Top 5 basic shoes to create Korean outfits

Korean Fashion Trends - Top 5 basic shoes to create Korean outfits

It is not about having a lot of shoes, even if that would not be bad at all. However, the important thing is to have the basics. That way, we don’t complicate our existence when we put together our outfits. We know that fashion lovers want to have all the pieces and fashion elements that we like. However, if you’re a savvy fashionista, you’ll know that it’s not about having many clothes and accessories. It’s all about having the basics. Korean fashion works the same way. With just a few basic garments, you can put together any outfit of your choice. The same thing happens with shoes. Although there are beautiful shoe designs that we would like to have in our closet, the closet would be incomplete without the basic shoes. Do you want your look to be fashionable and complete? Stay with us because today we will know the top 5 basic shoes to create Korean outfits. Let’s get started!


5 shoes you need to have if you want a Korean style


We want to have many shoes, and we don’t consider having only the basics. It is an error in which we often fall. And although many people do not want to admit it, buying to buy does not guarantee a good style, much less a good look. What allows you to have a perfect outfit are the basic elements. If you have them, you have a closet prepared for any situation, and you will have fewer problems when putting together combinations. From clothes and accessories to colors, textures, and shoes, there are basic elements of all kinds that, yes or yes, you should have in your wardrobe. Today we present you the top 5 basic shoes to create Korean outfits!




Korean fashion trends - sneakersWe start this list of basic shoes to create Korean outfits with sneakers. Do you like to be comfortable? Who doesn’t? The trick is to be relaxed, but without losing the comfort you like. That is why comfortable shoes, sports shoes, never go out of style: they are a classic.


Sneakers in neutral colors like black and white are the perfect complement for informal looks, although they also fit with everything. So if you choose the right clothes, you can combine sneakers with casual outfits.


For example, several Korean styles mix pants with shirts, a blazer, and a pair of black or white tennis shoes. It is a perfect combination to go to work or attend a meeting with a chic, classic, but also comfortable style. This outfit is also ideal for more casual moments, such as going out with your friends or partners. In addition, you can mix sneakers with jeans, skirts, shorts, and even dresses. They are the most versatile shoes in Korean fashion, so that’s why they lead this list of basic shoes to create Korean outfits.




Korean fashion trends - tennis shoesThe second to arrive on this list of basic shoes to create Korean outfits is platform sneakers. In Korea, these shoes are a complete success.


You can use platform sneakers for a more sporty/casual outfit. Combine them with full skirts or midi dresses with the platform sneakers of your choice. This duo is the subtlety of the dress or skirt you wear, along with the large platforms you choose. There will be a contrast in the look. If you find those colors (without it being an excessive ‘matchy-matchy’ combination between the garment and the footwear), you will already have another common thread for your outfit.


Another way to wear these shoes in the best Korean style is with wide-leg jeans. Now that they are back, we better take advantage of them, and this is a trend that you can take advantage of with this style of shoe. Platform sneakers give you the necessary height so that the boot of the pants looks impeccable and does not drag it. You will even visually gain a few centimeters in height if, in addition, you wear them high-waisted.


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Korean fashion trends - basic shoes to create Korean outfits - chunky shoesChunky shoes are the third shoes to make it to this list of basic shoes to create Korean outfits. Chunky shoes have been showing for years that they always look good, whatever style of clothing you wear.


And now, in addition, new models arrive that expand the possibilities. These shoes fit very well with skirts, dresses, shorts and, yes, with dresses too.


What is it to suffer all night with impossible heels? Forget it: chunky shoes are the new stilettos. Comfort and trend have never been so close together. They are also perfect for accompanying outfits with jeans and hoodies.




Korean fashion trends - combat bootsThe fourth shoe to make it to this list of basic shoes to create Korean outfits is combat boots. These shoes are so essential in Korean fashion that we at Korean Fashion Trends dedicate an entire blog to them.


They are perfect for casual, sophisticated, and urban-style outfits. You can accompany these shoes with almost any garment.


For example, with jeans. But why? Because there is no more comfortable and easy-to-wear look. You can also wear them with dresses with puffed sleeves. There is nothing cooler than a contrast between the naïve of the dress and the rock of the boots.


In addition, it is also a Korean fashion hit to wear these combat boots with oversize clothes and even with an LBD. You can even wear midi skirts with these boots. In this way, you will achieve a feminine, chic, and very Korean look.




Korean fashion trends - basic shoes to create Korean outfits - sandalsAnd finally, in this list of basic shoes to create Korean outfits, we have the Asian style sandals that you may have seen many times on the internet or in Korean dramas.


They are those black sandals with a little platform that crosses over the foot with two thick straps of leather or whatever material the sandals are. These are very comfortable, casual sandals and serve to accompany any day-to-day look. They are especially ideal for these summer days.


You can wear them with puff sleeve tops and shorts or even jeans. Another way to elevate your looks with these sandals is to wear them with maxi dresses.


However, there are no limits to these sandals as long as you wear them in casual outfits. They can also accompany an athleisure style, for example, with oversize garments.


The top 5 basic shoes to create Korean outfits contain all those shoes that should not be missing from your closet for anything in the world. If you have these shoes, you can make any Korean fashion outfit without much effort and with few elements. In addition, they are versatile, classic, and timeless shoes. For that reason, they are the essential shoes that you need to have in your closet. Do you already have them? Tell us how you like to wear it. See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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