A-line haircut is on-trend right now in Korea

korean fashion trends - a-line hairtcut in korea

K-Beauty doesn’t just focus on makeup and skincare. It is also related to style because a good haircut says too much about you. Also, did you know that hair can make or break an outfit? That’s right because even if you wear the best clothes of all if your hair is a disaster, your look will be too. Many people cut their hair according to trends. But you must not forget that for a haircut to suit you, you must consider the shape of your face. There are many haircuts you can choose from. Especially in K-Beauty, many haircuts set trends this year. However, today in Korean Fashion Trends, we will talk about A-line haircuts. We will discover if the A-line haircut is on-trend right now in Korea, among other curiosities. Are you ready? If so, keep reading!


A-line haircut is trending now in Korea?


If you want to know if the A-line haircut is on-trend right now in Korea, we tell you that it is. This haircut is also called a “face line cut.” It is the most fashionable style in Korea right now. The goal of the A-line haircut is to achieve a youthful effect that frames the face. It does this by creating strands along the hairline. Many girls like to use it by adding soft layers around the cheeks and jawline for a no-makeup contour. This haircut shows that the current beauty trends have changed because they consider the motto less is more. Thanks to the A-line haircut, we see that soft lines are now famous in hair.


What hairstyle is popular in Korea?


The Asian state is one of the world’s great trend-setting regions. We could say that they are large-scale influencers since the fashion or beauty proposals that appear there are copied months later by the rest of the world. Apart from the A-line haircut being on-trend right now in Korea, there are also other haircuts gaining popularity in the Korean beauty industry. Here we present some types of hairstyles that are trending now in Korea as well.




Did you think that the perm style had already said goodbye? Well, not in Korean fashion, because now it seems to have been updated. Because of that, this perm is well-known as a more natural version called a “wind perm.” The look looks like the kind of windswept hair you’d get from a day at the beach. Or to have a hairdresser who follows you with a wind machine, as happens in photo sessions. In addition, more perms that add waves and curls in the form of S and C give the hair an airy and tousled effect. This hairstyle is one of the favorites in the Korean grunge style, as it appears to have a messy look, but in reality, it is not.


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Ash tones dominate the stage


And not just perms, ash colors are also making a comeback in Korean beauty trends. Whether it’s ash blonde or blue, Korean women are asking for ash tones in their hair. Cool tones complement the red and yellow tones in many Koreans’ complexions. These shades also cancel out the redness that many Koreans naturally have in their dark hair so that the new shades look more vibrant. “Bambi brown” is a color that many stylists say is on-trend. It turned out that it was born in beauty salons. It is the combination of a gray tone and a light brown, then a chocolate brown that resembles the fur of Bambi, the Disney character. This ash shade is popular among street-style lovers. But it also suits other styles perfectly.




In addition to this ash tone that reaches practically all-colored hair, there is a haircut that is all the rage in Seoul street style. It makes a lot of sense for it to be successful, as it maximizes the sensation of volume and movement that is so hard to achieve with fine, straight hair. It is a weathered cut, which frames the features perfectly and makes it easier to work with the iron and volumizing products. Layers constantly appear in long hair, which is popular in South Korea. But also in long bobs and even short hair.


Haircut above the shoulders


We already know that the A-line haircut is on-trend right now in Korea. But short styles are also trending this year! They are sensual yet tender haircuts, daring yet beautiful. The haircut above the shoulders can be a little shorter or a little longer, as you prefer. Either way, it’s a beautiful haircut. You can also wear it with fringe or without fringe. Bangs are popular in Asian countries, many Koreans wear them, but if you don’t want them, you can skip them and keep your hair short.


What is the K-Pop haircut called?


The K-Pop haircut is called a two-block haircut. People popularly call it the K-Pop cut because it is a famous haircut among male idols. This two-block haircut shows off the cropped or shaved back and sides of the head. Also, leave the top part long to achieve the desired style. It originated in Korea, and thanks to the globalization of K-Pop, the cut gained popularity. For that reason, it has become a familiar haircut in Korean fashion and beauty. Also, this Korean haircut style is similar to the undercut, where the back and sides of the head are cut very short. If you are thinking of getting one, the answer would be yes! It would be difficult not to be the center of attention due to your great style with this elegant and comfortable cut. It is an ideal haircut if you are a person who likes fashion and comfort.


The A-line haircut is on-trend right now in Korea. However, other hairstyles are also trending in Korea in 2022. For example, perms, ash tones, layered cuts, and bob cuts in all their variations. If you’re thinking of getting a haircut soon, don’t hesitate to consider some of these options. That way, you’ll be up-to-date with the latest Korean beauty trends. See you in the next blog! Don’t forget to visit us every day.


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