Best Horror Korean Shows? Enjoy Halloween With the Scariest Korean Stories!

Korean Fashion Trends - Best Horror Korean Shows to enjoy Halloween With the Scariest Korean Stories!

Halloween is the perfect time to start watching K-Dramas that are spine-tingling and hair chilling! So this Halloween, dive into the world of Horror K-Dramas for a truly terrifying and unforgettable experience. Because South Korea has a knack for producing some of the most gripping and eerie stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And today, at Korean Fashion Trends, we’ll explore the best horror Korean shows for you to venture into this dark and mysterious genre! So, let’s dive in!


What Sets Horror Korean Dramas Apart From Other Horror Genres?


Korean Fashion Trends - Best Horror Korean Shows - Horro movieHorror, as a genre, has the capacity to terrify, thrill, and captivate audiences around the world. Among the myriad of horror subgenres, Horror Korean Dramas stand out as a unique and captivating category that offer distinct elements that are different from other horror genres. But what makes them special, and what sets them apart? Let’s discover it!


Strong Storytelling


What distinguishes Korean horror dramas is their emphasis on intricate storytelling. While jump scares and visual shocks are certainly present, horror Korean dramas often prioritize a well-crafted plot that keep viewers engaged until the very end.


Cultural Insights


Korean Fashion Trends - Best Horror Korean Shows - Scariest moviesKorean horror dramas often offer an abundance of insights into Korean society, history, and traditions. These dramas can serve as a window into a culture that’s both familiar and enigmatic. In fact, many elements in Korean horror dramas are drawn from Korean ghost stories and Korean folklore to add exciting layers.


Emotional Complexity


Korean horror dramas don’t just aim to scare; they also strive to tug at your heartstrings. You’ll often find characters dealing with themes of love, loss, revenge, and redemption, adding emotional complexity to the horror narrative. Which, in turn, is a big factor that sets horror Korean dramas apart from other horror genres.


Are Korean Horror Movies Scarier?


Korean Fashion Trends - Best Horror Korean Shows - A Korean odysseyIf you’re here, it’s because you want to learn more about Korean horror shows. And believe us, we’re just a step away from meeting them. However, first, we want to talk a little about scary Korean movies.


In addition to horror K-dramas, scary Korean movies are also excellent choices to enjoy a good horror story on Halloween. Korean horror films, as well as horror films from Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand, are among the most horrifying Asian films and the best form of thrill. So yes, Korean horror movies are one of the best, so watching them on Halloween is one of the best plans you can organize. So, if in addition to the best horror Korean shows, you also want to add some scary Korean movies on your watch-list, let’s dive deeper!


The Red Shoes


Korean Fashion Trends - Best Horror Korean Shows - The red shoesWe start this small list of scary Korean movies with ‘’The Red Shoes.’’


It is a South Korean horror film that takes influences from Hans Christian Andersen’s 1845 short story of the same name. The film follows Sun Jae. She is a young woman who is separated from her husband.


And she accidentally picks up a pair of cursed red shoes at the train station. As a result, she spreads bad luck to everyone around her.


The Wrath


Korean Fashion Trends - Best Horror Korean Shows - The wrathWe continue with our list of scary Korean movies! The Wrath is a film set in the 14th century during the Joseon Dynasty. It tells the story of a noblewoman named Ok-bun. She becomes a concubine of a noble family.


Therefore, she moves to the family’s luxurious mansion, isolated in the countryside. However, upon her arrival, she begins to experience strange happenings in the mansion.


As Ok-bun investigates further, she discovers dark secrets, and the presence of a malevolent spirit.


The Evil Twin


Korean Fashion Trends - Best Horror Korean Shows - The evil twinThis movie is about two girls who fall into the water. Unfortunately, only So Yeon is saved, but she spends the next ten years in a coma.


When she wakes up, those responsible for her sister’s death mysteriously disappear, raising suspicions about her. In addition to being a horror film, ‘’The Evil Twin’’ is also a suspense film.


Therefore, it is one of the best options to watch among these scary Korean movies.


Death Bell


Korean Fashion Trends - Best Horror Korean Shows - Death bellThe plot of this film tells us about a mass murder of 20 students from an elite class. The murder occurs due to an obsession with achievement and a bribe paid to the teacher to secure a place in the class.


When a mysterious voice instructs the students to complete a task under the threat of one-by-one deaths, it initiates a series of fatalities, drawing us into the film’s plot.


Despite containing all the essential components of a horror film, the film also warns against South Korea’s fixation on academic success, where failure to succeed in university exams is a leading cause of suicide. That is a real terror in South Korea.


