5 Tips to Practice to Achieve BlackPink Jennie’s 90 Degree Shoulders!

Korean Fashion Trends - 5 Tips to Achieve BlackPink Jennie’s 90-Degree Shoulders

BlackPink’s Jennie is not only known for her impeccable style that affects global trends and her incredible confidence, she is also known for her one feature that stands out, her perfectly sculpted 90-degree shoulders. Achieving such well-defined shoulders can seem like an impossible task, but with dedication and the right techniques, you can work your way towards this iconic look. So today, at Korean Fashion Trends, we’ll explore five tips to help you achieve 90 degree shoulders just like BlackPink’s Jennie. Let’s dive in!


What Are 90-Degree Shoulders?


Korean Fashion Trends - Achieve BlackPink Jennie’s 90 Degree Shoulders - Yuji from itzy90-degree shoulders refer to a specific aesthetic where the line of the shoulders creates a sharp, well-defined right angle, akin to the shape of the number “90.”


And it’s a look that exudes strength, confidence, and poise. And Korean beauty standards highly covet 90-degree shoulders.


Achieving well-defined shoulders, like those of BlackPink Jennie, not only exudes elegance and confidence but also strengthens your muscles, ultimately improving your posture.


Are 90-Degree Shoulders Genetic?


Korean Fashion Trends - Achieve BlackPink Jennie’s 90 Degree Shoulders - JennieWhile genetics can certainly influence the natural shape and structure of your shoulders, the development of 90-degree shoulders is not solely determined by your genetics.


It’s important to recognize that shoulder genetics primarily influence the baseline shape and width of your shoulders, as well as your body’s predisposition to building muscle.


Therefore, it’s essential to understand that you have a remarkable degree of control over your shoulder development. And achieving 90-degree shoulders, like those of BlackPink’s Jennie, is a journey that involves a combination of targeted workouts, proper nutrition, and lifestyle choices.


Are 90-Degree Shoulders Healthy?


Korean Fashion Trends - Achieve BlackPink Jennie’s 90 Degree Shoulders - K-idol wearing boinaWe are all here for one reason: BlackPink Jennie’s 90-Degree Shoulders! And yes, later, we will unveil how to achieve 90-degree shoulders. But first, there is an important question to clarify.


Are 90-degree shoulders healthy? Although there has been much speculation about it, the medial rotation or internal rotation for a given shoulder is between 70 and 90 degrees.


So yes, 90-degree shoulders are completely healthy! And they can give your body a nice shape and harmony.  Therefore, it is normal that Jennie’s figure seems enviable. It’s because she also has perfect shoulder rotation! So don’t be afraid to try to reach Jennie’s shoulders. Because, with exercise and some techniques, you can do it!


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How To Get 90 Degree Shoulders Like Blackpink’s Jennie?


Very good, K-lover! You have come this far with the hope of knowing how to have the BlackPink Jennie’s 90-degree shoulders! Luckily, we can finally explain how you can get them. Follow each of the following steps and start exercising to achieve the shoulders of your dreams. Let’s take a look:


  1. Get Into a Workout Routine


One of the first steps to achieving BlackPink Jennie’s 90-degree shoulders is to incorporate a regular workout routine that focuses on strength and flexibility. Preparing a daily workout routine and sticking to it will not only help you sculpt your shoulders like Jennie’s, but also help your body feel more relaxed and at ease. So, consider the following exercises:


  • Korean Fashion Trends - Blackpink´s JennieLateral Neck Flexion Stretch: Gently tilt your head to the side, bringing your ear towards your shoulder, and hold for 15-30 seconds on each side. This stretch can help release tension in your neck and shoulders. Therefore, if you make this a habit, you can get rid of bulky shoulders.
  • Internal Rotation: Use resistance bands or light weights to perform internal rotation exercises for your shoulders. These exercises help build strength in the smaller shoulder muscles, contributing to a more sculpted look.
  • Wall Press and Squeeze: Stand facing a wall and press your palms against it while squeezing your shoulder blades together. This exercise helps improve posture and strengthens the shoulders.
  • Backward Stretch: Extend your arms behind your back and clasp your hands together. This stretch is excellent for improving shoulder flexibility and posture.
  • Chest Doorway Stretch: Stand in a doorway with your arms outstretched, and gently lean forward to stretch your chest and shoulders.
  • Reverse Shoulder Stretch: Cross one arm over your chest and use the opposite hand to gently pull your arm closer. This stretch targets the rear shoulder muscles.


