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BlackPink teams up with idols who collaborate with other brands to create their collection! It is one of the news that has shocked all the BLINKS of the world in recent months. And it is not for less, since the most famous female K-pop group in the world is taking a new leap in the industry, and this time it was the fashion industry. Each of the BlackPink girls ventures into the world of fashion. However, this is the first time they collaborate for a brand to publicize their clothing collection. If you are a fan of these four talented girls, you must know all about the BlackPink collection. Are you ready? Prepare your money too, because you will want to buy everything this collection has prepared for you!


What was the BlackPink x H&M collection born from?


Korean Fashion Trends - All about the BlackPink Collection - Banner

BlackPink teams up with the H&M network to bring a collection of merchandise to fans around the globe.


The expectation for BLINK is at an all-time high as the 4th-anniversary approaches. More than one will want to celebrate this date by wearing a t-shirt or item from their idol group. “They are BlackPink, the biggest K-pop girl band in the world. It is a collection inspired by the Y2K trend (referring to the 2000s) for fans who love their music and style”, reads the H&M website.


The pieces in this collection include printed t-shirts, tops, hoodies, hats, and various accessories in pink, black and white.


Is the BlackPink x H&M collection limited?


Korean Fashion Trends - All about the BlackPink Collection - Brand

K-pop’s biggest girl group, BlackPink, has teamed up with one of the fashion giants, H&M, to launch a new collection of merchandise, but there is one thing you need to know before running to the store. Although the collection is already available to purchase, it appears to have limited international availability. It seems like it is only available in Asia and Australia for now, but that does not mean it will not make it to the US at some point.


While keeping our eyes peeled and wallets ready, you can peruse the collection offers. One emblem throughout the line is a four-panel portrait design of Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo, and Lisa with BLACKPINK written in all caps. The merchandising line appears to be heavily inspired by streetwear, with items like bike shorts, bucket hats, silver chain necklaces, oversized blazers, and even furry slippers. On its website, H&M describes the collection as a 2000 collection for all fans. For all who love their music and style.


In which countries is the BLACKPINK and H&M collection available?

Korean Fashion Trends - All about the BlackPink Collection - Brand

The main answer that fans were looking for was where they could find the products at the H&M headquarters in their country.


For now, the brand’s customer service social networks indicate the products will reach all its branches except China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, the Philippines, Switzerland, Turkey, and Mexico.






What are people saying about the new BlackPink x H&M collection?


Korean Fashion Trends - All about the BlackPink Collection - Brand

Blinks are always ahead of the curve when it comes to BlackPink news. This time, it is no different. Blink Twitter was speculating about the H&M merchandise collection a few days earlier.


But even non-Blinks are reacting positively on Twitter. “I am not a fan of BlackPink, but H&M threw clothes around the band and could just copy the black blazer,” wrote one user. Isn’t that surprising?


Yes, it is! Because that means that this collection is so brilliant that it is fascinating even for non-fans. It is how all about the BlackPink collection becomes the main fashion affair.


And what do Koreans think about the BlackPink collection?


K-blinks are as fascinated by the collection as we are. In Korea, pink is used most times to represent the beautiful, so the name BlackPink means that “the beautiful is not everything”. In addition, it symbolizes that they are a team that encompasses not only beauty. Because of that, Koreans say that the BlackPink x H&M collection is a portrait of what these girls are: covers of unparalleled beauty and a talent to shine anywhere. The garments in the collection are beautiful and will make you look stylish wherever you go. Isn’t it great how Koreans get their collection? Of course! We do not doubt that the collection of these girls will continue to be a success for a long time.


What is the BlackPink x H&M collection like?


Love is in the air! BlackPink and H&M have started a beautiful love story that will hopefully last. In this way, the music group formed by Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé, and Jennie now want to join us 24/7 with a highly versatile collection of merchandise. With white, black, and pink as the absolute protagonists, simplicity reigns at all times.


With this collection, forget about all the merchandising collections to date. Why? Because these options want to break all the rules established so far to invade our closet. There is more to life beyond oversized cotton t-shirts, and these designs prove it. Check out some of the collection’s designs to keep you informed with all about the BlackPink collection:


Cropped hoodie


It is a cropped sweatshirt made of soft and black fabric. It has a printed motif of the girls from BlackPink. It is a model with wide sleeves with dropped shoulders, and it has a lined hood with a drawstring. It is perfect for street-style outfits. With this garment, you can achieve very diverse and comfortable looks.




The miniskirt in this collection has stretch fabric with small embroidered details. In addition, it is a high-waisted model with a hidden zip on one side and a side opening. If your style is chic and avant-garde, you can mix this skirt with any garment and accessories, and the finish will be perfect.


Faux fur beret


Surely, on more than one occasion, you have seen girls shine thanks to the accessories they wear. One accessory that stands out in the BlackPink girls is the berets. Therefore, it was not weird to see this accessory in their collection. The beret is made of black faux fur and has a small embroidered motif on the front.


Small crossbody bag


It is a nylon crossbody mini bag with a printed motif. It is a model with a top zip, a synthetic leather handle with linked metal letters, and a removable strap with a carabiner. It is undoubtedly one of the favorite pieces in the collection.


But the BlackPink collection is bigger! Although we do not mention them all, this collection includes many other clothes and accessories, such as oversized shirts, shorts, bucket hats, sneakers, necklaces, and scarves and harnesses. Because of all this, missing out on all about the BlackPink collection would be a complete sin. It is undoubtedly a collection is worth knowing, even if, unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to obtain any of the garments or accessories. Remember to visit the Korean fashion trends blog. In that way, you do not miss any news regarding K-fashion!


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