Best 15 Korean Fashion Influencers to Follow on Instagram


An influencer can mobilize opinions. They can also create reactions due to the credibility they have on a specific topic. They are opinion leaders and media figures within an area or sector. Surely you know many influencers, either because you like their content or for any other reason. However, do you know Korean influencers? If not, don’t worry. Today you will have the opportunity to do it with us. With the best 15 Korean fashion influencers to follow on Instagram, you will know many brilliant influencers! Get ready to follow them all on Instagram, as you will surely want to!


Who are the top Korean fashion influencers on Instagram?


Irene Kim (@ireneisgood)


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Irene-Kim-(@ireneisgood)Irene Kim is one of the biggest influencers in Korean fashion. She has 2.1 million followers on Instagram. She’s so famous that Vogue magazine even named her an ambassador for the Korean fashion scene. The Korean fashion industry dubbed her the “It Girl” of the industry. She has a clean and professional style. She also inspires many through her online presence and her work on national and international catwalks.


Irene began her career in fashion as a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. She later devoted herself to creating, modeling, and styling digital content. She also launched a clothing line. Through her official website, she offers an online platform where fans can buy items of her brand.


Sunghoon Jang (@Jsunghoon)


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Sunghoon-Jang-(@Jsunghoon)In addition to being a tutor at Chung-Ang University in Korea, he is a Korean influencer who has 199 thousand followers on Instagram.


His Instagram account grew in popularity due to his good looks and his great sense of fashion. His style includes elegant blazers, denim jackets, baggy shirts, and full suits perfect for any time. Seunghoon is a person who likes to visit different museums and do photography.


The K-fashion industry is opening up to more male influencers. Sunghoon Jang is a great model for any man who wants to learn about Korean fashion. Best 15 Korean Fashion Influencers to Follow on Instagram


Song Haena (@songhaena)


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Song-Haena-(@songhaena)Maybe you already recognize this influencer thanks to her title as the winner of season 2 of Korea’s Next Top Model.


With 197 thousand followers on Instagram, she is an emerging Korean fashion influencer. Song Haena offers her audience a glimpse into her life as a stylish model and fashionista.


If you want to follow someone with a more casual fashion style, you must follow Song Haena! 



Yoni Pai (@yonipai)


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Yoni-Pai-(@yonipai)Yoni Pai is a lover of fashion and surfing. Her account has 105 thousand followers! On her Instagram, she offers a glimpse into her life as a wife, mother, and director of a fashion company.


But Yoni Pai is not the only one in her family who rose to fame! Her husband, Steve, is also a classy person online.


Together they work to increase their brand’s audience online.


They even created their clothing line called Steve J and Yoni P.


Rock Chae Eun (rockchaeeun)


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Rock-Chae-Eun-(rockchaeeun)If you visit the Instagram account of Rock Chae Eun (also called Sarah) you will see that it is full of glamorous images.


She’s the kind of glamor for a K-pop idol. With 217 thousand followers, Sarah is one of the most followed Korean fashion influencers on Instagram.


She has audacity as a freelance model. In addition, she shows off her slender complexion in different sportswear, swimwear, and lingerie.


Her style is fun and casual. Fans of hers can peruse her pictures to learn how to style and dress in style.


Gabriella Kim (@msgabbys)


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Gabriella-Kim-(@msgabbys)Her personal Instagram has 56 thousand followers. Gabriella Kim’s content ranges from beauty, fashion, and images of her enjoying drinks at local coffee shops.


Also, she has a separate Instagram page for her business Glosome Beauty.


Her brand has eco-friendly slogans, they’re eco-luxury, cruelty-free, and vegan too.


Glosome Beauty fans can also find Glosome’s official website and Glosome Crystals Instagram page.


Yuna Lee (@yunastyle)


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Yuna-Lee-(@yunastyle)With 40 thousand followers on Instagram, Yuna Lee offers a glimpse into her life as a fashion influencer and film photographer.


She is an influencer who attracts her followers with aesthetically pleasing images of her Korean fashion style and everyday life.


Additionally, she maintains a blog through the Korean company Naver’s blogging service, where she provides more information about her life as a fashion influencer.



Sojeong Yoon (@Yoons.diary)


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Sojeong-Yoon-(@Yoons.diary)Sojeong Yoon is an emerging Instagram influencer. As of July 2020, she has amassed 27 thousand followers.


