Get to know the best looks of Jennie from BlackPink

Korean Fashion Trends - Get to know the best looks of Jennie from BlackPink

Get to know the best looks of Jennie from BlackPink. “Ever since I was little, dressing up as a hobby. that fateful and amazed that so many people are interested in my fashion preferences.” Those were Jennie’s words when talking about how she is currently a reference in fashion. Of course, no one doubts that BLACKPINK is the girl group of the moment. In addition, all the fame around them is transformed into a power of influence to mark trends, styles, and fashions. Thanks to that, they are an example for all their fans. Jennie is undoubtedly a benchmark for new generations. She has a style that combines the glamor of the big catwalks with the rudeness and freedom of street style. All this is accompanied by an adorable personality that makes everything look phenomenal. Therefore, today in Korean Fashion Trends, you can get to know the best looks of Jennie from BlackPink. That way, you can take inspiration from this girl who is a reference in Korean fashion and fashion in general. Are you ready? Here we go!


What is Jennie’s fashion style?


Korean Fashion Trends - What is Jennie's fashion style?It’s time to meet the best looks of Jennie from BlackPink! However, before doing so, we clarify that this girl’s style can change whether she is on or off stage.


Usually, her style outside work is fresh, youthful, and comfortable, yet sophisticated no matter what she wears. She usually wears light-wash jeans. They are baggy to complement her skinny crop top.


Therefore, we can say that her style puts comfort before everything else. Also, she does it very well. She makes any pair of jeans look amazing.


However, to give you a closer idea of ​​Jennie’s style, check out these outfits that are part of Jennie’s best looks from BlackPink. Let’s get started!




Korean Fashion Trends - Jennie with a chic pink combinationWe start this list of the best looks of Jennie from BlackPink with a chic pink combination.


We accept that Jennie’s Instagram is a gallery full of sweet moments. But also of stunning fashionista moments like the one she gave us when she wore that sort of dress (which also looks like pajamas) from the firm Chanel in all pink.


With that design, Jennie recreated the legendary design of the fashion house’s famous jacket.


She paired it with silver accessories and let her hair down in a tousled style. It is a casual look but also sophisticated.




Korean Fashion Trends - Jennie looking stunning in a black styleWe continue with the best looks of Jennie from BlackPink. On this occasion, we must highlight two times when Jennie looked stunning in a black style.


When she has kilometric legs, the only correct option is to make the most of them and show them off.


We love Jennie’s little black outfit since she reveals her greatest attribute: her legs. I wear a black dress shirt with a pleated skirt and black heels.


Yet another time, Jennie again proved an ace at executing a top-down vision by wearing a ballerina-style dress paired with a simple ponytail and long black boots.




Korean Fashion Trends - Jennie's airport styleJennie’s airport style could not be missing among the best looks of Jennie from BlackPink


If something is clear when traveling, you can go as comfortably as possible.


Fortunately, Jennie is clear about it.


And she knows how to take advantage to give the world incredible fashion moment, as she did with a jumper with the spectacular red Chanel sweater.




Korean Fashion Trends - dark glam style - Best looks of Jennie from BlackPinkDo you like the dark glam style? Then Jennie will also inspire you.


Therefore, among these best looks of Jennie from BlackPink, we must highlight a dark glam style outfit in which the Korean Idol stood out.


A lot of dark glam is exuding in this photo of Jennie, where wearwearse a short black dress with a white collar that dazzles with the pearls that fall to her sides.


The dark touch is given by the stockings and the shape of the gloves.


She has an elegant, chic, and sophisticated touch too.


  1. 90S STYLE


Korean Fashion Trends - 90s style outfit - Best looks of Jennie from BlackPinkAmong the best looks of Jennie from BlackPink, we must highlight a nineties outfit in which Jennie reminded us that this style does not go out of style.


Thanks to that, we recommend that you go and recover those flared pants or wide boots because, as Jennie shows with that very nineties outfit.


It is a trend coming back and will probably remain in force for a long time. She combines baggy pants with a shirt and a pre-washed jean jacket.


She adds combat boots and adds a handbag as an accessory. You could also add some cute sunglasses, just like she did.




Korean Fashion Trends - Jennie in a sophisticated two-piece suitDo you have a two-piece outfit you still don’t dare to wear? It’s your time to make it shine!


Among these best looks of Jennie from BlackPink, a combination of the Korean Idol stands out, where she wore a sophisticated two-piece suit.


BLACKPINK girls are often daring and challenging at times with their outfits. But Jennie wanted to opt for a slightly more classic style with that outfit in black and red tones with which she looked simply phenomenal.


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Who is Jennie’s Favorite designer?


Korean Fashion Trends - Who is Jennie's Favorite designer?After knowing the best looks of Jennie from BlackPink, it’s time to tell you which is the favorite designer of this idol. Can you guess? Yes, that’s right. It’s Chanel! Although she stands out very well with clothes from other designers, this girl’s taste for Chanel has no limits.


Plus, whether we openly admit it or not, we all have our fashion favorites, and Jennie is the perfect example of her love for Chanel. Even when she enjoys her free time, Jennie opts for garments from the revered French house. We are not referring to Maison’s classic tweed jackets or prized quilted bags. We’re talking about her logo crop tops and badge knitwear, which she pairs with baggy jeans or sportswear.


During her October 2019 ELLE magazine cover photo shoot, her staff members called her “Coco Jennie” for her ability to pull off the Chanel look perfectly. She is currently also the world ambassador for the French fashion house.


What aesthetic is Jennie?


Korean Fashion Trends - What aesthetic is Jennie?After knowing the best looks of Jennie from BlackPink, we can say that the aesthetic of this Korean idol is gothic glamour. Why? Because Jennie’s sophisticated outfits make her one of the street style favorites. Also, looking through her Instagram, we can see many gothic glam outfits. That means she has costumes that mix dark colors with other classics and pastels. It seems that pink and black is also her strong suit. However, Jennie’s style can also be very sophisticated and even elegant.


The best looks of Jennie from BlackPink prove that this young Korean idol is one of today’s fashion icons. Her eyes are full of classic and sophisticated style but also youthful and street style, positioning her as one of the primary sources of inspiration for many when it comes to dressing. What is your favorite Jennie look? Tell us in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe, so you don’t miss any updates from your favorite Korean fashion blog.


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