Know the best Halloween costumes worn by K-Pop Idols


Know the best Halloween costumes worn by K-Pop Idols. Since we are in the most anticipated month for many, it is time to seek inspiration for our Halloween costumes or enjoy the creative costumes that others have used. With just a few weeks to celebrate Halloween, many are searching for the perfect costumes.


Do you know who is always an inspiration? K-Pop idols! If you know the best Halloween costumes worn by K-Pop Idols, your imagination will fly, and we are sure that more than one of them will make you want to achieve a costume just as great. Therefore, today we will show you those Halloween costumes that have given something to talk about in the world of K-Pop. Besides Halloween, there are undoubtedly many events, such as promotional tours, concerts, or private parties. There, your idols do not miss the opportunity to wear their best costumes! Take a seat and stay with us to discover the costumes that K-Pop idols have worn!


12 costumes your favorite K-Pop idols have worn


Chanyeol – Iron Man


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Chanyeol---Iron-Man-(subtitulo)In 2017, the one who was all the rage for his shining Iron Man armor was EXO’s Chanyeol.


Even Tony Stark falls short compared to the famous idol. Rumor has it that he spent thousands of dollars on the suit.


Although we cannot be sure, the truth is that the quality of the costume not only shows how hard he tried to have a good costume.


It also shows that it is not just any costume, and for that reason, it is one of the best Halloween costumes worn by K-Pop Idols.


Key – Lord Voldemort


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Key---Lord-Voldemort-(subtitulo)When fanaticism is taken to another level, they can create incredible things.


An example of this is SHINee’s Key, who gave us the best Lord Voldemort that any K-Pop idol has ever played.


Someone call the Ministry of Magic, Lord Voldemort has returned!


It is one of the best recreations of the character since it also has a funny appearance that makes the costume unique and deserves to be among the best Halloween costumes worn by K-Pop Idols.


Luna – Groot


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Luna---Groot-(subtitulo)I am Groot! Luna from F (x) surprised us with her impressive costume of one of the favorite superheroes from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.


It is a moment that all MARVEL lovers will remember. Not only was Chanyeol’s Iron Man costume iconic.


The Groot costume that Luna wore was too!


In addition to having an adorable appearance, it was a creative and unforgettable costume. So it’s not surprising for it to be one of the best Halloween costumes worn by K-Pop Idols, right?


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Changmin – ACE


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Changmin---ACE-(subtitulo)For its part, the One Piece ACE costume fits TVXQ’s Changmin like a glove!


Even Furokawa Toshio himself, the voice actor who voices ACE in the anime, posted on Twitter: “Changmin’s ACE costume is amazing.” Also, there is no Cassiopeia who is not grateful for such an outfit.


The costume also shows, in addition to creativity, that he was passionate about it.


Of course, we wouldn’t leave it out of the best Halloween costumes worn by K-Pop Idols.


Taeyeon – Anabelle


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Taeyeon---Anabelle-(subtitulo)But wait, we don’t just have pretty, well-made costumes. As it is about Halloween, we also have those that would scare us even though our favorite idol is under them.


And a perfect example of this is Girls Generation’s Taeyeon wearing an Anabelle costume.


It is not surprising? Even on that occasion, she took her puppy! That took away the horror and added tenderness. But, hey! Here we have the most adorable Anabelle of all.


For that reason, it is one of the best Halloween costumes worn by K-Pop Idols.


Dahyun – Anabelle


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Dahyun---Anabelle-(subtitulo)But Taeyeon wasn’t the only one to wear an Anabelle costume. At a Twice fan meeting held in 2018, Dahyun decided to transform into one of the scariest and most popular characters of all time: Anabelle.


Unlike Taeyeon’s costume, Dahyun’s costume was scarier! Even her expression was so scary!


If we must decide for the best, we believe Dahyun takes that place, thanks to the fact that it fulfills her purpose: to scare! Now you can rest easy, ONCE. You didn’t think we’d forget to mention this costume among the best Halloween costumes worn by K-Pop Idols, right?


Momo – Cruella de Vil


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Momo---Cruella-de-Vil-(subtitulo)In that Twice fan meeting, all the girls wore costumes worth remembering.


