The basics of Korean makeup: products, tips, and tricks

Korean Fashion Trends - The basics of Korean makeup: products, tips, and tricks

As lovers of Korean fashion and beauty, we know that Korean makeup is one of the most natural and discreet. In addition, K-Beauty brings out the potential of each person. When you do your makeup in the Korean style, it doesn’t look like you’re wearing makeup, and you’ll still look perfect. This type of makeup always seeks a subtle finish. It doesn’t use bright colors, and it is as far away from fantasy makeup as possible. Nor does it use extravagant tones or loaded with color. This style always looks for the most natural neutral colors for each skin tone and focuses on hiding imperfections. If you want to discover more about Korean makeup, we present the basics of Korean makeup: products, tips, and tricks. That way, you can get closer to K-Beauty trends. Let’s get started!


10 Most used products in Korean makeup


Korean makeup is a type of makeup that will always make you look like you just woke up but enhance your strengths. It is a very natural look that can be used every day and is very easy to achieve. Today, we present ten products that should not be missing if you want Korean-style makeup.




Korean Fashion Trends - BB CREAMWe start the basics of Korean makeup with the BB Cream. Why is this product so important? Because it is a balm for imperfections. It is a moisturizer and makeup. For that reason, Korean women love this product.


The objective of the BB Cream is to hydrate and illuminate the skin while correcting and covering imperfections. The best thing about this cosmetic is that it includes sun protection in light textures. It will provide a pleasant sensation of freshness on your skin when you apply this product to your face.


Many Korean makeup brands have perfect BB Cream. These stand out for their ultra-light, fast-absorbing coverage. You will achieve a natural daytime look with a non-greasy finish and no mask effect by using BB Cream.




Korean Fashion Trends - CUSHION BASESWe continue with these basics of Korean makeup with the cushion bases.


If you want to achieve a fast, perfect, and natural finish, you should use a cushion foundation. It is a popular makeup format in Korean cosmetics.


The innovative ‘cushion’ makeup design was born in Korean cosmetics in 2008 and has been in high demand.


Its formula mainly offers two benefits: coverage and instant skin care. The result will be a makeup base that will make your skin look smooth and super hydrated.




Korean Fashion Trends - COMPACT POWDER - basics of Korean makeupCompact powder is also an important product. For that reason, we include it in this list of basics of Korean makeup.


Compact powder is a cosmetic applied to our face to achieve a uniform, fresh finish without a trace of fat.


The purpose of the compact is to match the tone of your skin so that you can look without imperfections, but it is essential to clarify that for your compact powder to fulfill its functions, you must have the ideal tone.


These powders give face coverage and color uniformity.




Korean Fashion Trends - BLUSH - basics of Korean makeupBlushes are also part of the basics of Korean makeup.


However, in K-Beauty trends, it is recommended to wear blush in soft, natural shades.


The fundamental objective of blushes is to provide a healthy color to your cheeks.


Although, if you learn to take advantage of it, you will also be able to define your face.


You can apply it classically, that is, on the cheeks.




Korean Fashion Trends - HIGHLIGHTERThe fifth product of these basics of Korean makeup is the highlighter.


The highlighter serves to highlight the features of your face. In addition, it gives light to your eyes, giving them a touch of incredible vitality.


It can’t be confused with corrective makeup because it only helps to cover the imperfections of the face: dark circles, pimples, and redness on the skin.


The highlighter has a very different function. It serves to highlight, give volume, and illuminate our skin.




Korean Fashion Trends - EYE SHADOWS - basics of Korean makeupWhen it comes to the basics of Korean makeup, eye shadows are also significant. That is why they rank sixth on this list. However, in K-Beauty trends, earthy, nude, and pastel shades stand out the most.


A pretty eyeshadow can change your look. More tender, more lively, natural, or sexy, eye shadows have the power to change the look and deepen it specially. However, they tend to crack and smear over time if not applied properly. One of the most common mistakes is not blurring the shadows.


Therefore, the application technique is essential when looking for a good result. You’ll get professional results with a couple of makeup brushes and just three colors from the same color range, as is common in Korean makeup trends.




Korean Fashion Trends - EYELINERIn the basics of Korean makeup, the eyeliner that stands out the most is brown and black.


The main advantage of the eye pencil is its double function: to outline and blend.


It is possible to enhance the look with a precise line.


The product has different presentations.


You can choose the one that best suits you.




The eyebrow crayon is also important among the basics of Korean makeup.


Its application is super simple; you have to create short strokes following the natural shape of your eyebrows, then turn the pencil, and with the help of the brush, start combing and blurring the makeup for a more natural eyebrow look.






Korean Fashion Trends - MASCARAWe are almost at the end of these basics of Korean makeup. Now it’s time to talk about mascara.


These serve to lengthen, thicken, coat and color the eyelashes. Protects and even promotes the growth of eyelashes.


Like all eye makeup products, mascara must be completely harmless.


It should be easy to apply, glide on smoothly and leave no lumps.


In Korean makeup trends, the favorite mascaras are brown and transparent.




Korean Fashion Trends - LIP GLOSSAnd finally, in these basics of Korean makeup, we have lip tint and gloss.


These are ideal for achieving the gradient effect that Korean women love.


One of the reasons why this product is a perfect ally for your makeup is that the ink lasts a long time without erasing, dulling, or running.


Color the lips and give a more natural look.


Another advantage of lip tints is their dual nature. They can be used alone, achieve a matte color effect, or as a base.


8 tips and tricks to achieve a Korean makeup style


Among the basics of Korean makeup, there are also several tips and tricks that you should consider if you want to achieve a perfect Korean makeup look. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading!


Korean Fashion Trends - KOREAN WOMAN CLEANING HER FACE - basics of Korean makeup



If you use fewer products on your face, you will get the natural and feminine Korean makeup effect.


First the skin and then the makeup


You need to prepare your skin with masks and moisturizing lotion. You can keep your skin hydrated and fresh in this way. Also, you can protect it from makeup.




If you use primer, you will avoid drying out your skin. Also, you will prevent wrinkles. In addition, you can give a base to the rest of the products.


Korean Fashion Trends - JISOO FROM BLACKPINK - basics of Korean makeup


You want to keep your eyebrows in place and as straight as possible. If you like the Korean eyebrow style, click here to learn all about it. This type of eyebrows will give you a more youthful appearance.




Use shadows combining three similar colors. Use the lightest around the eye and up to the socket. The intermediate one is on the outer edge to visually enlarge.


And the darkest one is to mark the beginning and end of the eye. You can use a bit of glitter or a white shadow to give light to your look. That way, your appearance will remain natural.




If you choose this type of pencil, apply them only on the mobile eyelid and close to the lashes, extending the line towards the upper edge. That way, you will achieve the effect of bigger eyes.




Curl your lashes and apply mascara to the top lashes only. Remember that Korean women’s favorites are transparent or brown. They use it only to shape. If you use a black one, place it in a small amount.





In general, Korean women seek to reduce the volume of their lips. They achieve it with the gradient effect on the lips. They paint only the inside of the lips and blend it out. Use a thin brush and use glitter to define the gradient.


The basics of Korean makeup: products, tips, and tricks are ideal for those who are just beginning their journey into the world of K-Beauty.


However, if you already have more experience with Korean makeup trends, these will also help you to make your Korean makeup cosmetics capsule. See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!

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