These are the best Halloween makeup K-Pop idols have worn


These are the best Halloween makeup K-Pop idols have worn. It’s not just the costume clothes that matter when it comes to Halloween. It is also significant that you can wear good makeup. Why? Because clothes alone would not be able to recreate the perfect costume. Makeup and accessories are fundamental pieces in any good outfit and any good costume. Therefore, you must know what is the best makeup you have to do to get a perfect costume. If you still can’t decide which costume to wear next Halloween, don’t worry. With the best Halloween makeup K-Pop idols have worn, inspiration will have no limits! Prepare not only your clothes but also your makeup products, so that this costume must come true. Are you ready? Here we go!


5 Tips to get perfect and terrifying makeup for Halloween


If you want your costume this Halloween to be the scariest of the party, take note of these tips and get perfect makeup. In that way, it’ll be easier if you want to recreate one of the best Halloween makeup K-Pop idols have worn.


  • Maybe it’s obvious, but you should try the look you have chosen several times before. You will probably not achieve perfection the first time, but practicing will be of great help. 


  • A fundamental point for your Halloween makeup to be successful is to make it last intact all night. But how to achieve it? Very easy. You must resort to thermal water. It is a product that keeps the skin hydrated and fixes cosmetics.


  • Having a uniform white base is the first step if you are looking for a zombie or corpse look. Do you want your makeup to look real? Make your painting yourself! Mix in a bowl, cornstarch with white flour and once you have mixed it well, add two tablespoons of butter. Do you already have it? Time to add three drops of glycerin for a creamy paste. Now you have to apply it to your face using circular movements with a sponge.


  • Do you want to change the appearance of your eyebrows without having to pluck them? With this trick, it is possible! You should apply several coats of face-safe glue over them and comb them through with a brush. Let them dry, then dab on light eyeshadow. Once you have it ready, you can use camouflage wax to create the effect you want. To remove it, you will only need your usual makeup remover. If you are looking for a more homemade solution, you can choose bar soap. The application is easy! You only have to put it on your eyebrows with a comb, and once dry, apply a layer of powder. Finally, use your usual makeup base.


  • Another point in a good ‘scary makeup’ is the wounds. Resorting to latex and makeup is always the safest option. Start by putting a layer of latex in the chosen place, then use black eyeshadow and make up the outside of the wound to give it depth. Once it is dry, use a toothpick to make light cuts or holes and fill them in by mixing dark eyeshadows and lipstick. In that way, you will get a more realistic look. Finally, give it a touch of transparent gloss to create a wet effect. Then, get some good false eyelashes to give your eyes a touch of intensity. That, accompanied by black eyeliner and shades of the same color, will give you a dark and ghostly air.


5 tips to make your Halloween makeup last longer



Halloween is the perfect time to use facial makeup and make terrifying designs. However, some facial makeup smudges when rubbed and fade over time. But do not worry! We know the tricks idols use when they attend Halloween parties. If you want makeup as long-lasting as the best Halloween makeup K-Pop idols have worn, you should follow these tips!


1. Use the right paint: Aquacolor


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Use-the-right-paint-Aquacolor-(subtitulo)Aquacolor paints are face paints that work like watercolors and are more durable, covering, and stronger than stick paints.


You can apply them with a damp sponge.


Or you can also do it with brushes of different sizes for greater precision.


Aquacolors are the favorite paints of fantasy makeup professionals as they pigment much better and are more resistant to scratches.


2. Talcum powder


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Talcum-powder-(subtitulo)It is one of the best tricks to set the white facial foundation.


Stick paints are usually sticky, and the slightest touch with something or someone can make the paint disappear from our face.


If you have made up your face white, apply talcum powder on your white base.


In an instant, you will get a permanent base that does not stain.



3. Eyeshadows


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Eyeshadows-(subtitulo)If your Halloween makeup requires more colors than white, apply eyeshadow a similar color to your face paint.


You will get it to last much longer and that the sticky texture does not bother.


Eye shadows won’t stop you from staining altogether, but they will reduce smudging if you brush against it and make the paint tacky.


In addition, they will give a much more professional matte touch.



Korean-Fashion-Trends-Use-primers-(subtitulo)4. Use primers


If your Halloween makeup also includes eye makeup, apply a primer before applying your shadows.


