6 recommendations to achieve a minimalist Korean style in fall 2022

korean fashion trends -  6 recommendations to achieve a minimalist Korean style in fall 2022

Minimalism is a style that has gained a very privileged position in recent years in fashion. With the minimalist style, lights are more elegant and better combined. The best thing about the minimalist style is that it is far from boring, as many believe because even your minimalist looks can be very creative. Yes! We know that the maximalist style can be very glamorous and attractive. But the truth is that minimalist outfits are interesting, practical, easy to coordinate, and even tend to be a sustainable option for the planet. Stay with us if you like this style. Today we bring six recommendations to achieve a minimalist Korean style in fall 2022. You will be able to carry this style successfully this season. Here we go!


6 recommendations to achieve a minimalist Korean style this fall 2022


If you want to dress minimalist, you have come to the right place. We will give you the best recommendations to achieve a minimalist Korean style in fall 2022. Surely you already know the saying “less is more”, so we will focus on highlighting aspects such as the quality of fabrics, cuts, and colors. Dressing minimalist is something simple, even though you feel or believe that you should put great emphasis on it. But to make your life easier, we present six tips so you can dress in this style this season. Let’s get started!




korean fashion trends - SIMPLE AND AUTHENTIC STYLEWe start this list of recommendations to achieve a minimalist Korean style in fall 2022 by saying that you should use a simple and authentic style. Many people want to change their style to make it more minimalist.


Remember that the objective is to give the best possible impression with the simplest look, so don’t create such a dilemma to select the clothes. On the other hand, you must find a personal style that defines you and transmits what you are looking for. You must identify clothing cuts and colors that work well with your body and skin tone.


Likewise, never limit your tastes. If you like a striking color, garment, or accessory, use it without thinking about it. But always keep in mind that it doesn’t damage the minimalist aspect of your wardrobe. Suppose you don’t know or still don’t define your style. In that case, you can try several Korean fashion styles until you find the one that best reflects your personality.




korean fashion trends - accessories - korean womanAccessories are also part of these recommendations to achieve a minimalist Korean style in fall 2022. However, it is not about using just any accessory.


You must be careful with accessories. A large number of these go against the minimalist style. It is better to find accurate accessories that can look good in each outfit and show off the simplicity of minimalism. But that at the same time represent something or have a utility. Some excellent accessory options are watches, bracelets, and necklaces. They are often used in white, black, and silver since they are colors you can mix with different outfits.


Add bags, pashminas, and hats as part of your minimalist accessories this fall 2022. Although minimalist looks are a success, accessories always complement and give the touch you need to perfect your style.




korean fashion trends - wear patternsPatterns are the third recommendation to achieve a minimalist Korean style in fall 2022. Many say that the minimalist style goes against patterns. However, this depends on the taste of each person.


You can find garments with patterns you like and use them without problems. The important thing is that it is not something unnecessarily ornate. For example, you can wear a pattern on your clothes and complement it with a simple accessory that stands out, such as a handbag in a neutral color.


Remember that prints are significant this season, but you should always combine them with a neutral tone so you don’t ruin your look. In Korean fashion, cute floral patterns go well with pastel colors.




korean fashion trends - jeans - korean minimalist style in fallThe use of jeans could not be missing among these recommendations to achieve a minimalist Korean style in fall 2022.


In your wardrobe, you must have some good jeans to wear in your outfits. They usually look for ones with small or closed pockets and with tight cuts.


However, this can vary according to taste. You can wear mom, baggy or wide-leg jeans. That depends on what you prefer.


You can combine jeans with tops and coats or long-sleeved shirts. It all depends on what the fall weather is like that day.




korean fashion trends - wear a coat in fall - korean womanCoats are part of any style, especially in the fall-winter season. These recommendations to achieve a minimalist Korean style in fall 2022 could not be missing.


In addition, the coat is one of the most intimate garments for minimalists. It is common to have a single coat when it is necessary to use it. To choose the ideal coat, you must analyze the climate where you live to buy the perfect fabric. Think a lot about the color and how comfortable it is.


Also, make sure it is a versatile coat you can wear on various occasions. You can wear oversize coats if you are looking for something more comfortable. Or you can wear blazers if you are looking for something more sophisticated. Also, these coats mix very well in minimalist outfits. These coats stand out in Korean fashion this season, from trench coats to oversized hoodies and blazers. Wearing a minimalist outfit without thinking about wearing a coat would be a K-fashion mistake.




And we end this list of recommendations to achieve a minimalist Korean style in fall 2022 with the importance of colors. Minimalist clothing maintains simple and not very flashy tones.


The most used colors are dark blue tones, pastel colors, white, black, beige, and gray scales. The essence of choosing minimalist colors is to look for something you can mix with different outfits. However, it is not a rule to wear these types of colors. If you want something more flashy, that’s fine, as long as you can wear it with other outfits. Never fall into buying things to combine them with a specific garment or outfit.


If you prefer striking colors in clothing, try highlighting an accessory in a neutral color. However, if you want to wear neutral garments, the bag can also be in those shades, especially black. Neutral tones during the fall are a complete hit in Korean fashion. But if you want to combine these shades with patterns, you can do that too.


These recommendations to achieve a minimalist Korean style in fall 2022 will help you adopt a minimalist Korean style during this season of the year. Although the summer trends are gone along with the warm weather, your style should remain even when the temperatures drop. If yours is the minimalist style, follow these recommendations. That way, the influence of Korean fashion on your style will not disappear. See you in the following Korean fashion trends blog!


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