Whispering Corridors


Korean Fashion Trends - Best Horror Korean Shows - Whispering corridorsIt was one of the most beloved horror films of the 90s. Due to its success in 1998, it received five additional parts. And the most recent one was released in 2021. Thanks to that, it became one of the most popular school horror franchises in South Korea. ‘’The Whispering Corridors’’ films denounce the situation in which South Korean students find themselves due to academic obsession.


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Which Horror K-Dramas Are Worth Watching? Horror Korean Dramas For An Unforgettable Halloween Experience!


So, which is the best horror K-drama? Below, we will unveil a list of horror K-dramas that are worth watching if you want to turn Halloween into an unforgettable experience this year! Whether you’re having a gathering with friends or you’re alone, a watch-list made up of horror Korean dramas will be a perfect option to enjoy Halloween differently and uniquely! Enjoy the following best horror Korean shows!


Sell Your Haunted House


Korean Fashion Trends - Sell your haunted houseWe start the list of best horror Korean shows with ‘’Sell Your Haunted House!’’ Join a real estate exorcist and a conman as they cleanse haunted properties of vengeful spirits. Will their partnership help or hinder their mission? Watch and find out!


Sweet Home


The second option among the best horror Korean shows is ‘’Sweet Home.’’ In a world overrun by nightmarish creatures, a group of survivors must confront their deepest fears to stay alive. This intense and thrilling series is perfect for a Halloween binge.




Korean Fashion Trends - HellboundWe continue to dive deeper into the best horror Korean shows! And on this occasion, we also want to mention the K-drama Hellbound.


In a chilling vision of the future, supernatural entities condemn people to hell on a specific date and time.


How far will society go to protect itself from this otherworldly terror? Hellbound is as unexpected and chilling as it gets, and perfect for Halloween!


The Guest


Korean Fashion Trends - The guestThe Guest could not be missing from our list of best horror Korean shows! This supernatural thriller introduces you to exorcism rituals, ominous spirits, and a trio of unlikely heroes. If you’re up for an intense and hair-raising experience, this is a must-see.


A Korean Odyssey


A Korean Odyssey is also part of our list of best horror Korean shows that you should add to your list for an unforgettable Halloween! A fantastical tale of gods, demons, and mortals. This drama combines supernatural elements with comedy, making it a unique addition to your Halloween watchlist.




Korean Fashion Trends - GoedamWhen discussing the best Korean horror shows, one cannot overlook “Goedam.” This is a collection of short horror stories set in the dark and eerie alleys of Seoul. And each episode presents a new and terrifying tale, making it perfect for a terrifying Halloween marathon!




Combining period drama with zombies, “Kingdom” offers a unique take on horror. The story unfolds in Joseon-era Korea, where a prince fights to protect his people from an unexplainable plague. Will he succeed? Enjoy your Halloween with this incredible option among the best horror Korean shows!


The Cursed


And finally, we close this list of best horror Korean shows with ‘’The Cursed.’’ A journalist investigates a mysterious curse that affects an influential family. As she digs deeper, she uncovers chilling secrets that will make your skin crawl.


What Are the New Horror Korean Dramas That Are Coming to Netflix Soon?


Korean Fashion Trends - Horror HouseThe KFT team has a mission: to keep you informed about the latest Korean dramas, Korean idols, Korean fashion, beauty, and more! That’s why we’re excited to give you the scoop on the returning classics and brand-new additions to the lineup of the best horror Korean dramas on Netflix. What is the best horror K-drama on Netflix? Get ready for some thrilling entertainment!


All of Us Are Dead


The season 2 of the successful Netflix series ‘’All of Us Are Dead’’ will be released in 2024! Are you ready for a zombieful binge? Once you start watching this series, you can’t stop!


Murder Diary


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean horror showsThe brand new Korean drama series ‘’Murder Diary’’ will be released in 2024 on Netflix! While it leans more towards the thriller genre than pure horror, the title hints at a gripping ride through the mind of a murderer. So, the excitement is surely palpable!


Besides a costume party, you can enjoy Halloween by watching some of the best horror Korean shows and scary Korean movies! If you want an unmatched and unique Halloween, an excellent way to enjoy it is by getting to know and immersing yourself in some of the scariest Korean stories! Have you seen any of these Korean horror stories? If so, tell us in the comments! And subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected with all our updates on Korean news and fashion. Also, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, X, Pinterest, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, and Twitch! Happy Halloween, K-lover!


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