It will help the shadows last much longer, and your eyeliner will not smudge.







5. Makeup remover in oil


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Makeup-remover-in-oil-(subtitulo)It is just as important not to stain anything or anyone at a Halloween party as it is not to stain the pillow when you go to bed. To remove facial makeup (especially if you’ve sealed it with the above tips), use oil-based makeup removers to remove the paint and wash your face thoroughly with cold water.


When your face is well cleaned, apply a moisturizer so that your skin regains its shine, is fresher, and breathes better since, after wearing a lot of makeup, it will remain dry.


In addition, we will have to insist that all the paint comes out, so you may be a little irritated. Remember that in Korean beauty, the most significant thing is skincare.


5 Halloween makeups your favorite K-Pop idols have worn in style


The8 from SEVENTEEN – Jack Skellington


Korean-Fashion-Trends-The8-from-SEVENTEEN-Jack-Skellington-(subtitulo)Everything about The8’s costume was perfect! His ghoulish makeup and his creepy look were enough to give you the chills!


If you look at his photos, you will notice that his makeup has a white base that will probably have been sealed with powder.


He then added quite a bit of eyeshadow to give his makeup more depth and realism. In this way, he managed to get very close to the appearance of Jack Skellington!


Therefore, its mention among the best Halloween makeup K-Pop idols have worn is significant.


Suga from BTS – Chucky


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Suga-from-BTS-Chucky-Best Halloween makeup K-Pop idolsWhen Suga used red hair, it was inevitable that he would have to be Chucky. Wielding a knife and slashing his face, he completed the evil doll costume perfectly.


But his evil smile didn’t fool anyone! Either way, with this makeup, we can see once again that sometimes less is more. His makeup was not very elaborate, but it was ideal to complete his Chucky costume.


He used a white base and the typical scars of the diabolical doll. It is an easy and safe idea to stand out with a good costume. Thanks to that, it is part of the best Halloween makeup K-Pop idols have worn.


Chenle from NCT – Pennywise


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Chenle-from-NCT-Pennywise-Best Halloween makeup K-Pop idolsChenle is sweet as sugar, but in this IT costume, he looked threatening! With his creepy makeup on point, Chenle brought this ghost clown to life.


Chenle managed to recreate the makeup of Pennywise from IT. He did it only using a white base, the usual red lines of a clown, and the depth in the eyes thanks to the shadows.


Can you see it? If you follow the tips that we previously gave you, you can achieve perfect makeup. You only need to have the right things and a lot of creativity. In that way, your makeup could also be one of the best Halloween makeup K-Pop idols have worn.


Siyeon from DreamCatcher – Joker


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Siyeon-from-DreamCatcher-Joker-Best Halloween makeup K-Pop idolsEvery year, the Joker is a popular choice for Halloween costumes. In addition, it is a costume that both women and men can recreate.


We saw a sample of that with Siyeon, who we will not forget thanks to the threatening approach she gave to the costume while still looking great for a second.


For the elaboration of the makeup, we can see that she also applied a white base, black shadows, and red tones. Her strokes are professional but don’t worry. With practice, you can get a replica of this makeup that, of course, could not be missing among the best Halloween makeups K-Pop idols have worn.


Baekhyun from EXO – Mummy


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Baekhyun-from-EXO-Mummy- Best Halloween makeup K-Pop idolsThis illuminated mummy was a unique idea from Baekhyun. The luminous lenses created an evil atmosphere! And with this makeup, we return to the concept of less is more.


The bandages are the protagonists of this costume. They cover the body and part of the face. The lights also cover the body, and they add a perfect touch. In the area of his uncovered eyes, Baekhyun used black shadows to give it depth and a spooky touch. His creativity had no limits! And that’s why it’s one of the best Halloween makeup K-Pop idols have worn.


Once a year, our darker side takes over, and we bet on elaborate makeup and costumes to celebrate the Halloween party. Sometimes we are not quite sure of our options. But once we find the perfect ideas, inspiration overflows, and the perfect makeup arrives! Therefore, the best Halloween makeup K-Pop idols have worn is a brilliant option for these dates. They never fail us when it comes to seeking inspiration. Which of these makeups did you like the most? Did the tips help you? Tell us in the comments about your experience! And visit us every day. There are still many things to discover about Korean fashion.


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