How to achieve skin like Korean actresses?

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How to achieve skin like Korean actresses? When we watch a K-Drama, we not only notice that the actors wear perfect outfits. We also remark how smooth and beautiful their skins are. If you ever wondered how to achieve skin like Korean actresses, you are in the right place. We also know what it is to want skin as perfect as theirs. Maybe you have thought that having skin like this is very expensive or very difficult. The truth is, it is not necessarily expensive. It is not difficult either, but you need a lot of discipline and patience since its methods require perseverance and dedication. Do you want to know what are the secrets to achieve skin like Korean actresses? Do not go and keep scrolling down!


How can I get Korean skin?


Have you ever wondered what it is like to have radiant skin like Korean celebrities? Now is the time to enter the world of Korean skincare! Today, we have rounded up some of the beauty tips from our favorite K-Drama actresses for you to put into practice.


Suzy’s beauty routine


Without a doubt, Suzy knows how to keep her skin flawlessly moist! For her glowing skin, the singer and actress go for the 4-2-4 cleansing method. Do you know what it is? It is a four-part skincare ritual similar to double-cleansing. It involves four minutes of makeup removal by massaging the face with cleansing oil, then two minutes of applying a cleansing foam. Then, you have to take another four minutes to rinse your face with water.


The best way to do it is by taking two minutes of warm water. And then, two minutes of cold water. The 4-2-4 method acts as a foundation for clear, healthy skin. If you have cleansed your skin during your beauty routine, all the other layered products will work effectively too. With this routine, you no longer need to wonder how to achieve skin like Korean actresses, as it is an effective routine that will get your skin ready for the cameras.


Son Ye Jin’s Skin Care Diet


If you are someone who shares the philosophy “less is more,” then you are going to love what Son Ye-Jin has to say about her skincare routine. She uses a minimal and no-fuss approach to skincare. She prefers to use fewer steps to hydrate her naturally oily skin. “I think it depends on the skin type of the person. If you have dry skin (even if you give it a lot of nutrition), it may still be dry. So maybe those people should follow the ten steps. But in my case, having too many steps is too much. I prefer something simple, about a step or two.” Son Ye-jin said in an interview.


Because of that, she applies the skincare routine known as the skincare diet. She breaks down a complex 10-step routine into just the essential products that address what your skin needs. Keeping it simple has worked wonders for Son Ye-jin, as we can see from the flawless glow of her bare face on her Instagram.


You have to use two or three face masks a day, according to Park Min Young


Park Min-young (who was Park Seo-Joon’s co-star in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim) keeps her skin plump and healthy by wearing at least two or three face masks a day. “There are days when I wear makeup for many hours, so I try to remove my makeup at every break between filming and put on a mask. I can wear up to two or three masks a day during filming”, Park Min-young told reporters at an event. We cannot deny that this has worked very well for her, as the actress has skin that makes you wonder how to achieve skin like Korean actresses.


Drinking four liters of water a day is a good idea, says IU


Staying hydrated is very important for South Korean pop stars, who need to be in tip-top shape despite their busy schedules. The singer and actress IU drinks four liters of water in a day to have clear and more beautiful skin. Drinking water does more than flush toxins out of the body. It also improves her complexion and keeps her hydrated. By increasing her water intake, she is helping her skin retain its moisture. Therefore, the more elastic or supple her skin feels, the fewer wrinkles she will see over time.


How can I get Korean glass skin permanently?


One way to achieve healthy skin like K-Drama actresses is by using a detoxifying and moisturizing face balm that helps remove all impurities and dead cells for a revitalized, porcelain look as seen on K-Dramas. You can make this type of balm at home, so there is no need to spend a lot to achieve healthy skin like actresses in Korean dramas. It is also important to mention that many of them did not get that skin so easily. They did it by following a facial cleansing routine. In that way, they achieved the enviable complexion with which they appear on television.


How to make the facial balm that Korean actresses use?


The ingredients you will need for the detoxifying and moisturizing balm for the face: Argan oil, hazelnut oil, pomegranate oil, lavender oil, helichrysum oil, carrot seed oil, and black pepper essential oil, as well as a little bit of beeswax. Preparing this homemade balm to get healthy skin like the K-Drama actresses is very simple! You only have to mix the ingredients in this way: 1-5 tablespoons of beeswax, 2 tablespoons of argan oil, 1.5 tablespoons of oil hazelnut, ½ tablespoon of pomegranate oil, 2 to 3 drops of lavender oil, 2 to 3 drops of carrot seed oil, 2 to 3 drops of black pepper essential oil and finally 2 to 3 Helichrysum oil drops.


Why does Korean have beautiful skin?


From time to time, Korean women gained notoriety for the freshness of their skin. Since K-Pop and K-Dramas became famous, many people wonder how to achieve skin like Korean actresses or K-Pop Idols. Although their popular masks have a lot to do with that perfection, the truth is that they are not the only secret that makes them look like this.


What truly makes them have an immaculate complexion is their discipline when carrying out their beauty routine. Koreans, no matter how tired they are, carry out their rituals of skincare. And they do not do it in a rush! They take their time to make sure they get the full benefits of their skincare routine. However, as you can see in the routines of many celebrities, some skip the ten steps and simplify them with other methods. Even so, they achieve perfect skin.


How to achieve skin like Korean actresses? If that question repeats in your head every time you watch a K-Drama, you should know that actresses have different skincare routines. Some use the 10-step routine, but others create their routines as well. Follow their advice if you want to have skin as beautiful as theirs! If you decide to do it, tell us in the comments what your experience is like. Also, do not forget to visit Korean Fashion Trends every day. In this way, you will find all the information about Korean fashion and beauty.


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