An example of this is Momo, who wore a fabulous Cruella de Vil costume.


All of the ONCEs concluded that there is no one more attractive than TWICE’s Momo as Cruella De Vil.


Who knew being a villain could be so cool? Only Momo can be!


And that’s why her costume is one of the best Halloween costumes worn by K-Pop Idols.


NCT Dream – The Smurfs


Korean-Fashion-Trends-NCT-Dream---The-Smurfs-(subtitulo)There is nothing more fun than dressing up with your friends, and more if it is a group costume. Don’t you think?


It is well known by NCT ​​DREAM. Thanks to this, they gave us this epic moment where they dressed in Smurf costumes.


Isn’t it cool? Everyone who has a group of friends should feel encouraged to recreate such a costume.


All NCT dream fans want 4 Smurfs to take, please! Not only because their costumes are among the best Halloween costumes worn by K-Pop Idols. It is also because they look fabulous!


Taeil and Winwin – Beauty and the Beast


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Taeil-and-Winwin---Beauty-and-the-Beast-(subtitulo)And the award for best couple costume goes undoubtedly to NCT’s Taeil and Winwin.


They gave us thousands of smiles and laughter with their incredible characterization of one of the most beloved couples in the Disney World.


You didn’t expect one of them to wear a female costume, but as you can see, idols break gender stereotypes even when it comes to Halloween costumes.


Thanks to that, their costumes were iconic. And that earned them a spot on the list of the best Halloween costumes worn by K-Pop Idols.


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Sooyoung – Sadness


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Sooyoung---Sadness - Best Halloween costumesWho said we can not disguise ourselves as emotions? Well, Girls Generation’s Sooyoung proves otherwise by characterizing herself as Sadness, a character from the animated film Inside Out.


And not only that, she imitated her perfectly! From the makeup, the outfit, and even her expressions, this costume is by far a favorite for many people.


The creativity is incredible, and the characterization impeccable. It would be a sin not to mention it among the best Halloween costumes worn by K-Pop Idols.


Jaehyun and Jungwoo – Jack and Rose


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jaehyun-and-Jungwoo---Jack-and-Rose(subtitulo) - Best Halloween costumesWait! Taeil and Winwin weren’t the only ones who dared to wear a jaw-dropping costume.


Nothing stopped his bandmates Jaehyun and Jungwoo, who did not want to be left behind and dressed as Jack and Rose, characters from the famous movie Titanic.


Which of the two couples gets the prize? We do not know! But without a doubt, both couples showed that even with the costumes, there are no limits.


Like Taeil and Winwin, Jaehyun and Jungwoo also came up with a costume worthy of being among the best Halloween costumes worn by K-Pop Idols.


Tzuyu – Maleficent


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Tzuyu---Maleficent(subtitulo) - Best Halloween costumesJust like we said, Twice’s costumes at their Halloween fan meetings are an icon of Halloween!


On this occasion, we will talk about the costume that Tzuyu wore at the 2019 fan meeting. The Maleficent costume that she wore was incredible.


In addition, the costume was so complete, since it had horns, the makeup was on point, and even the headdress was quite large.


Without a doubt, the Taiwanese strived to come up with one of the best Halloween costumes worn by K-Pop Idols.


What is SMTOWN Wonderland?


SMTOWN Wonderland is SM Entertainment’s annual Halloween party. It is a very famous party among the idols of this company, and it always causes a sensation among the fans. Also, idols wear amazing costumes. That is why every year fans look forward to seeing this party. However, due to the pandemic, last year we did not have this long-awaited party. We do not know what the plans will be for 2021, but the truth is that SMTOWN Wonderland is a celebration that is highly anticipated by all fans.


How do you prepare for next Halloween? We know that the most exciting thing about this date is that you can wear a costume. So we hope you can rock a costume as incredible as the best Halloween costumes worn by K-Pop Idols. Take inspiration from them or steal some of their cool costume ideas. In this way, you will be able to attract all eyes to you on Halloween! Do not forget to visit us every day so as not to miss any news about your favorite fashion.


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