Sojeong Yoon lives in Korea and also in the UK. She offers her audience a look at her style.


For a collection of some of her outfits, Sojeong has created a video lookbook, where she flaunts some of her spring clothing items.


In addition, on her Instagram account, you can also see a little of her personal life more closely. She recently became the mother of a precious baby.


Sukwoo Hong (@yourboyhood)


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Sukwoo-Hong-(@yourboyhood)Sukwoo Hong is a menswear influencer. He has 6,174 followers on Instagram but is slowly on the rise.


His audience is growing thanks to photos of his style and daily life.


He is another fashion influencer who is perfect for guys wanting to learn about Korean fashion.


Influencers like him and others are opening the door to Korean menswear influencers. Sukwoo Hong also edits The NAVY Magazine.


Kyunghyun Kim (@Halopeoplekr)



With 19 thousand followers on Instagram, Kyunghyun Kim is a rising fashion photographer and influencer on this social network.


On his Instagram account, he shows the fashion and modeling senses of various models and offers a glimpse into his own.


However, his Instagram draws fans for him and the models in his photos.


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SSIN (@sjkuksee)


Another brilliant K-beauty influencer on Instagram and YouTube is SSIN.


As of July 2020, she has a dedicated fanbase of 1.59 million subscribers on YouTube.


Additionally, she creates costume makeup tutorial videos and celebrity transformation videos, like herBTS Jungkook Inspired Makeup video.


Michelle Choi (@michellechoii)


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Michelle-Choi-(@michellechoii)Michelle Choi, another Korean beauty influencer who grew up abroad, grew up in Orange County, California, and now lives in New York City.


Her background and her fun, laid-back demeanor draw fans from all over.


As of July 2020, Michelle has a YouTube following of 608K subscribers and more on Instagram.


She makes beauty videos, and she also makes videos about her style, shopping, health, and regular vlogs for her fans to see her everyday life.


Dayeong-(@dayomi99)Dayeong (@dayomi99)


She makes her subscribers feel like they’re in the room with her.


She talks to them as if she is chatting with them face to face!


And she creates videos on makeup and other beauty and fashion products. 




Kwak Tori (@kwaktori)


Kwak-Tori-(@kwaktori)Kwak Tori is another K-beauty and K-fashion influencer! She has 460 thousand dedicated viewers following and watching every release of her.


However, she doesn’t just create beauty content.


Kwak Tori also creates vlogs about her life and her fashion style!


Their fans can follow her on Instagram for a more intimate look at her everyday life.





CHES (@ches_makeup)


Her content ranges from makeup tutorial videos to Get Ready With Me videos.


These videos make her audience feel like they’re actually in her room with her, getting ready with her.


Her fans can follow her through her Instagram page, where she posts images that help grow her brand.



Who has the most followers on Instagram in South Korea 2021?


Who-has-the-most-followers-on-Instagram-in-South-Korea-2021If we talk about Kpop, Lisa is the queen of Instagram. Overall, she is the K-Pop idol with the most followers, thanks to her 53.6 million followers.


They are fans who are always eager for new updates on everyone’s favorite maknae, BLACKPINK’s maknae!


And as for the actors, it’s Lee Minho. After playing various characters and showing his versatility on the small screen, the famous Lee MinHo is one of the most followed Korean actors on Instagram – he has 25 million followers.


Who is the Korean girl trending on Instagram?


Lee Sung Kyung is the most trending girl in Korea. She is also a South Korean actress and model. Lee made her acting debut as the leading lady of “YG Entertainment” and the model company “K-Plus” of the strategic partnership on the SBS drama “It’s Okay, That’s Love.” Her first leading role was in “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”, opposite actor Nam Joo Hyuk. Currently, she has 12.7 million followers on Instagram. Her feed is an insight into her work and personal life.


Who is the Korean fashion icon?


The Korean fashion icon is Irene Kim! She earned the title of Korean fashion icon thanks to her remarkable work and her career in the fashion world. She is known not only in Korea but also in other countries. When we are thinking of K-fashion, we can think of Irene Kim and vice versa.


After knowing the best 15 Korean fashion influencers to follow on Instagram, you should follow them to stay connected with their updates on this fashion that you love so much. Did we forget someone? Are you an influencer and want to appear on this list? Let us know in the comments! Also, remember to visit us every day. In that way, you miss nothing about K fashion!


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