Airport outfits inspired by K-pop Idols


The looks of our idols always impress us. Anytime, anywhere, they know how to steal the show thanks to their styles that reveal their fashion senses. One of the favorite looks that we love to see on our K-pop idols is their airport looks. These outfits are usually comfortable, but very stylish. If you are interested in knowing more about these looks and want to dress like an idol when traveling, you should know these airport outfits inspired by K-pop idols.


What are the trends in airport outfits?


Simple but innovative


K-pop Idols know that sometimes less is more. From monochrome to simple lines, minimal prints, and comfortable ensembles.


Sets that match


This year, combining the bottoms and tops of an outfit became a must for all fashionistas. Sets are all the rage and idols followed the trend religiously, creating the simplest, from one color to multi-dynamic, outfits.


Luxury fashion but make it street


Haute couture is no longer just for red carpets. The mix of comfy and luxurious streetwear is a favorite among idols. They showed it all this year by combining their everyday looks with iconic logos and designs from some of the world’s most recognizable fashion designers.


8 airport outfits inspired by K-pop Idols


Baekhyun – EXO


Korean Fashion Trends - EXO's BaekhyunBaekhyun is one of the most loved idols by many. He is an idol who inspires from his singing talent to his fabulous looks.


Luckily, when it comes to travel, he continues to impress everyone with his style. At the airport, we have seen him wearing oversized and sports garments.


You can achieve an airport outfit inspired by him by combining loose pieces and light colors such as white.


Do not forget the accessories! Baekhyun is a fan of them. Achieve your airport outfits inspired by K-pop Idols with Baekhyun’s style!


Seulgi – Red Velvet


Korean Fashion Trends - RED VELVET's Seulgi - Airport outfits inspired by K-pop Idols When it comes to airport outfits, Seulgi knows how to style.


Usually, she wears this type of outfit, adding a street touch. You can wear a long jumper with platform shoes and add a matching beret.


Also, you can add other types of accessories that give your look a more grunge image.


Dark colors are a favorite when recreating an airport outfit inspired by Red Velvet’s Seulgi.


Hwasa – Mamamoo


Korean Fashion Trends - Hwasa MamamooHwasa is undoubtedly a must in Korean fashion. Surely, you have seen her represented by different Korean or even international fashion brands.


Because of that, when traveling, Hwasa doesn’t leave her brilliant style at home but packs it up and takes it with her anywhere. Hwasa shows us that airport-style can be sporty and sophisticated at the same time.


To achieve an airport outfit inspired by this K-pop star, we recommend combining crop tops with jeans and a leather jacket, or a jacket or cardigan of the type you want.


You can carry a handbag that does not have to be practical. If it gives you style, that’s enough. Remember that bags of this type are a trend in Korea.


Jimin – BTS


Korean Fashion Trends - BTS Jimin - Airport outfits inspired by K-pop Idols Jimin’s airport outfits have a classic and chic touch at the same time. If you prefer the most everyday outfits but want to look fashionable, Jimin is a perfect inspiration.


Use monochromatic colors or keep it minimalist.


Add accessories such as caps or hats, also crossbody bags, and sunglasses.


You will see that way you achieve the best outfit for your travel days.




Korean Fashion Trends - BTS' VV is a representative of the airport outfit that has a vintage and avant-garde touch at the same time.


And because of that, he is part of this list of airport outfits inspired by K-pop Idols.


If your style leans towards these preferences, then you should choose V as a reference. Wear oversized garments, such as pants, and add shirts combined with knitted pullovers or whatever style you prefer.


You can also add more discreet accessories, such as a minimalist bucket hat.


Soyeon – (G) I – DLE


Korean Fashion Trends - SoyeonDo you like outfits with denim? Then Soyeon is your source of inspiration! This girl is famous not only for her incredible rap and songwriting skills.


But also for her attractive and captivating style. When traveling, it is common to see her wearing a more grunge and street style than sporty.


To achieve an airport outfit inspired by Soyeon, you can wear a faux leather skirt, add a white shirt and give it the most with a denim jacket.


You can also add some flashy sunglasses and a matching bag.


Taeyong – NCT


Korean Fashion Trends - Taeyong NCTWe all love Taeyong, and not only because of her talent on stage.


Also, because of her attractiveness in wearing her style. If you prefer a sporty and urban style when traveling, you can take inspiration from Taeyong’s outfits.


Wear sweatpants and add an extra touch of style by folding the boot of your pants up. Add a light shirt in the color and patterns of your choice.


You can also add athletic shoes that allow you to show off your socks. It is a cool yet fashionable style.




Korean Fashion Trends - Suzy - Airport outfits inspired by K-pop Idols With Suzy, we can see an airport outfit full of romantic and feminine touches. Suzy certainly lets us see a little more of her personality through her clothes.


If you like this style, then take inspiration from Suzy to achieve your favorite airport outfit.


Pair baggy skirts with long sweaters. You can wear them with sports shoes, even sneakers.


In this airport outfit, you do not need to exaggerate the details or accessories. Its simplicity is its charm.


Which K-pop Idol has the best airport fashion?




Korean Fashion Trends - IUIU has been positioned as one of the idols with the best airport outfits.


She did it thanks to a look that she wore that made everyone fall in love.


The Korean singer and actress donned an oversized plaid coat with a simple white turtleneck, wearing heels instead of the usual athletic shoes, and a small white bag.


The entire outfit screamed IU can make the perfect combination of cute and stylish!




Korean Fashion Trends BLACKPINK's Lisa - Airport outfits inspired by K-pop Idols A few months ago, Lisa graced the airport runway in a classic gray sweater dress.


She added a floral print shirt under it, and the finish on it was perfect.


Like IU, she also wore heels and socks.


It seems that black shoes with black ankle-length socks are a trend this season, as Lisa and IU wore similar shoes!



Korean Fashion Trends - Jimin BTS - Airport outfits inspired by K-pop Idols Jimin – BTS


Airport outfits inspired by K-pop Idols.


Jimin may have covered his face with a black mask, but his outfit stood out when he paired a long black trench coat with a belt at the waist and a green turtleneck as an accent.


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Korean Fashion Trends - BTS' V - Airport outfits inspired by K-pop Idols V – BTS


BTS donned a stylish long slim coat with a simple green V-neck sweater, a white shirt, and a polka-dot tie.


He makes fashion look so easy!


And it is that his vintage and avant-garde style is inspiring.






Korean Fashion Trends - BTS' RM - Airport outfits inspired by K-pop Idols RM always brings a refreshing look to the list.


But when it comes to travel, that refreshing look shines through all over the place.


RM departed from the popular dandy look that previous idols had worn.


Instead, RM wears black as he covers himself in baggy sweatshirts, a leather coat, and baggy sweatpants. He looked stunning! 



Do K-pop idols wear their clothes to the airport?


Korean Fashion Trends - What are the trends in airport outfitsAirport fashion is significant to idols. Maybe you wonder why, and the reason is that it is the only time they can have a say about what they would like to wear, either partially or completely. Contrary to popular belief, most of their clothing is sponsored by brands, and the items they wear often sell out. However, when it comes to stepping on an airport, they can have a say in their changing rooms. These can include the clothes they prefer.


For us, airports are a place for commuting, but once idols step on one, they can turn into catwalks in the blink of an eye. With a simple and extravagant look, K-Pop idols stand out from the crowd by wearing their favorite pieces before heading off to new lands. If you want to look like them when traveling, airport outfits inspired by K-pop idols are something you should do. You do not miss the opportunity to achieve the outfit of your dreams even when you travel! And visit Korean Fashion Trends every day, so you don’t miss out on anything about K-fashion.


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