits and performed sensual choreography. 


Who is the most stylish member of TWICE?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Who-is-the-most-stylish-member-of-TWICE(subtitulo)Nayeon has earned the title of the most stylish in TWICE due to her ability to look effortlessly elegant and luxurious when it comes to her outfits.


Thanks to that, she became the brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton, and she does it with ease and confidence. Of course, she also finishes off with her characteristic sweet smile.


In addition, when it comes to her airport attire, landings are her runway as she makes sure to mix and match her outfits or combine basics with investment pieces to make her overall outfit look ready for those paparazzi.


Who is the face of TWICE?


Besides being the most stylish member, Nayeon is also the face of TWICE. Singer Nayeon is the main face of the K-Pop girl group TWICE. Loved by fans, she is one of the main vocalists and dancers in the band. She is also the longest-serving member in the industry. This means she started from a very young age as a JYP trainee.


Which member of TWICE fits TWICE’s concept the least?


As for the voices, many people agree that Jeongyeon and Tzuyu do not fit the concept of TWICE. Jeongyeon because her voice is too strong and deep for TWICE’s cheesy and high-pitched vocals. Like Tzuyu, her voice is deep and husky. It is naturally lower and bright, like most of the other members’ voices. However, this is relative because many others consider the opposite. However, we believe that each of the girls is fabulous and very talented at what they do.


We all know that TWICE can practically accomplish anything when it comes to its music video concepts, coordinated group outfits, and stage costumes. It is also interesting to see their personal fashion preferences and how they dress on different occasions. So what are the best style concepts TWICE has ever worn? There are many. But all of them are a great inspiration for the most youthful, fun, and diverse styles that provide all the positive vibes we need in our outfits. What other would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments! And visit this blog daily, so you do not miss out on anything about Korean fashion.

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