  1. Shoulder and Neck Massages


Korean Fashion Trends - Blackpink´s JennieMassages can be a powerful ally on your journey to achieving BlackPink Jennie’s 90-degree shoulders. Regular shoulder and neck massages can help with lymphatic drainage, reduce swelling and promote blood flow to the shoulder area.


Additionally, a skilled massage therapist can target specific muscle groups, helping you relax and improve circulation in your shoulders.


However, if visiting a massage therapist regularly is not possible for you, you can practice massaging with your fingers or massage tools such as: trigger point deep tissue massage tools or a gua sha.


What Are the Benefits of Regular Massages and Self-Massage Techniques?


Korean Fashion Trends - Twice´s MomoIn today’s fast-paced world full of responsibilities, self-care is no longer a luxury but a necessity. As a result, regular massages and self-massage techniques have gained popularity as powerful tools for rejuvenating the body and mind. Especially in Korea, where certain beauty standards reign.


So, we will unveil the benefits of incorporating these practices into your routine. And explore how they can enhance your overall well-being. As a result, you will not only feel better, but also carry yourself with a lot more confidence. So, what are the benefits of regular massages? Stress reduction, pain relief, improved blood circulation, enhanced sleep, mood enhancement, and increased flexibility.


What Are the Benefits of Self-Massage Techniques?


Korean Fashion Trends - Blackpink´s JennieSelf-massage techniques can be practiced at any time and in the comfort of your own home! And, this makes them a more affordable and accessible option compared to regular massage visits.


Furthermore, with self-massage, you can address specific areas of discomfort or tension, providing relief exactly where you need it. For example, foam roller or massage balls are excellent tools to use as a part of your self massage routine. And are also great for post-workout muscle recovery. They help alleviate muscle soreness and prevent the buildup of lactic acid. And most importantly, self-massages can facilitate lymphatic drainage, which is essential for the body’s immune system and detoxification! In addition to improving skin, and creating refined body lines.


How Long Does It Take to Achieve BlackPink Jennie’s 90 Degree Shoulders?


Korean Fashion Trends - Blackpink´s JennieThe time required to achieve 90-degree shoulders can vary from person to person.


Because, your initial shoulder shape and muscle development will play a significant role. If you already have a good foundation of shoulder muscles, it may take less time to reach your goal! If you keep consistent with your workout and massage routines can expedite your progress.


So, consistency is key! Also, we mentioned before that a balanced diet is important! So, a diet that supports muscle growth can significantly impact your progress. Adequate protein intake and proper nutrition play a crucial role.


3 Looks to Show off Your Shoulders Like Blackpink Jennie


Do you already have the shoulders of your dreams? If not, rest assured. Because it may take some time, but that’s okay. However, if you take it seriously and put all your effort and discipline into it, you can achieve BlackPink Jennie’s 90-degree shoulders in a matter of months! Once you have refined your shoulders, you can recreate some of these looks, and show off your attractive shoulders. Shall we start? Here we go!


Look 1


Korean Fashion Trends - K-idol wearing a off-the-shoulder blouseJennie has beautiful shoulders, and she knows it. Therefore, she embraces off-the-shoulder blouses and dresses to highlight her shoulders. Inspired by her, you can pair wide-boot jeans with a long-sleeved, ribbed beige off-shoulder crop top for a chic ensemble. Shop here!


Look 2


As we mentioned, Jennie from BlackPink is the best style reference when it comes to wearing off-shoulder tops! She showcases her shoulders not only with tops but also with dresses. For a sexier and more feminine option, she opts for a black and white off-the-shoulder dress adorned with a bow on the chest. A shorter, princess-cut dress enhances the overall appeal, making it an ideal look for elegant occasions. Shop here!


