Best Korean sun creams 2021


The main characteristic of K-beauty is skincare. The importance they place on healthy and beautiful skin is indisputable, and because of that Korean skincare products are the best, or at least they have been considered that way in recent years. But why? The answer is due to its high effectiveness. This time, we will talk about one of the most remarkable products. Get ready for the best Korean sun creams for 2021. Read on to find out more about this essential product!


Sun creams in Korea


The obsession that Korean women have for skincare and especially the face is no secret. In addition to being perfectly hydrated, they are very white. We could say that they have a phobia of the sun and its harmful effects on the skin. They do not like to tan their skin, and more than one would faint just imagining their face full of wrinkles and blemishes. All of them are well aware of the premature aging caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays. It is not surprising that among Korean beauty products, those that protect against UVA and UVB stand out. 

Such is the magnitude of the obsession of Asian women that Korean cosmetic brands flood the market with products that additionally protect them from the sun. That is, in addition to sun creams whose functionality is specific, there are other categories of products that also include a sun protection factor, such as BB or CC creams or foundations or makeup bases. Do you see why sun creams in Korea are so important? Because of that, you must know the best Korean sun creams 2021!


Why is it important to use sun creams?


The use of sun creams is of great importance as it helps prevent premature wrinkles and mainly helps prevent skin cancer. The sun’s rays are called UVA, and UVB (ultraviolet rays) can change the structure of your skin if it gets exposed and cause spots, sunburns, premature wrinkles, and moles, causing melanoma (skin cancer). It does not mean that we should look for the leftover wherever we go, since the sun is also great for our health, by helping us to form vitamin D. What we must try is not to expose ourselves to it in excess and much less without any protection.

Therefore, we must know what type of cream is best suited to our needs, depending on the time we spend in the sun or our skin type. On the other hand, we must bear in mind that there are two types of protectors, something unknown to many: screens and filters. The screens deflect the rays preventing them from penetrating the skin, while the filters absorb part of the solar energy.


Types of sun protection


In recent years, cosmetic products have an anti-pollution function, either in makeup removers. Or in sun creams. Sunscreens are essential in Korean cosmetics, and as we have said, there are two types, those products whose principal purpose is sun protection, that is, sun creams with a sun protection factor, and those products that are BB creams or makeup. They incorporate that additional function.


What does SPF mean, and what is UVB?


SPF (Sun Protection Factor or Solar Protection Factor, SPF in Spanish products) indicates the level of protection against UVB-type ultraviolet rays. UVB rays cause burns and tanning of the skin. They also affect the surface of the skin or the epidermis. The SPF indicator has a number (15, 25, 30, 50) that indicates the level of protection.


What does PA mean, and what is UVA?


PA (Protection Grade of UVA) indicates the degree of protection against ultraviolet rays of the UVA type. It is a type of protection greater than SPF. UVA rays deeply penetrate the skin and affect the cellular level. They cause spots on the skin, wrinkles, and loss of skin firmness and can even cause melanomas (a type of cancer). The + sign indicates the PA levels. And the more +++, the greater the protection against UVA rays. To avoid premature aging of the skin and avoid blemishes on the skin, you have to use sunscreens with a high or very high PA. Many Korean sun creams incorporate moisturizers in their formulation. When sunbathing, it is normal for the skin to become dehydrated.


5 best Korean sunscreens 2021!


Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Hyaluronic-Acid-Watery-Sun-Gel---Instree-(subtitulo)We started the list of the best Korean sun creams 2021 with the Isntree brand Hyaluronic Acid Aqueous Sun Gel. (IS) land, (N) natural, and (Tree), are the concepts under Isntree.


Your hyaluronic acid line is one of the many reasons you fall exhausted on your feet. Its natural origin is the main reason its products are so good for the skin. Because of that, their products remain at the top of the Korean beauty rankings.


If you are interested in purchasing one of the sun creams from this brand, one of your best options is the Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel. You can use it day and night. It also fits any skin type, such as mixed, dry, normal skin, and even oily skin. For its use, consider spreading a moderate amount of sun creams on the face or other areas exposed to the outside. Then you have to make it absorb. If you want to try this sun cream, visit the Style Vana website by clicking here and buy the ideal product for your skincare.

Sun Project Water Sun Cream

Korean-Fashion-Trends-Sun-Project-Water-Sun-Cream---Thank-You-Farmer-(subtitulo)This sun cream is from the Thank You Farmer brand. The formulas of this brand have the right ingredients to be effective and have a specific purpose on the skin.


So if you feel concerned about excess chemicals on your skin, Thank You Farmer may be your new favorite Korean beauty brand. They believe in making cosmetics using pure, honest, and benefit-rich botanicals.


The Sun Project Water Sun Cream is your best option to give this Korean brand a chance. It is used during the day, has an SPF of 30–50, and you have to use it as the last step of your skincare routine. When doing so, you should only apply it gently on the areas of the face and body exposed to the sun, and if you need it, you can put it on as many times as necessary. To buy it, visit the Style Vana page and buy one of the best Korean sun creams 2021 here.

UV Defense Me 

Korean-Fashion-Trends-UV-Defense-Me---Make-P-rem-brand-(subtitulo)The third product on this list of the best Korean sun creams 2021 is from the Make P: rem brand. This brand wants to make your beauty routine something practical, so all its products are easy to use.


Its name is short for Making a Pragmatic Remedy. It means that all its products have a specific function, fight problems, and are the best remedy in skincare. They do it quickly and effectively! UV Defense Me sunscreen is one of their best products because it gives hydration and luminosity to your skin.


This sun cream also repairs sun damage, in addition to providing protection. You can use it as a primer to take care of the skin before makeup. Visit the Style Vana page and buy this sun cream by clicking here. Do not miss out on UV Defense Me!

Aloe Soothing Sun Cream

Korean-Fashion-Trends-Aloe-Soothing-COSRXThis sun cream is from the COSRX brand. It is a Korean beauty brand with over 15 years of experience in the skincare industry. Its philosophy is about creating products with innovative formulas that contain effective but safe ingredients.


To treat specific skin problems such as acne and dehydration. Its packaging is minimalist, and its recipes are simple. COSRX leads the skin to hope for a better tomorrow.


Because of that, with Aloe Soothing Sun Cream, your skin will be healthy and protected. Its use is daytime and has an SPF of 30–50. You can apply it to the face, neck, arms, or any other part of your body. In addition, it is one option at a more affordable price. To buy it, click here! The Style Vana website awaits you.

All Around Safe Block Essence Sun

Korean-Fashion-Trends-All-Around-Safe-Block-Essence-Sun---MisshaThe last sun cream on this list of the best Korean sun creams 2021 is from the Misha brand! Missha is originally from South Korea and is currently a giant with innovations in cosmetic technology that place her in the top sales positions worldwide.


Also, Missha thinks skincare should not be a luxury. With this principle, Missha combines state-of-the-art technology with elements of nature to produce the highest quality cosmetics at reasonable prices. That is why this sunscreen is priced as a gift, and the quality is fully guaranteed.


The All-Around Safe Block Essence Sun provides your skin with protection and hydration. It is for any skin type, and when you use it, you can spread it over your face by gently tapping it to aid absorption. Visit the Style Vana page and buy this sun cream here!

All these sun creams guarantee care and protection for your skin. Also, all brands are cruelty-free and focus on natural products. Because of that, your best option in skin care products will always be the Koreans. With the best Korean sun creams 2021, keep your skin beautiful and healthy. Remember to visit this blog every day! Here you will find the best news about K-fashion and K-beauty.

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