Discover which are the best outfits that BlackPink has worn


Discover which are the best outfits that BlackPink has worn. In the K-Pop industry, we always see idols sporting amazing outfits. Sometimes they are garments full of glamor. And others show us with simpler garments their incredible ease of wearing any outfit perfectly. But, without a doubt, the BLACKPINK girls are a brilliant case. They always shine on and off stage. Because of that, Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé, and Jennie have become an inspiration for creating new looks. Their outfits have very characteristic features, but they always have a fashionista image due to how incredible they look. If you are interested in discovering which are the best outfits that BlackPink has worn, you must stay at Korean Fashion Trends!


Know some of the best outfits that BlackPink has worn




Korean-Fashion-Trends - BLACPINK in CoachellaBLACKPINK’s musical performances at Coachella showed us their talent, but also their sense of fashion when dressing.


Each one was designed according to the style of each girl.


For that reason, their outfits in black, white, and gold details are some of the favorites.


Therefore, it is part of the best outfits that BlackPink has worn.



Glamor and shine


For one of their first comeback performances with “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and “Forever Young,” the girls made an impact.


The reason? Their songs, but also the ultra-glamorous pieces they showed.


Jennie’s crop top paired with her fishnet stockings, Jisoo’s big sequins, Lisa’s pink knee-high boots that matched her shorts and contrasted with neon green gloves, and Rose’s beaded blouse are all terrific pieces.


Their cohesive looks indicate that, without a doubt, they were born to shine.


How You Like That Outfits


Korean-Fashion-Trends - How You Like That OutfitsThe How You Like That MV showed us several amazing outfits.


BLINKS love them all! However, one that stands out in the clip is the hanbok that each wore.


These are garments inspired by traditional Korean clothing but which were modified to look modern and powerful.


Despite having some colorful details, the dark tones give it a special touch. If you remember this outfit, you agree it is part of the best outfits that BlackPink has worn.


The characteristic rose


The best outfits that BlackPink has worn would not be complete without the color of their name, which is pink.


They have managed to make this soft color a very contrasting one. Wearing pink garments, the BlackPink girls look like princesses.


But they are not damsels in distress, and they don’t need protection. They are very empowered girls.


In one of the DDU-DU DDU-DU presentations, each one conquered everyone’s heart with her pink looks. Jennie’s ruffled blouse, Rosé’s ruched dress, Lisa’s baggy pants, satin gloves, and Jisoo’s leg harness, which stands out in particular, are items that any fashionista would like to try on any occasion.


Asia Artist Awards 2016


BluCactus -Best outfits that BlackPink has wornThe BlackPink girls performed at the 2016 AAA, where they performed Whistle and Playing With Fire.


On that occasion, all of them wore mini dresses with floral designs and some transparencies.


They combined these garments with belts, boots, and high socks that made them look amazing.


For that reason, the clothes they used for those awards are part of the best outfits that BlackPink has worn.



I’m so hot


Korean-Fashion-Trends- BLACKPINK I'M SO HOT - Best outfits that BlackPink has wornFashionista, glamourous, and even a little intimidating.


This is how we can describe BLACKPINK’s style in their performance of the cover of I’m So Hot.


These girls have a stage presence, and their looks reinforce it.


In this presentation, the idols opted for black and white colors for their outfits. Without a doubt, it is one of the BlackPink outfits no BLINK will forget.



DDU DU DDU DU Dance practice


Korean-Fashion-Trends-DDU-DU-DDU-DU-Dance-practice - Best outfits that BlackPink has wornWho looks amazing wearing only pants and a crop top? That’s right, the girls of BlackPink. They wore black and white garments for this video.


All of them wore baggy pants and crop tops, which turned out to be very comfortable and relatively simple clothing, but still shone with the vibe they transmitted when wearing it while dancing.


It is unusual for one of their unforgettable looks to be from dance practice.


But they are so fashionistas that even the most comfortable and easy clothes are part of the best outfits that BlackPink has worn.


Who has the best stage outfits in Blackpink?


All the girls look amazing when they are on and off stage. However, one of the BlackPink girls who has the best stage outfits is Lisa. She shows power on stage with her flawless dance moves and her killer rap verses. Because of that, her presence on stage is untamed! And her look adds to her already incredible performances. The BLINKS always talk about how good she looks on stage.


What brand of clothes does Blackpink wear?


One of the main charms of BlackPink is indeed its musical style. BlackPink songs are often a mix of rap, pop, EDM, trap, English, and Korean! And we can see the diversity of the girls also in their ways of dressing. They all dress in different styles, but they all have rug-worthy closets. Because of that, the BlackPink members portray a youth fashion scene. They all wear designer clothes and avant-garde outfits. Because of that, it is common to see Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé wearing clothes from brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, and many other national and international brands.



Does Blackpink get to choose their outfits?


When choosing outfits, the girls of BlackPink must submit to what all idols must do during their journey as K-pop stars. The girls of BlackPink, like all other idols, do not choose their clothes when they must perform on stage, at awards, or events in general. Each of the girls undergoes costume fittings for their concerts or other events. However, they have the right to comment on their outfits. While that does not mean they will have the last word, they can at least give their opinions about the costumes they will wear when it comes to shining on stage.


Also, when girls go to fashion events and awards, they usually wear outfits from the brands they are ambassadors for. However, when it comes to something casual and every day, girls can choose what to wear. But that doesn’t mean they don’t know what to choose or don’t know how to dress when they’re off stage. These girls look amazing anytime, anywhere, thanks to their exquisite taste in fashion.


Knowing about the best outfits that BlackPink has worn can help you expand your list of options when it comes to recreating an outfit inspired by your favorite idols. The girls on BlackPink have incredible tastes in both music and fashion. Without a doubt, they are a source of inspiration. Remember, you can visit us every day if you liked this post! We are sure that you do not want to miss any news about your favorite fashion! And this is the right place to stay connected with Korean fashion trends.


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