Look 3


Korean Fashion Trends - K-idol wearing a off-the-shoulder blouseLast but not least, if you are looking for a more casual, youthful, and K-Pop fashionable option, combine a checkered mini skirt with a black off-shoulder top with puffed sleeves. Pair with long black socks and tennis shoes. Buy here and show off your shoulders like Jennie from BlackPink! Shop here!


Blackpink Jennie’s 90-degree shoulders are a complete inspiration! Many Korean fashion enthusiasts today aspire to achieve Jennie’s 90-degree shoulders, whether for their aesthetic appeal or the belief that they contribute to overall health. Will you put our tips into practice to achieve BlackPink Jennie’s 90-degree shoulders? Tell us in the comments! And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. Also, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, X, Pinterest, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, and Twitch to be part of our community. See you soon!


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Taking a Look at K-Pop Star Hyuna’s Game-Changer Style! Another style section, another style twist today at Korean Fashion Trends! The second gen idol and former 4Minute member Hyuna has a unique style that we want to delve deeper into. Although Hyuna’s style has changed a lot over the years, we realize she has a knack for reflecting her personality through her outfits regardless of the passage of time and trends. That is also why today, she continues to be a style icon and a reference in Korean fashion. Especially for more extravagant, feminine, and sexy looks. So, the KFT team took upon itself to unveil the elements of Hyuna’s Game Changer Style. Stay at Korean Fashion Trends, and keep reading! And let’s get started!


Why Is Hyuna’s Style Inspiring?


If we review the styles of different idols throughout their career, we can easily see that many are not as faithful to their styles as Hyuna is. That’s not bad. After all, fashion, just like life itself, is all about change. However, Hyuna has managed to overcome the tests of time,. Although her style has changed with her, her essence is always the same. With a successful artistic career behind her, Hyuna has shown that a feminine and sexy style is always possible, no matter the situation or the moment. In addition, she clearly knows how to show off her sensuality without being vulgar and stands out successfully in each of her looks. Whether she opts for extravagant or avant-garde, she knows how to rock her style. Do you still need reasons to consider her style a complete fashion inspiration? Also, we would like to add to the list that, Hyuna continues to have fun with her fashion combinations, so her looks also exude fun and color. Her style is a must-try for those who are bored of the minimalist trends of the current times. Therefore, let’s get into  K-Pop Star Hyuna’s Game-Changer Style!


What Are Solo Artist Hyuna’s Style Elements?


Can you guess why Hyuna is the best style inspiration to level up your fashion game? Hyuna blends her fun personality with her unique fashion choices to create a striking personal point. And her style can be described as playful, sexy, comfortable, and abundantly creative. Besides a fundamental basic wardrobe, Hyuna incorporates lots of little details, unique and colorful accessories, and experiments with a variety of fabrics. In addition, she almost always picks an eye-catching color to make it the focal point of her outfit, or add a style twist to her more basic looks. For example, she pairs graphic shirts with long stockings, and opts for a playful bag to make her laid-back outfit pop.


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What Are Hyuna’s Favorite Colors to Wear?


Hyuna’s most favorite colors to incorporate in her ensembles are pink, white, red, black, and pastel colors such as lilac. And like the rest of us, she loves a full black monochromatic look to match her edgy spirit. And her red lips are always a statement. If you want to know K-Pop Star Hyuna’s Game-Changer Style, you shouldn’t overlook the colors! Colors, textures, and cuts are relevant in Hyuna’s closet. Because her style exudes colorful and creative. Therefore, don’t be afraid to take risks. Get out of your comfort zone, and combine colors that you would not have dared to wear before!


What Are the Basic Wardrobe Essentials For a Colorful Style Twist Like Hyuna?


Of course, to delve deeper into K-Pop Star Hyuna’s Game-Changer Style, it is necessary to reveal Hyuna’s wardrobe essentials! Take note of the following clothes and accessories, as they will be essential to recreate Hyuna’s style. So, let’s take a look:


Bow Details


Of course, the biggest trend had to be a part of Hyuna’s closet. Hyuna absolutely loves her little bow details. She is often seen wearing tank tops and mini shorts with bow details. Give this trend a try, we are sure you will love it! Shop here.


