How to achieve an outfit like the AESPA girls?


K-Pop travels the world making itself present not only on the music scene. It also strongly influences fashion and makeup trends, as is beginning to happen with everything the girlband AESPA does. Are you a fan of these girls? Have you ever wondered how to achieve an outfit like the AESPA girls? If so, you are in the right place because today, in Korean Fashion Trends, we will talk about the tips and recommendations you should follow to achieve an outfit like the AESPA girls. In addition, you can also learn some beauty tips if you want skin as smooth and radiant as that of the girls in this group that is becoming more and more popular. Are you ready? Here we go!


6 Clothes you need to have if you want to achieve a look like the AESPA girls




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Skirts-(subtitulo)The best thing you can do is try one in cut A when it comes to skirts.


These skirts tend to look even more fashionable if they are denim skirts. Giselle, for example, loves denim skirts, but she tends to be picky about fit. Giselle always prefers flared skirts.


She follows her advice and that the question “how to achieve an outfit like the AESPA girls“ does not torture you anymore!


Integrate a skirt like this into your closet, and little by little, you will achieve that dream look.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jeans-(subtitulo)Although skinny jeans are all the rage, you can wear a looser fit.


They look great too. The AESPA girls’ preference is baggy pants that have a vintage vibe.


Do you like them too? Do not hesitate to use them! They are perfect for almost any occasion.


For that reason, they are an important garment when you wonder how to achieve an outfit like the AESPA girls.


Jeans are essential to achieve it.



Black and pastel colors


Do not be afraid to integrate these shades into your color palette.


Black is Giselle’s favorite, and you can often see Ningning wearing pastel shades.


Integrate garments that fit these tones and get rid of the worry about how to achieve an outfit like the AESPA girls!


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Classic colors


In addition to black and pastel colors, the AESPA girls also recommend outfits in soft colors like:


Army green, camel, burgundy, and navy blue.


Skirts and dresses should also be essential items in your closet, as well as shirts and sweaters.




Informal garments


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Informal-garmentsDon’t be afraid to wear casual clothes when you go out!


Giselle’s favorite clothes, for example, are not flashy stage outfits or trendy shirts, but simple tracksuits.


She says that whenever she goes shopping, she always buys tracksuits.


Giselle likes to buy the same for the top and bottom.


If she finds one that she likes, she has to buy it. Be like Giselle and dress casually but without going out of your style.





Try the most beloved fabrics of the AESPA girls:


Silk and lace for going to a party.


They are elegant fabrics that provide a good image wherever you go.


For that reason, try dresses in silk or lace and achieve a formal and fashionista look. 


4 Tips to achieve the AESPA beauty look


The growth in popularity of K-Pop and K-Dramas opened the way to a much broader market and the preferences of international consumers. How many times have we not seen idols like AESPA on stage wearing radiant, smooth, and fresh skin like porcelain? We wonder what products they use or how they achieve it. Follow these basic tips to achieve the AESPA beauty look and the Korean beauty look in general.




Achieving a perfect makeup, like that of the AESPA members, is not impossible. You only need to pay attention to every step of your routine. In this one, skincare is one of the great keys to achieving its impeccable appearance. We can find pads among the products the AESPA girls use. They help to reduce inflammation and hydrate. But also hydrating gel, essence, and serum.


Base and concealer


Other significant steps to achieve a natural effect, without a doubt, are the base and the concealer. The base is the beginning of the canvas to be painted. Its color must be the same tone as our skin. While the concealer softens and corrects those areas that the foundation failed to attenuate.




In the same way, the eyebrows, better known as the frame of our eyes, require special attention, as they highlight the beauty and enhance the look. So with the right eyebrow brush, you can match those eyebrows that we see in AESPA, whether they are long, short, thin, or thick, depending on your features.


Contact lenses


Let’s not forget the empowered and determined look that the four AESPA members proudly wear. They, besides makeup, wear incredible colored lenses. Don’t be afraid to use them with due care. If you want it, contact lenses can be great accessories.


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How to recreate the AESPA beauty look on stage?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-How-to-recreate-the-AESPA-beauty-look-on-stage-(subtitulo)But not everything is about how to achieve an outfit like the AESPA girls.


Their makeup style is also important.


If you want to replicate the look that the AESPA members showed in the Black Mamba promotions on the stage of the different musical programs, their makeup artist shared each of the items necessary to achieve it.


Take note! They are as follows:



Korean Fashion Trends - giselle aespa member - How to achieve an outfit like the AESPA girls



Giselle impresses with flawless makeup, which focuses on sharpening and adding dimension to her face.


She also plays with nude, coral, and peach tones, which with a subtle glow present us with a young and cheerful face.


If you want makeup with this style, do not hesitate to follow makeup like Giselle’s.





Korean-Fashion-Trends-Ningning aespa memberNingning’s makeup is simple, with soft shadows that express subtle eyes.


But when lengthening them with black eyeliner, she completely transforms it, giving her confidence.


This type of makeup is perfect for more casual moments.


However, since the focus is on the look, you could add a discreet lip all over and wear this makeup on more special occasions.



Korean-Fashion-Trends- Karina aespa member -How to achieve an outfit like the AESPA girls



Karina, on her part, displays a powerful style that focuses on her fiery gaze.


That is, with smooth and delicate skin, it contrasts perfectly with the incredible brilliance of her makeup, which makes anyone’s eyes dazzle.


Today, using glitter in makeup is a trend in Korea and other parts of the world. Recreate glitter makeup inspired by Karina.




Korean Fashion Trends - Winter aespa member - How to achieve an outfit like the AESPA girls

Finally, in Winter’s case, her concept revolves around purity and femininity.


A cute style that, without a doubt, any girl would love to wear, since it does not border on excesses and remains fresh and vibrant.


For that reason, Winter’s makeup is perfect for those who do not like to wear makeup a lot but still do not give up on makeup.


How to achieve an outfit like the AESPA girls? Doing it has never been easier! Put the right clothes in your closet, renew your makeup and use your creativity to look like these K-Pop idols. In addition to looking beautiful, the process of achieving it will be fun. Have you already put it into practice? How was your experience? We hope you let us know in the comments. See you on the next Korean fashion trends blog!


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