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We know that many makeup lovers constantly want to renew their beauty products! For this reason, many turn to K-beauty as the best option because they guarantee reliable products. We all have different tastes and needs. You need to find products that suit them. Did you know that it is possible to get them with K-beauty? If you like to let your skin breathe even when wearing makeup, you will be happy to know that there are many options available. Now that summer is near, it is time to use CC creams! If you still do not know all the wonders these products offer, that is fine because today, you will discover with us everything you need to know about the best Korean CC creams.


What is a CC Cream?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-What-is-a-CC-Cream-(subtitulo)CC Cream, or rather Color Correcting Cream, is a type of moisturizing makeup that cares for and treats the skin like BB Cream — it also protects from the sun — but provides coverage. The CC Cream is more aimed at correcting imperfections in mature skin that need medium coverage. They also brighten and have a light texture, although their finish is more matte than BB Cream.


CC Cream is a product that hydrates, but its covering formula makes it perfect for oily skin because it camouflages shine. It is the ideal combination between a makeup base and a concealer because it blends into your skin and hides imperfections. But when you are older, it has many extra benefits in terms of care: hydration, light complexion without a mask effect, etc.


You already know what a CC Cream is, but how is it applied?


Well, just like a BB Cream: with a brush, sponge, or directly with your fingers. Its texture is so fluid that it effortlessly spreads in any of 3 ways and melts into your skin instantly. The result? A visibly luminous, even, and hydrated complexion.


Differences between a CC cream and a BB cream


Both the CC cream and the BB cream are products designed as a middle point between the makeup base and the moisturizer with the benefit of being a sunscreen. In other words, it is hydrating care for the day with benefits for the skin. But that also provides some color to hide imperfections and even out the tone. They still have some differences between them:


The CC Cream


In other words, “Color Control Cream” is the evolution of BB Cream with the difference that it does not camouflage but corrects. It means that its main objective is to tone and hide the imperfections caused by skin pigmentation such as dark circles, redness, or spots on the skin while repairing. Its formula prevents aging, so it is more for the mature skin of women who want good coverage and an even tone. Your best option is the CC Cream if your skin is more mature or with more imperfections.


The BB Cream


It is a Blemish Balm Cream, which translates to anti-blemish balm and its tinted care covers minor skin imperfections while providing hydration and protection. This tinted cream reduces redness, covers impurities, refines pores, and has soothing, regenerating, and unifying effects. It is light, easily absorbed, does not replace makeup base, is designed to brighten the skin, and is for young skin. If you have young skin with few blemishes, your best option is BB Cream.


What is the best CC cream?


The best CC cream is the one with a formula and consistency that offers a homogeneous texture. Also, the best CC cream is gentle and capable of effectively covering and correcting your skin tone. In addition, it should have a carrier of components such as the B5 complex and vitamins C, and E, it will help nourish, hydrate, soften, reduce, and even counteract the signs of skin aging.


On the other hand, for this type of cosmetic to be excellent, its recipe must be according to your dermis, not leave it greasy, and have an SPF of 50 when you have a fair complexion, or an SPF of 15, to 30 when you are brown or darker. If you want to choose the best Korean CC cream, check the SPF or sun protection factor. Also, your age, your skin type, and your facial needs.


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5 best Korean CC creams


FMGT Aura CC Color Control Cream


Korean-Fashion-Trends-FMGT-Aura-CC-Color-Control-Cream-(subtitulo)This CC Cream is from The Face Shop brand. It is one of the most recognized Korean brands in the world of K-beauty. Its popularity is due to its commitment to nature.


Because of that, its products are a perfect combination of the innovative and the natural. The FMGT Aura CC Color Control Cream could not be missing among the best Korean CC creams. 


It has a creamy texture and a natural finish, and thanks to that, this CC cream ranks among the best. Among its benefits, we can find that it is anti-aging and provides luminosity to your skin. In addition, it is an excellent option for combination and normal skin. If you are interested in this CC cream, you can purchase it by visiting the StyleVana website just by clicking here!


Urban Veil CC Cream


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Urban-Veil-CC-Cream-(subtitulo)The second CC cream to top this list of the best Korean CC creams belongs to the Korean brand Hera. It is a luxurious contemporary beauty brand based in Seoul.


Hera defines and creates trends in Korean beauty standards. Wanting to express your strong self and a confident version of yourself is HERA’s philosophy of Seoul Beauty.


Your Urban Veil CC Cream product has a liquid texture, and the finish it provides is natural-looking.


In addition, it helps balance your skin tones, making it an excellent option if you have blemishes or other imperfections. To buy them, you need to click here. That way, you will go directly to the StyleVana website. There you can buy this CC cream with more comfort and confidence.


Ultimate Brightening CC Cream SPF35 PA ++


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Ultimate-Brightening-CC-Cream-SPF35-PA-++-(subtitulo)This CC cream is from the OHUI brand. The motto of this brand is a difference in the beauty that you can feel on the skin. The concept of OHUI is to use science to improve and protect the functionality of the skin.


Its fame is due to stem cell technology that meets the needs of sensitive skin, the most common skin type in Korea. The Ultimate Brightening CC Cream SPF35 PA ++ is proof of the quality of this brand. 


Its texture is liquid, and it repairs imperfections in skin tones and adapts to any skin type. Using this CC cream, you will see radical positive changes in your skin. If you want to buy it, click here and visit the StyleVana website directly.


CC Cream (SPF25)


Korean-Fashion-Trends-CC-Cream-(SPF25)-(subtitulo)The fourth CC cream on the list is from the Korean beauty brand Erborian, which means Herbs of the Orient.


This brand combines the efficacy of medicinal plants and traditional pharmacopeia with the latest Korean formulation technologies.


Because of that, one of the best options in the best Korean CC creams is the CC Cream of Erborian. Its texture is creamy, its finish is radiant, and it provides protection and hydration to the skin.


It also takes care of your pores and repairs skin tone imperfections. If you are looking for a quality CC cream, this is your ideal option. To buy it, click here and buy it at StyleVana.


Correct & Care CC Cream (SPF30 PA ++)


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Correct-_-Care-CC-Cream-(SPF30-PA-++)-(subtitulo)The last CC cream on the list of the best Korean CC creams is from the Etude House brand. The philosophy of this brand is unique since it aims to end the typical concept of cosmetics.


Their products have four clear concepts: High quality, competitive prices, and adorable designs with a wide range of colors and products. Correct & Care CC Cream (SPF30 PA ++) is a luxury product at an affordable price. Its texture is creamy, anti-aging, and hydrating. It also allows skin whitening and adapts to any skin type. Buy it at StyleVana by clicking here!


CC Cream acts as makeup to instantly correct skin blemishes, and its formulas help skincare. CC cream is your best ally if you want to find perfection, beauty, and care in a single product. And after knowing the best Korean CC creams, you will have no doubts about this brilliant makeup article. Visit this blog every day to stay informed of the latest news in Korean fashion and beauty trends!


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