Colorful Knitwear


Autumn is the season we all bring back the knitwear. So, Hyuna is no exception. She incorporates quality knit pieces such as cardigans and sweaters. And who doesn’t love a good knit? Exactly. So, start experimenting with colorful knitwear to bring your style a unique twist. You can pair them with jeans, shorts, leggings, and more! Shop here.


Fuzzy Love


Although we know that fuzzy coats are on the rise this season, Hyuna takes her fuzzy love to another level by adding fuzzy bags, beanies, and bucket hats into her fall outfits. She is a style icon for a reason. Her hand-picked fuzzy items are not only incredibly comfortable and warm, but also so in-vogue. Hurry up, and shop here!




If you are seeking to add a fun and playful twist to your wardrobe. Crochet pieces are the way to-go. And Hyuna also often opts for crochet hats and bags to bring out her childish side to the forefront. And it works! Pair crochet beanies or crochet bags with oversized graphic tees, denim, tank tops, crop tops, and shorts for a daring look! Shop here now!


Long Stockings


If you’ve been a follower, you know that the KFT team has been going on and on and on about one particular trend of the year: knee-high socks, or long stockings, if you will. As Hyuna is a trend-setter, she pairs her long stockings, and knee-high socks with shorts, mini skirts, dresses, and even oversized hoodies. So, take inspiration from her and start experimenting with the best Korean fashion trend of 2023.


Black Mini Skirts


Good to pair with anything and everything, the black mini skirt is at the top of Hyuna’s fashion checklist. Because, the black mini skirts hold a power not a lot of garments can, just like the little black dress. So, get your hands on a good quality black mini skirt to complete your style twist by taking inspiration from Hyuna. Shop here!


Shoe Game


Solo artist Hyuna’s fashion choices are versatile, and she has a vision. Therefore, she completes this vision with the best footwear choices. It’s only fair after all. So, she loves to finish off her looks with uggs, colorful sneakers, loafers, and kitten heels. Shop here!


Accessory Details


Details are the most important part of a well-assembled outfit. Hyuna takes her fashion game up a notch by adding small details like keychains on her bag, and avant-garde nail art. Therefore, she is also one of those people that birkinifies her bag. And if you want to know how you can do it like Hyuna, simply click here to read our blog!


Take Inspiration From Hyuna’s Style With These 3 Looks!


How do you feel so far getting to know K-Pop Star Hyuna’s Game-Changer Style? If you’re feeling inspired, let’s take advantage of that inspiration to learn about the following looks you can recreate to get closer to Hyuna’s iconic style!


Extreme Color


For these cold days, what’s better than wearing a cozy and colorful style? Like Hyuna, you can combine a colorful maxi skirt with an orange turtleneck knit sweater. On top, add a green knit or wool sweater and top it with a jean jacket. It is a layered look that fuses colors and warm fabrics. Also, add some long multicolored tights and some white chunky shoes to finish off the look! Shop here.




But if you are looking for a more neutral-colored option, like Hyuna, you can combine wide-boot jeans with a loose white shirt. On top, add a white wool cardigan. And as for footwear, white boots will be the best option. As a complement, a mustard-colored clutch bag and a knitted hat will make the difference and add that touch of color characteristic typical of Hyuna’s style. Shop here!


Feminine And Comfortable


Another option for the coldest months of the year is to combine a floral maxi dress on top of a white long-sleeved shirt. On top, add a white puffer jacket. Finish off with white tights and sandals or sneakers. Shop here!


K-Pop Star Hyuna’s Game-Changer Style is one of the most eclectic and charming styles in the entire industry! Over the years, Hyuna has not only stood out in the music scene but also in the fashion industry. All thanks to her iconic, sexy, and colorful style. If you want to revolutionize your closet and dare with a more feminine and sensual style, then Hyuna is the key! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter! And follow us on Facebook, Instagram, X, Pinterest, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok and Twitch. See you in the upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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