90s trends – still a big thing for 2022 in Korea

Korean Fashion Trends - 90s trends - still a big thing for 2022 in Korea

Fashion trends tend to be cyclical so that from time to time, several patterns and silhouettes characteristic of an era reign. This 2022 is no exception. The 90s style is still a big thing, with its carefree style and that contemporary air that the stars of that time wore. That decade was a fashion statement thanks to its explosion of color. Also for that touch of rebellion that everyone could see in the collections of famous designers. The good thing is that these trends did not stay at just one point in time. That is why the 90s trends are still a big thing for 2022 in Korea. If you are interested in knowing how 90s trends are also prevalent in Korean fashion, stay at Korean Fashion Trends. Keep scrolling down! 


What 90s styles are coming back in Korea?


The 1990s were a fun and exciting decade. It featured a mix of new music, technology, and blockbuster movies. It is not surprising that these cultural milestones found their way into the fashion of the 90s. And that they are now fashionable again in many parts of the world. Thanks to that, the 90s trends are still a big thing for 2022 in Korea. If you’re interested in adding ‘90s trends to your Korean fashion closet, take a look at some of the best 90s trends in current Korean fashion.




Although it is frowned upon in Korea to show too much of the upper body, crop-tops are still a favorite among women and men. Yes, in Korea, men can wear this garment easily. One example is K-Pop idols, like EXO’s Kai. Regardless of Korean standards, crop-tops are still in full swing. In addition, there are many options to choose from and fit in different styles. There are crop tops with sports vibes from the 90s with a short hood. The style of crop-tops is simple, but it goes well with sweatpants, jeans, and skirts. These garments, without a doubt, lead us directly to the most youthful fashion. In addition, they can become a stunning style accessory. As we said before, pair it with a pencil skirt and palazzo pants with a very high waist for a refined and very “retro” effect. For that reason, crop-tops show that the 90s trends are still a big thing for 2022 in Korea.


Baggy jeans


The trend for baggy and mom jeans dates back to the 90s. Maybe this is one of the 90s garments that remain in Korean fashion today. When have we seen an idol overlook one of these jeans? Or when have they been missing in the outfit of an actress or an actor in a K-Drama? That’s right, never! These jeans are a favorite for many Koreans. So we believe it will be in trend for a long time, not just in 2022. Also, there are so many designs of these jeans that it might surprise you. From the most classic to the most avant-garde ripped. These especially are favorites for youngsters. But why? Because they love to wear fishnet stockings at the same time.


Classic sneakers


We all love sneakers in a Korean fashion outfit. And how not to do it? If they bring a perfect touch to almost any look. However, there are classic sneakers among the garments of the 90s trends. With them, you can also wear any outfit. But it is among the favorites to combine with casual outfits. 


Platform shoes


But not only classic sneakers came from the trends of the 90s to stay in Korean fashion 2022. Platform shoes too. These shoes are ideal for shorter people who want some height when it comes to dressing up. However, that does not mean that the tallest can’t use it. Everyone who loves these shoes can wear them with confidence. They are perfect when paired with shorts or skirts, even baggy jeans. Do not miss your platform shoes if you want to wear the best of the 90s trends in Korean fashion 2022.


Chunky sandals


Many think that these sandals only recreate sports outfits. The truth is that no. With chunky sandals, you can also create casual looks. For example, you can combine them with a long skirt and a crop-top blouse, and it will give you a perfect and very fashionable outfit. Of course, it would be a look to wear in summer. It’s a fun combination. These sandals are also becoming more popular in Korean street fashion.


Denim jackets


Raise your hand if you don’t have at least one. Denim jackets are a true institution within the fashion of the 90s. Today’s fashion firms are filled with «denim» jackets of all kinds so that you can choose the one you like the most, but if you want to be able to say that you are wearing one like in the nineties, nothing like choosing an oversize design, as is common in Korea. This 90s trend is still a big thing for 2022 in Korea. They look perfect in almost any look and give an incredible style to the outfits.


Plaid shirt


Impossible to wear a plaid shirt without thinking about the grunge style. To achieve the success of this garment, we have to mention the rock star Kurt Cobain, who made it an icon by combining it with simple white shirts and ripped jeans. You can imitate that style. K-Pop idols and people in Korea do it. Above all, if you like grunge Korean style. The plaid shirt is part of the trends of the 90s but also current Korean trends.


Dress over shirts


In Korea, people love to dress in layers. That includes dresses over shirts. However, and believe it or not, this trend originated in the 90s. Like during the 90s, people wore many dresses with floral prints. Especially those that were with thin and tight straps and that also fit with a basic shirt. They were also essential during the 90s. This type of dress is still easy to get today, so just buy a tight tank dress and wear it over, such as a short-sleeved shirt. However, if you want to give it an even more Korean touch, preferably choose a long and loose dress. That look is so famous in Korea these days that they have taken it to another level. That is, wear the dress under an oversized blouse. Choose the one that best suits your preferences, and that’s it.


The 90s trends are still a big thing for 2022 in Korea. You can see it in garments, such as baggy jeans, crop-tops, plaid shirts, or denim jackets. But also in other clothes and accessories. These trends are here to stay, and 2022 is not safe from them, much less in Korea. That’s great because the 90s trends combined with the Korean trends are a true fashion statement. Don’t forget to visit your favorite Korean fashion blog every day! See you in the next post.

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