Best Japanese fashion trends for men 2021


Japanese fashion is pretty particular. Its way of understanding fashion is much freer, it can even be confusing, being normal the mixture of garments of different styles in a single look. Although it may seem strange, it is more than usual to find styles in which punk goes hand in hand with sports style, preppy, vintage, and luxury. And the most surprising thing is that it works, at least on the streets of Tokyo. If you are a boy, and you are interested in Japanese fashion, get ready because today you will know the best Japanese fashion trends for men 2021. Keep reading!


What clothing is trending in Japan?


Experimental and earthy, as conservative as it is avant-garde, Japanese fashion is born in the streets and, by dint of repetition, finds its way on the catwalks. Specifically, the axis of the season is not new. In the best Japanese fashion trends for men 2021, we see oversize, neutral, earth colors, overlap, and comfort. These trends not only dominate fashion shows. It also dominates the streets of Japan with every boy fashionista we come across. The key to the magic of Japanese fashion is the combination: the focus is on reinterpreting style guidelines and experimenting with new silhouettes.


How do you dress like Japanese street fashion?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-How-do-you-dress-like-Japanese-street-fashion-(subtitulo)There are many styles of Japanese street fashions created from the mix of local and foreign trends. Some of these styles are extreme and edgy, similar to the haute couture seen on European catwalks.


In 2003, J-hip hop, which had been around for a long time in the underground clubs of Tokyo, influenced the mainstream of the fashion industry.


The popularity of the music was so influential that young people in Tokyo imitated their favorite hip-hop singers from the way they dressed in oversized clothing to their tanned skin. Although styles have changed over the years, street fashion remains a significant part of Japanese culture, young adults wearing styles from subcultures found in large urban fashion districts such as Harajuku, Ginza, Odaiba, Shinjuku, and Shibuya.


On the streets of Tokyo, trends that have long triumphed on the catwalks, but which can still seem strange by the standards of the average Westerner, are captured forcefully. Wide, high-waisted silhouettes, baggy beanies, athleisure (wearing traditionally sporty clothing in more formal settings), overlapping, and retro accessories reign supreme. One characteristic of Japanese fashion is the ability to combine new trends with the Japanese tradition itself.


What do the Japanese wear every day?


In Japan, people still wear traditional clothing like the yukata or kimono. However, over time, traditional Japanese styles became less practical. They lost their appeal to the more relaxed and accessible Western fashions. Because of that, nowadays, the Japanese don’t usually wear traditional clothes every day. Instead, the kimono or yukata are for ceremonies or special events.


The clothes that we can see every day in Japan take inspiration, in large part, from Western styles. These Western styles, called yōfuku, crept into Japanese fashion in the 1850s. At first, only men wore Western clothes for business. As time went by, Western clothing became increasingly common in other settings. After World War II, Western fashion spread as the main outfit throughout Japan. Since then, Japan has developed a style of its own. Particularly starting in the 1980s and 1990s, when the style known as “Japanese street style” appeared.


5 jumpsuits you can wear for authentic Japanese street fashion


Loose Casual Straight Jumpsuit


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Men’s-loose-slim-jumpsuit(subtitulo)This jumpsuit is ideal for boys with a more casual but fashionable style. You can wear it with a black or white shirt underneath.


Also, you can add a jacket on top. Use black glasses as well.


The combination will be perfect! It is a denim jumpsuit that you can wear with style and confidence.


Why? Because your style will be incredible.


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Men Satin Long Sleeve 


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Men-Satin-Long-Sleeve(subtitulo)The charm of this jumpsuit lies in its fabric. It is made of satin, and the silver-gray color gives it a luxurious appearance.


It is long and loose, so it gives a feeling of freshness and comfort.


If your style is urban, but you like loose and comfortable clothes, this jumpsuit is for you.


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Suit Green Velvet Pant


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Suit-Green-Velvet-Pant(subtitulo)This jumpsuit is the loosest among the jumpsuits on this list! If you are a fan of the extra-large oversize, this is your best option.


It is a typical jumpsuit of the Japanese street style, so this one brings you much closer to that urban style of the streets of Japan.


Its velvet fabric gives the design a different, striking, and fashionista style. Combining them with white garments is a total fashion success! To buy it, click here!


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Loose Denim Workwear Couple Jumpsuit


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Loose-Denim-Workwear-Couple-Jumpsuit(subtitulo)The options are endless when it comes to jumpsuits.


If you want to rock a short jumpsuit, then the Loose Denim Workwear Couple Jumpsuit is your best choice.


If you want to wear it with more style, add sneakers with long socks.


That way, you can wear a Japanese street style with unique and avant-garde touches.


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Yamamoto Dark Design Three-piece Set


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Original-Design-Suspenders-Trendy-Wide-leg-Trousers(subtitulo)The difference in this jumpsuit is its pieces. The Yamamoto Dark Design has three pieces.


A shirt, pants and a long-sleeved jacket. It is suitable if you want a different outfit, fashionista and elegant and casual at the same time.


Also, it will make you the center of attention thanks to a Japanese street style like no other! If you want to buy, click here!


In that way, you will go to the Usyaboys website, where you can see the details of this jumpsuit and finally buy it to wear the best Japanese fashion trends for men in 2021.


Japanese fashion is unstoppable, and it is a favorite of many foreigners. Thanks to its unique street style, the streets of Tokyo are a fashion haven. Because of that, knowing the best Japanese fashion trends for men 2021 will allow you to get closer to the Japanese urban style. Remember to visit this blog every day! So you miss nothing about your favorite fashion.



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